to destroy; to spoil; to ruin; to injure; cruel; oppressive; savage; brutal; incomplete; disabled; to remain; to survive; remnant; surplus

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
败柳残花 敗柳殘花 bai4 liu3 can2 hua1
broken flower, withered willow (idiom); fig. fallen woman

保残守缺 保殘守缺 bao3 can2 shou3 que1
conservative; to preserve the outmoded

抱残守缺 抱殘守缺 bao4 can2 shou3 que1
to cherish the outmoded and preserve the outworn (idiom); conservative; stickler for tradition

病残 病殘 bing4 can2
sick or disabled; invalid; disability

残奥 殘奧 can2 ao4
Paralympics; same as Paralympic games 殘奧會|残奥会

残奥会 殘奧會 can2 ao4 hui4
Paralympic games

残败 殘敗 can2 bai4
dilapidated; in ruins

残暴 殘暴 can2 bao4
brutal; vicious; ruthless

残本 殘本 can2 ben3
extant fragment (of book)

残兵败将 殘兵敗將 can2 bing1 bai4 jiang4
ruined army, defeated general (idiom); scattered remnants

残部 殘部 can2 bu4
defeated remnants; scattered survivors

残茶剩饭 殘茶剩飯 can2 cha2 sheng4 fan4
spoilt tea, leftover food (idiom); remains after a meal; crumbs from the feast

残喘 殘喘 can2 chuan3
remaining breath; last gasp

残次品 殘次品 can2 ci4 pin3
defective goods

残存 殘存 can2 cun2
to survive; remnant

残敌 殘敵 can2 di2
defeated enemy

残冬腊月 殘冬臘月 can2 dong1 la4 yue4
final days of the lunar year

残毒 殘毒 can2 du2

残废 殘廢 can2 fei4
deformity; handicapped

残羹 殘羹 can2 geng1
leftovers from a meal

残羹剩饭 殘羹剩飯 can2 geng1 sheng4 fan4
leftovers from a meal; fig. remnants handed down from others

残骸 殘骸 can2 hai2
remains; wreckage

残害 殘害 can2 hai4
to injure; to devastate; to slaughter

残花败柳 殘花敗柳 can2 hua1 bai4 liu3
broken flower, withered willow (idiom); fig. fallen woman

残疾 殘疾 can2 ji2
disabled; handicapped; deformity on a person or animal

残疾儿 殘疾兒 can2 ji2 er2
a child with a birth defect; a deformed child

残疾人 殘疾人 can2 ji2 ren2
disabled person

残茎 殘莖 can2 jing1
stubble (the stems of plants after harvest)

残局 殘局 can2 ju2
endgame (in chess); desperate situation; aftermath (of a failure)

残卷 殘卷 can2 juan4
surviving section of a classic work; remaining chapters (while reading a book)

残酷 殘酷 can2 ku4
cruel; cruelty

残酷无情 殘酷無情 can2 ku4 wu2 qing2
cruel and unfeeling (idiom)

残留 殘留 can2 liu2
to remain; left over; surplus; remnant

残留物 殘留物 can2 liu2 wu4
remnant; residue; material left over

残民害物 殘民害物 can2 min2 hai4 wu4
to harm people and damage property (idiom)

残膜 殘膜 can2 mo2
leftover agricultural plastic (as waste or rubbish that needs to be disposed of or recycled)

残年短景 殘年短景 can2 nian2 duan3 jing3
at the end of the year (idiom)

残念 殘念 can2 nian4
(coll.) to regret; what a pity! (loanword from Japanese "zannen")

残虐 殘虐 can2 nve4
mistreatment; bullying; tyrannical cruelty

残品 殘品 can2 pin3
defective goods

残破 殘破 can2 po4
broken; dilapidated

残缺 殘缺 can2 que1
badly damaged; shattered

残忍 殘忍 can2 ren3
cruel; mean; merciless; ruthless

残杀 殘殺 can2 sha1
to massacre; to slaughter

残杀者 殘殺者 can2 sha1 zhe3
killer; butcher; slaughterer

残香 殘香 can2 xiang1
lingering fragrance

残余 殘餘 can2 yu2
remnant; relic; residue; vestige; surplus; to remain; to leave surplus

残余物 殘餘物 can2 yu2 wu4
litter; trash

残余沾染 殘餘沾染 can2 yu2 zhan1 ran3
residual contamination

残垣 殘垣 can2 yuan2
(literary) ruined walls; ruins

残垣败壁 殘垣敗壁 can2 yuan2 bai4 bi4
see 殘垣斷壁|残垣断壁

残垣断壁 殘垣斷壁 can2 yuan2 duan4 bi4
crumbling fences and dilapidated walls (idiom)

残月 殘月 can2 yue4
waning moon

残渣 殘渣 can2 zha1
remainder; filtered out residue; sediment; waste product; debris; detritus; rubbish

残渣余孽 殘渣餘孽 can2 zha1 yu2 nie4
evil elements who have escaped eradication

残障 殘障 can2 zhang4

残株 殘株 can2 zhu1

摧残 摧殘 cui1 can2
to ravage; to ruin

殚残 殫殘 dan1 can2
to destroy

断瓦残垣 斷瓦殘垣 duan4 wa3 can2 yuan2
the tiles are broken, the walls dilapidated

风烛残年 風燭殘年 feng1 zhu2 can2 nian2
one's late days; to have one foot in the grave

苟延残喘 苟延殘喘 gou3 yan2 can2 chuan3
to struggle on whilst at death's door (idiom)

骨肉相残 骨肉相殘 gu3 rou4 xiang1 can2
close kindred slaughter one another (idiom); internecine strife

灰岩残丘 灰巖殘丘 hui1 yan2 can2 qiu1
mogote (steep-sided pointed hill in karst landform)

老残游记 老殘遊記 lao3 can2 you2 ji4
The Travels of Lao Tsan, novel by late Qing novelist Liu E 劉鶚|刘鹗

脑残 腦殘 nao3 can2
moronic; brainless; bonehead; retard

脑残粉 腦殘粉 nao3 can2 fen3
(slang) fanboy; fangirl

伤残 傷殘 shang1 can2
disabled; maimed; crippled; (of objects) damaged

伤残人员 傷殘人員 shang1 can2 ren2 yuan2
the injured; wounded personnel

收残缀轶 收殘綴軼 shou1 can2 zhui4 yi4
to gather and patch up sth that is badly damaged (idiom)

收拾残局 收拾殘局 shou1 shi5 can2 ju2
to clear up the mess; to pick up the pieces

凶残 兇殘 xiong1 can2
savage; cruel; fierce

凶残 凶殘 xiong1 can2

致残 致殘 zhi4 can2
to be crippled (in an accident etc)

中国残疾人联合会 中國殘疾人聯合會 zhong1 guo2 can2 ji2 ren2 lian2 he2 hui4
China Disabled Person's Federation (since 1988)

中国残联 中國殘聯 zhong1 guo2 can2 lian2
abbr. for 中國殘疾人聯合會|中国残疾人联合会, China Disabled Person's Federation (since 1988)

自残 自殘 zi4 can2
to mutilate oneself; self-harm

自相残杀 自相殘殺 zi4 xiang1 can2 sha1
to massacre one another (idiom); internecine strife