to discard; to eliminate

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
裁汰 裁汰 cai2 tai4
to cut back

涤汰 滌汰 di2 tai4
to wash away; to eradicate

劣汰 劣汰 lie4 tai4
elimination of the weakest

埋汰 埋汰 mai2 tai5
(dialect) dirty; to mock sb

汰旧换新 汰舊換新 tai4 jiu4 huan4 xin1
out with the old and in with the new (idiom)

淘汰 淘汰 tao2 tai4
to wash out; elimination (by selection); natural selection; to knock out (in a competition); to die out; to phase out

淘汰赛 淘汰賽 tao2 tai4 sai4
a knockout competition

优胜劣汰 優勝劣汰 you1 sheng4 lie4 tai4
survival of the fittest (idiom)

甄汰 甄汰 zhen1 tai4
to eliminate by examination