to seek; to look for; to request; to demand; to beseech

strokes 7
strokes after radical 2
哀求 哀求 ai1 qiu2
to entreat; to implore; to plead

白求恩 白求恩 bai2 qiu2 en1
Norman Bethune (1890-1939), Canadian doctor, worked for communists in Spanish civil war and for Mao in Yan'an, where he died of blood poisoning

不求人 不求人 bu4 qiu2 ren2
backscratcher (made from bamboo etc)

不求甚解 不求甚解 bu4 qiu2 shen4 jie3
lit. not requiring a detailed understanding (idiom); only looking for an overview; not bothered with the details; superficial; content with shallow understanding

不求收获 不求收獲 bu4 qiu2 shou1 huo4
not expecting any reward; not asking for favors

不求有功,但求无过 不求有功,但求無過 bu4 qiu2 you3 gong1 - dan4 qiu2 wu2 guo4
lit. not aiming to achieve the best possible result, but rather trying to avoid making mistakes (idiom); fig. to take a risk-averse approach

吹毛求疵 吹毛求疵 chui1 mao2 qiu2 ci1
lit. to blow apart the hairs upon a fur to discover any defect (idiom); fig. to be fastidious; nitpick

促求 促求 cu4 qiu2
to urge

独孤求败 獨孤求敗 du2 gu1 qiu2 bai4
Dugu Qiubai, a fictional character appearing in 金庸 novels

反求诸己 反求諸己 fan3 qiu2 zhu1 ji3
to seek the cause in oneself rather than sb else

访求 訪求 fang3 qiu2
to seek; to search for

访师求学 訪師求學 fang3 shi1 qiu2 xue2
to seek a teacher desiring to study

告求 告求 gao4 qiu2
to ask

供不应求 供不應求 gong1 bu4 ying4 qiu2
supply does not meet demand

供大于求 供大於求 gong1 da4 yu2 qiu2
supply exceeds demand

供过于求 供過於求 gong1 guo4 yu2 qiu2
supply exceeds demand

供求 供求 gong1 qiu2
supply and demand (economics)

跪地求饶 跪地求饒 gui4 di4 qiu2 rao2
to kneel and beg forgiveness

急于求成 急於求成 ji2 yu2 qiu2 cheng2
anxious for quick results (idiom); to demand instant success; impatient for result; impetuous

讲求 講求 jiang3 qiu2
to stress; to emphasize; particular about sth; to strive for

精益求精 精益求精 jing1 yi4 qiu2 jing1
to perfect sth that is already outstanding (idiom); constantly improving

苛求 苛求 ke1 qiu2

渴求 渴求 ke3 qiu2
to long for; to crave for; to greatly desire

可遇不可求 可遇不可求 ke3 yu4 bu4 ke3 qiu2
can be discovered but not sought (idiom); one can only come across such things serendipitously

刻意求工 刻意求工 ke4 yi4 qiu2 gong1
assiduous and painstaking

刻舟求剑 刻舟求劍 ke4 zhou1 qiu2 jian4
lit. a notch on the side of a boat to locate a sword dropped overboard (idiom); fig. an action made pointless by changed circumstances

恳求 懇求 ken3 qiu2
to beg; to beseech; to entreat; entreaty

苦苦哀求 苦苦哀求 ku3 ku3 ai1 qiu2
to entreat piteously; to implore

力求 力求 li4 qiu2
to make every effort to; striving to do one's best

毛里求斯 毛里求斯 mao2 li3 qiu2 si1

蒙求 蒙求 meng2 qiu2
(traditional title of first readers); primary education; teaching the ignorant; light to the barbarian

梦寐以求 夢寐以求 meng4 mei4 yi3 qiu2
to yearn for sth even in one's dreams (idiom); to long for sth day and night

谋求 謀求 mou2 qiu2
to seek; to strive for

祈求 祈求 qi2 qiu2
to pray for; to appeal

乞求 乞求 qi3 qiu2
to beg

企求 企求 qi3 qiu2
to seek for; to hope to gain; desirous

千军易得,一将难求 千軍易得,一將難求 qian1 jun1 yi4 de2 - yi1 jiang4 nan2 qiu2
Easy to raise an army of one thousand, but hard to find a good general. (idiom)

浅希近求 淺希近求 qian3 xi1 jin4 qiu2
to aim low; to aim to get by; without lofty ambition

强求 強求 qiang3 qiu2
to force sb to do sth; to importune; to demand insistently; insistence

请求 請求 qing3 qiu2
to request; to ask; request

请求宽恕 請求寬恕 qing3 qiu2 kuan1 shu4
to sue for mercy; to ask for forgiveness; begging for magnanimity

求爱 求愛 qiu2 ai4
to woo

求偿 求償 qiu2 chang2
to seek compensation; indemnity

求存 求存 qiu2 cun2
survival; the struggle to eke out a living; to seek for continued existence

求导 求導 qiu2 dao3
to find the derivative (math.)

