classifier for sheets of papers etc: pile, pad; Taiwan pr.

surname Ta

again and again; many

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
重沓 重沓 chong2 ta4
redundant; to pile up

纷至沓来 紛至沓來 fen1 zhi4 ta4 lai2
to come thick and fast (idiom)

疲沓 疲沓 pi2 ta5
slack; remiss; negligent

拖沓 拖沓 tuo1 ta4
dilatory; procrastinating; obstructive

拖拖沓沓 拖拖沓沓 tuo1 tuo1 ta4 ta4
dragging one's feet

杂沓 雜沓 za2 ta4
small craftsman (contemptuous); clatter (e.g. of footsteps); jumbled mass; press of bodies; tumult