surname Wu

(literary) no; don't; to not have; nobody

strokes 4
strokes after radical 0
卑之,毋甚高论 卑之,毋甚高論 bei1 zhi1 - wu2 shen4 gao1 lun4
my opinion, nothing very involved (idiom, humble expression); my humble point is a familiar opinion; what I say is really nothing out of the ordinary

不自由,毋宁死 不自由,毋寧死 bu4 zi4 you2 - wu2 ning4 si3
give me liberty or give me death

宁缺毋滥 寧缺毋濫 ning4 que1 wu2 lan4
better to have nothing (than substandard choice) (idiom); would prefer to go without than accept shoddy option

稍安毋躁 稍安毋躁 shao1 an1 wu2 zao4
variant of 少安毋躁

少安毋躁 少安毋躁 shao3 an1 wu2 zao4
keep calm, don't get excited; don't be impatient

毋宁 毋寧 wu2 ning4
not as good as; would rather

毋忘 毋忘 wu2 wang4
Don't forget! (literary)

毋庸 毋庸 wu2 yong1
no need for