求道于盲 求道於盲 qiu2 dao4 yu2 mang2
see 問道於盲|问道于盲

求得 求得 qiu2 de2
to ask for sth and receive it; to try to obtain; to look for and obtain

求告 求告 qiu2 gao4
to implore; to beseech

求好心切 求好心切 qiu2 hao3 xin1 qie4
to demand the highest standards of sb (or oneself) (idiom); to strive to achieve the best possible results; to be a perfectionist

求和 求和 qiu2 he2
to sue for peace; to look for a draw (chess); summation (math)

求欢 求歡 qiu2 huan1
to proposition a woman

求婚 求婚 qiu2 hun1
to propose marriage

求教 求教 qiu2 jiao4
to ask for advice; seeking instruction

求解 求解 qiu2 jie3
to require a solution; to seek to solve (an equation)

求救 求救 qiu2 jiu4
to cry for help

求怜经 求憐經 qiu2 lian2 jing1
Kyrie Eleison (section of Catholic mass); Miserere nobis; Lord have mercy upon us

求乞 求乞 qiu2 qi3
to beg

求情 求情 qiu2 qing2
to plea for leniency; to ask for a favor

求情告饶 求情告饒 qiu2 qing2 gao4 rao2
to beg for forgiveness (idiom)

求取 求取 qiu2 qu3
to seek after; to strive for

求全责备 求全責備 qiu2 quan2 ze2 bei4
to demand perfection (idiom)

求饶 求饒 qiu2 rao2
to beg forgiveness

求人 求人 qiu2 ren2
to ask for help; to ask a favor; to recruit talented people

求人不如求己 求人不如求己 qiu2 ren2 bu4 ru2 qiu2 ji3
if you want sth done well, do it yourself (idiom)

求生 求生 qiu2 sheng1
to seek survival; to possess the will to live

求生意志 求生意志 qiu2 sheng1 yi4 zhi4
the will to live

求是 求是 qiu2 shi4
to seek the truth

求死愿望 求死願望 qiu2 si3 yuan4 wang4
death wish (translated from English); Death wish, movie series with Charles Bronson is translated as 猛龍怪客|猛龙怪客

求索 求索 qiu2 suo3
to search for sth; to seek; to quest; to explore

求田问舍 求田問舍 qiu2 tian2 wen4 she4
lit. to be interested exclusively in the acquisition of estate (idiom); fig. to have no lofty aspirations in life

求同 求同 qiu2 tong2
to seek consensus; to seek conformity

求同存异 求同存異 qiu2 tong2 cun2 yi4
to seek common ground while holding back differences (idiom); to agree to differ

求学 求學 qiu2 xue2
to study; to seek knowledge; to attend college; at school; learning; education

求学无坦途 求學無坦途 qiu2 xue2 wu2 tan3 tu2
The path of learning can never be smooth.; There is no royal road to learning. (idiom)

求医 求醫 qiu2 yi1
to seek medical treatment; to see a doctor

求医癖 求醫癖 qiu2 yi1 pi3
Munchausen syndrome

求援 求援 qiu2 yuan2
to ask for help

求证 求證 qiu2 zheng4
to seek proof; to seek confirmation

求知 求知 qiu2 zhi1
anxious to learn; keen for knowledge

求之不得 求之不得 qiu2 zhi1 bu4 de2
lit. seek but fail to get (idiom); fig. exactly what one’s been looking for

求知欲 求知慾 qiu2 zhi1 yu4
desire for knowledge

求值 求值 qiu2 zhi2
(math.) to evaluate (an expression, function etc); evaluation

求职 求職 qiu2 zhi2
to seek employment

求职信 求職信 qiu2 zhi2 xin4
cover letter; job application

求职者 求職者 qiu2 zhi2 zhe3
job applicant

求助 求助 qiu2 zhu4
to request help; to appeal (for help)

