to annihilate; abbr. for 殲擊機|歼击机, fighter plane

strokes 21
strokes after radical 17
歼击 殲擊 jian1 ji1
to annihilate; to attack and destroy; Jianji, PRC fighter plane based on Soviet MiG; usually 殲擊8型|歼击8型

歼击机 殲擊機 jian1 ji1 ji1
fighter plane

歼灭 殲滅 jian1 mie4
to wipe out; to crush; to annihilate

聚歼 聚殲 ju4 jian1
to annihilate; to round up and wipe out

全歼 全殲 quan2 jian1
to annihilate; to wipe out completely; to exterminate

追歼 追殲 zhui1 jian1
to pursue and kill; to wipe out