to destroy; to damage; to ruin; to defame; to slander

variant of 毀|毁; to destroy by fire; a blaze

variant of 毀|毁; to defame; to slander

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
崩毁 崩毀 beng1 hui3

拆毁 拆毀 chai1 hui3
to dismantle; to demolish

摧毁 摧毀 cui1 hui3
to destroy; to wreck

捣毁 搗毀 dao3 hui3
to destroy; to smash; sabotage

诋毁 詆毀 di3 hui3
to vilify; to slander; vilification

焚毁 焚毀 fen2 hui3
to burn down; to destroy with fire

焚毁 焚燬 fen2 hui3
to burn down; to destroy with fire; trad. also written 焚毀

黄钟毁弃瓦釜雷鸣 黃鐘譭棄瓦釜雷鳴 huang2 zhong1 hui3 qi4 wa3 fu3 lei2 ming2
lit. earthern pots make more noise than classical bells; good men are discarded in favor of bombastic ones (idiom)

毁谤 毀謗 hui3 bang4
slander; libel; to malign; to disparage

毁除 毀除 hui3 chu2
to destroy

毁掉 毀掉 hui3 diao4
to destroy

毁坏 毀壞 hui3 huai4
to damage; to devastate; to vandalize; damage; destruction

毁家纾难 毀家紓難 hui3 jia1 shu1 nan4
to sacrifice one's wealth to save the state (idiom)

毁来性 毀來性 hui3 lai2 xing4
destructive; crushing (defeat)

毁灭 毀滅 hui3 mie4
to perish; to ruin; to destroy

毁灭性 毀滅性 hui3 mie4 xing4
destructive; devastating

毁容 毀容 hui3 rong2
to disfigure; to spoil the beauty of

毁伤 毀傷 hui3 shang1
to injure; to damage

毁损 毀損 hui3 sun3
impair, damage

毁约 毀約 hui3 yue1
to break a promise; breach of contract

击毁 擊毀 ji1 hui3
to attack and destroy

宁拆十座庙,不毁一桩婚 寧拆十座廟,不毀一樁婚 ning2 chai1 shi2 zuo4 miao4 - bu4 hui4 yi1 zhuang1 hun1
rather destroy ten temples than a single marriage (idiom)

平毁 平毀 ping2 hui3
to level; to raise to the ground; to destroy

熔毁 熔毀 rong2 hui3
meltdown; (of nuclear fuel) to melt down

烧毁 燒燬 shao1 hui3
to burn; to burn down

撕毁 撕毀 si1 hui3
to tear up; to rip up; too shred

损毁 損毀 sun3 hui3
to cause damage to; to ruin; to destroy

相互保证毁灭 相互保證毀滅 xiang1 hu4 bao3 zheng4 hui3 mie4
Mutual Assured Destruction

销毁 銷毀 xiao1 hui3
to destroy (by melting or burning); to obliterate

砸毁 砸毀 za2 hui3
to destroy; to smash

炸毁 炸燬 zha4 hui3
to blow up; to destroy with explosives

撞毁 撞毀 zhuang4 hui3
to smash

坠毁 墜毀 zhui4 hui3
(of an airplane etc) to fall to the ground and crash