求助于人 求助於人 qiu2 zhu4 yu2 ren2
to call upon others for help

求子 求子 qiu2 zi3
(of a childless couple) to pray for a son; to try to have a child

权利要求 權利要求 quan2 li4 yao1 qiu2
claim to rights (copyright, patent etc)

忍辱求全 忍辱求全 ren3 ru3 qiu2 quan2
to endure humiliation to preserve unity

奢求 奢求 she1 qiu2
to make extravagant demands; an unreasonable request

舍身求法 捨身求法 she3 shen1 qiu2 fa3
to abandon one's body in the search for Buddha's truth (idiom)

社会总需求 社會總需求 she4 hui4 zong3 xu1 qiu2
aggregate social demand; total requirement of society

实事求是 實事求是 shi2 shi4 qiu2 shi4
to seek truth from facts (idiom); to be practical and realistic

事求是 事求是 shi4 qiu2 shi4
to seek the truth from facts

事实求是 事實求是 shi4 shi2 qiu2 shi4
to seek the truth from facts

守株待兔,缘木求鱼 守株待兔,緣木求魚 shou3 zhu1 dai4 tu4 - yuan2 mu4 qiu2 yu2
to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits, and climb a tree to catch fish (idiom); without any practical course of action

死中求生 死中求生 si3 zhong1 qiu2 sheng1
to seek life in death (idiom); to fight for one's life

搜求 搜求 sou1 qiu2
to seek; to look for

诉求 訴求 su4 qiu2
to appeal; to demand (an answer); requirement; demand; claim; appeal; (marketing) message

索求 索求 suo3 qiu2
to seek; to demand

贪求 貪求 tan1 qiu2
to pursue greedily; to crave

贪求无厌 貪求無厭 tan1 qiu2 wu2 yan4
insatiably greedy (idiom)

探求 探求 tan4 qiu2
to seek; to pursue; to investigate

推求 推求 tui1 qiu2
to inquire; to ascertain

退而求其次 退而求其次 tui4 er2 qiu2 qi2 ci4
to settle for second best; the next best thing

妄求 妄求 wang4 qiu2
inappropriate or presumptuous demands

委曲求全 委曲求全 wei3 qu1 qiu2 quan2
to accept a compromise

稳中求进 穩中求進 wen3 zhong1 qiu2 jin4
to make progress while ensuring stability

勿求人 勿求人 wu4 qiu2 ren2
see 不求人

刑求 刑求 xing2 qiu2
to extort confession by torture

行销诉求 行銷訴求 xing2 xiao1 su4 qiu2
marketing message

需求 需求 xu1 qiu2
requirement; to require; (economics) demand

需求层次理论 需求層次理論 xu1 qiu2 ceng2 ci4 li3 lun4
(Maslow's) hierarchy of needs (psychology)

寻求 尋求 xun2 qiu2
to seek; to look for

研求 研求 yan2 qiu2
to study; to probe; to research and examine

央求 央求 yang1 qiu2
to implore; to plead; to ask earnestly

要求 要求 yao1 qiu2
to request; to require; to stake a claim; to ask; to demand

以求 以求 yi3 qiu2
in order to

营求 營求 ying2 qiu2
to seek; to strive for

有求必应 有求必應 you3 qiu2 bi4 ying4
to grant whatever is asked for; to accede to every plea

欲求 欲求 yu4 qiu2
to desire; wants; appetites

缘木求鱼 緣木求魚 yuan2 mu4 qiu2 yu2
lit. climb a tree to catch a fish (idiom); fig. to attempt the impossible

责备求全 責備求全 ze2 bei4 qiu2 quan2
see 求全責備|求全责备

征求 徵求 zheng1 qiu2
to solicit; to seek; to request (opinions, feedback etc); to petition

诛求 誅求 zhu1 qiu2
exorbitant demands; demanding with menaces; extortion

诛求无厌 誅求無厭 zhu1 qiu2 wu2 yan4
incessant exorbitant demands

诛求无已 誅求無已 zhu1 qiu2 wu2 yi3
to make endless exorbitant demands

追根求源 追根求源 zhui1 gen1 qiu2 yuan2
to track sth to its roots

追求 追求 zhui1 qiu2
to pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly; to seek after; to woo

孜孜以求 孜孜以求 zi1 zi1 yi3 qiu2
diligent and tireless (idiom)

总需求 總需求 zong3 xu1 qiu2
aggregate demand