(of water) to dash against; to mix with water; to infuse; to rinse; to flush; to develop (a film); to rise in the air; to clash; to collide with

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
八冲 八沖 ba1 chong1
eight surges (a group of eight acupoints in Chinese acupuncture, namely PC-9, TB-1, HT-9 and LV-3, bilaterally)

曹冲 曹沖 cao2 chong1
Cao Chong (196-208), son of Cao Cao 曹操

陈冲 陳沖 chen2 chong1
Joan Chen (1961-), Chinese born American actress

冲冲 沖沖 chong1 chong1

冲淡 沖淡 chong1 dan4
to dilute

冲掉 沖掉 chong1 diao4
to wash out; to leach

冲服 沖服 chong1 fu2
to take medicine in solution; infusion

冲服剂 沖服劑 chong1 fu2 ji4
dose of medicine to be taken in solution; infusion

冲昏头脑 沖昏頭腦 chong1 hun1 tou2 nao3
lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom); fig. excited and unable to act rationally; to go to one's head

冲积 沖積 chong1 ji1
to alluviate; alluviation; alluvial

冲积层 沖積層 chong1 ji1 ceng2
alluvial deposit

冲积平原 沖積平原 chong1 ji1 ping2 yuan2
alluvial plain

冲剂 沖劑 chong1 ji4
medicine to be taken after being mixed with water (or other liquid)

冲决 沖決 chong1 jue2
to burst (e.g. a dam)

冲凉 沖涼 chong1 liang2
(dialect) to take a shower

冲淋浴 沖淋浴 chong1 lin2 yu4
to take a shower

冲龄 沖齡 chong1 ling2
childhood (typically used in reference to an emperor)

冲泡 沖泡 chong1 pao4
to add water (or other liquid) to (another ingredient such as powdered milk or tea leaves); to infuse (tea)

冲绳 沖繩 chong1 sheng2
Okinawa, Japan

冲绳岛 沖繩島 chong1 sheng2 dao3
Okinawa Island

冲绳群岛 沖繩群島 chong1 sheng2 qun2 dao3
the Okinawa archipelago

冲绳县 沖繩縣 chong1 sheng2 xian4
Okinawa prefecture, Japan

冲蚀 沖蝕 chong1 shi2
to erode; erosion

冲刷 沖刷 chong1 shua1
to cleanse; to scrub; to scour; to wash down; to erode; to wash away

冲塌 沖塌 chong1 ta1
to cause (a dam) to collapse

冲天 沖天 chong1 tian1
to soar; to rocket

冲调 沖調 chong1 tiao2
to reconstitute (a powdered beverage) by adding water, milk etc

冲洗 沖洗 chong1 xi3
to rinse; to wash; to develop (photographic film)

冲牙器 沖牙器 chong1 ya2 qi4
water pick; oral irrigator

冲挹 沖挹 chong1 yi4
to defer to; to be submissive

冲印 沖印 chong1 yin4
to develop and print (photographic film)

冲澡 沖澡 chong1 zao3
to take a shower

冲走 沖走 chong1 zou3
to flush away

冲压 沖壓 chong4 ya1
to stamp; to press (sheet metal); Taiwan pr.

大水冲了龙王庙 大水沖了龍王廟 da4 shui3 chong1 le5 long2 wang2 miao4
lit. surging waters flooded the Dragon King temple (idiom); fig. to fail to recognize a familiar person; a dispute between close people who fail to recognize each other

回冲 回沖 hui2 chong1

林冲 林沖 lin2 chong1
Lin Chong, one of the Heroes of the Marsh in Water Margin

倪嗣冲 倪嗣沖 ni2 si4 chong1
Ni Sichong (1868-1924), general closely linked to Yuan Shikai 袁世凱|袁世凯 during his unsuccessful 1915 bid for Empire

怒冲冲 怒沖沖 nu4 chong1 chong1

怒气冲冲 怒氣沖沖 nu4 qi4 chong1 chong1
spitting anger (idiom); in a rage

气冲冲 氣沖沖 qi4 chong1 chong1
furious; enraged

数码冲印 數碼沖印 shu4 ma3 chong1 yin4
digital printing

腾冲 騰沖 teng2 chong1
Tengchong county in Baoshan 保山, Yunnan

腾冲县 騰沖縣 teng2 chong1 xian4
Tengchong county in Baoshan 保山, Yunnan

兴冲冲 興沖沖 xing4 chong1 chong1
full of joy and expectations; animatedly

渊冲 淵沖 yuan1 chong1
erudite but open-minded

祖冲之 祖沖之 zu3 chong1 zhi1
Zu Chongzhi (429-500), astronomer and mathematician