different; unique; special; very; (classical) to behead; to die; to cut off; to separate; to surpass

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
殊不知 殊不知 shu1 bu4 zhi1
little imagined; scarcely realized

殊荣 殊榮 shu1 rong2
special glory; distinction; rare honor; one's laurels; it's a privilege (to meet you)

殊色 殊色 shu1 se4
beautiful girl; a beauty

殊深轸念 殊深軫念 shu1 shen1 zhen3 nian4
extreme solicitude (idiom); expressing the deepest condolences; to feel deeply concerned

殊死 殊死 shu1 si3
to behead; capital punishment; desperate struggle; life-and-death

殊途同归 殊途同歸 shu1 tu2 tong2 gui1
different routes to the same destination (idiom); fig. different means of achieve the same end

殊乡 殊鄉 shu1 xiang1
foreign land; faraway land

殊异 殊異 shu1 yi4
entirely different; quite separate

殊域周咨录 殊域周咨錄 shu1 yu4 zhou1 zi1 lu4
Ming dynasty record (1574) of exploration and foreign relations

殊致 殊致 shu1 zhi4
different; unusual scene

殊姿 殊姿 shu1 zi1
differing attitude; different posture

苏曼殊 蘇曼殊 su1 man4 shu1
Su Manshu (1884-1918), Chinese writer, journalist, Buddhist monk, participant in the revolutionary movement

特殊 特殊 te4 shu1
special; particular; unusual; extraordinary

特殊儿童 特殊兒童 te4 shu1 er2 tong2
child with special needs; gifted child

特殊关系 特殊關係 te4 shu1 guan1 xi4
special relation

特殊函数 特殊函數 te4 shu1 han2 shu4
special functions (math.)

特殊护理 特殊護理 te4 shu1 hu4 li3
special care; intensive nursing

特殊教育 特殊教育 te4 shu1 jiao4 yu4
special education

同途殊归 同途殊歸 tong2 tu2 shu1 gui1
same road out, different ones back

文殊 文殊 wen2 shu1
Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of keen awareness

文殊菩萨 文殊菩薩 wen2 shu1 pu2 sa4
Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of keen awareness

文殊师利菩萨 文殊師利菩薩 wen2 shu1 shi1 li4 pu2 sa4
Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of keen awareness

悬殊 懸殊 xuan2 shu1
widely different; large disparity

众寡悬殊 眾寡懸殊 zhong4 gua3 xuan2 shu1
the multitude against the few, a wide disparity (idiom from Mencius); heavily outnumbered; unequally matched; overwhelmed by weight of numbers