each; every

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
每常 每常 mei3 chang2
frequently (in the past); regularly

每处 每處 mei3 chu4
everywhere; anywhere

每次 每次 mei3 ci4
every time

每当 每當 mei3 dang1
whenever; every time; on every

每端口价格 每端口價格 mei3 duan1 kou3 jia4 ge2
price per port

每分每秒 每分每秒 mei3 fen1 mei3 miao3
all the time

每逢 每逢 mei3 feng2
every time; on each occasion; whenever

每逢佳节倍思亲 每逢佳節倍思親 mei3 feng2 jia1 jie2 bei4 si1 qin1
doubly homesick for our dear ones at each festive day (from a poem by Wang Wei 王維|王维)

每隔 每隔 mei3 ge2
at intervals of; every (so often)

每个人 每個人 mei3 ge5 ren2
everybody; everyone

每况愈下 每況愈下 mei3 kuang4 yu4 xia4
to steadily deteriorate

每每 每每 mei3 mei3

每年 每年 mei3 nian2
every year; each year; yearly

每年一度 每年一度 mei3 nian2 yi1 du4
once a year (every year)

每人 每人 mei3 ren2
each person; everybody; per person

每日 每日 mei3 ri4
daily; (soup etc) of the day

每日电讯报 每日電訊報 mei3 ri4 dian4 xun4 bao4
Daily Telegraph (newspaper)

每日镜报 每日鏡報 mei3 ri4 jing4 bao4
Daily Mirror (newspaper)

每日快报 每日快報 mei3 ri4 kuai4 bao4
Daily Express (newspaper)

每日限价 每日限價 mei3 ri4 xian4 jia4
limit on daily price variation

每日新闻 每日新聞 mei3 ri4 xin1 wen2
Mainichi Shimbun, a Japanese daily newspaper

每日邮报 每日郵報 mei3 ri4 you2 bao4
Daily Mail (newspaper)

每时每刻 每時每刻 mei3 shi2 mei3 ke4
at all times; at every moment

每时每日 每時每日 mei3 shi2 mei3 ri4
every day and every hour; hourly and daily (idiom)

每天 每天 mei3 tian1
every day; everyday

每下愈况 每下愈況 mei3 xia4 yu4 kuang4
see 每況愈下|每况愈下

每夜 每夜 mei3 ye4

每一 每一 mei3 yi1

每月 每月 mei3 yue4
each month

每周 每週 mei3 zhou1
every week

每周一次 每週一次 mei3 zhou1 yi1 ci4
once a week

摊薄后每股盈利 攤薄後每股盈利 tan1 bo2 hou4 mei3 gu3 ying2 li4
diluted earnings per share