oil; fat; grease; petroleum; to apply tung oil, paint or varnish; oily; greasy; glib; cunning

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
艾叶油 艾葉油 ai4 ye4 you2
mugwort leaf oil (TCM); also called wormwood leaf oil; Oleum folii Artemisiae argyi

桉叶油 桉葉油 an1 ye4 you2
eucalyptus oil

柏油 柏油 bai3 you2
asphalt; tar; pitch

柏油脚跟之州 柏油腳跟之州 bai3 you2 jiao3 gen1 zhi1 zhou1
Tar Heel state

柏油路 柏油路 bai3 you2 lu4
tarred road; asphalt road

柏油马路 柏油馬路 bai3 you2 ma3 lu4
tarred road; asphalt road

板油 板油 ban3 you2
leaf fat; leaf lard

薄油层 薄油層 bo2 you2 ceng2
oil sheet

薄荷油 薄荷油 bo4 he5 you2
peppermint oil

擦油 擦油 ca1 you2
to oil; to anoint

采油 採油 cai3 you2
oil extraction; oil recovery

菜油 菜油 cai4 you2
rapeseed oil; canola oil

柴米油盐 柴米油鹽 chai2 mi3 you2 yan2
lit. firewood, rice, oil and salt; fig. life's daily necessities

柴米油盐酱醋茶 柴米油鹽醬醋茶 chai2 mi3 you2 yan2 jiang4 cu4 cha2
lit. firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, and tea; fig. life's daily necessities

柴油 柴油 chai2 you2
diesel fuel

柴油发动机 柴油發動機 chai2 you2 fa1 dong4 ji1
diesel engine

柴油机 柴油機 chai2 you2 ji1
diesel engine

产油国 產油國 chan3 you2 guo2
oil-producing countries

成品油 成品油 cheng2 pin3 you2
refined oil

吃油 吃油 chi1 you2
(of food) to absorb oil; (of a vehicle) to guzzle fuel

豉油 豉油 chi3 you2
soy sauce

抽油烟机 抽油煙機 chou1 you2 yan1 ji1
range hood; kitchen exhaust hood

打酱油 打醬油 da3 jiang4 you2
to buy soy sauce; it's none of my business ("I’m just here to buy some soy sauce")

打油诗 打油詩 da3 you2 shi1
humorous poem; limerick

大油 大油 da4 you2

地沟油 地溝油 di4 gou1 you2
cooking oil that has been used and discarded (and, in China, sometimes illegally recovered from gutters and sewers, reprocessed and sold back to restaurants)

靛油 靛油 dian4 you2
aniline oil

动物油 動物油 dong4 wu4 you2
animal fat

豆油 豆油 dou4 you2
soy bean oil

防晒油 防曬油 fang2 shai4 you2
sunscreen; sunblock

防油溅网 防油濺網 fang2 you2 jian4 wang3
splatter screen

风油精 風油精 feng1 you2 jing1
essential balm containing menthol, eucalyptus oil etc, used as a mosquito repellant

富得流油 富得流油 fu4 de5 liu2 you2
affluent; very rich

甘油 甘油 gan1 you2
glycerine; glycerol

甘油醛 甘油醛 gan1 you2 quan2
glyceraldehyde (CH20)3

甘油三脂 甘油三脂 gan1 you2 san1 zhi1

甘油三酯 甘油三酯 gan1 you2 san1 zhi3

甘油栓剂 甘油栓劑 gan1 you2 shuan1 ji4
glycerine suppository

橄榄油 橄欖油 gan3 lan3 you2
olive oil

隔油池 隔油池 ge2 you2 chi2
grease trap

供油系统 供油系統 gong1 you2 xi4 tong3
fuel supply system; lubricating system

滚油煎心 滾油煎心 gun3 you2 jian1 xin1
to suffer mental anguish (idiom)

含油 含油 han2 you2
containing oil; oil-bearing

含油岩 含油岩 han2 you2 yan2
oil bearing rock

蚝油 蠔油 hao2 you2
oyster sauce

豪油 豪油 hao2 you2
oyster sauce; correct spelling 蠔油|蚝油

耗油量 耗油量 hao4 you2 liang4
fuel consumption

合成石油 合成石油 he2 cheng2 shi2 you2
synthetic oil

红油 紅油 hong2 you2
chili oil

化油器 化油器 hua4 you2 qi4

黄油 黃油 huang2 you2

挥发油 揮發油 hui1 fa1 you2
volatile oil (in general); gasoline

回锅油 回鍋油 hui2 guo1 you2
to use the same oil repeatedly for deep frying (a possible health hazard)

荤油 葷油 hun1 you2
lard; animal fat

火上加油 火上加油 huo3 shang4 jia1 you2
to add oil to the fire (idiom); fig. to aggravate a situation; to enrage people and make matters worse

火上浇油 火上澆油 huo3 shang4 jiao1 you2
to pour oil on the fire (idiom); fig. to aggravate a situation; to enrage people and make matters worse

火油 火油 huo3 you2
(dialect) kerosene

机油 機油 ji1 you2
engine oil

集油箱 集油箱 ji2 you2 xiang1
oil sump

加大油门 加大油門 jia1 da4 you2 men2
to accelerate; to step on the gas

加氢油 加氫油 jia1 qing1 you2
hydrogenated oil

加油 加油 jia1 you2
to add oil; to top up with gas; to refuel; to accelerate; to step on the gas; (fig.) to make an extra effort; to cheer sb on

加油工 加油工 jia1 you2 gong1
gas station attendant

加油添醋 加油添醋 jia1 you2 tian1 cu4
to add interest (to a story); to sex up

加油站 加油站 jia1 you2 zhan4
gas station

煎炸油 煎炸油 jian1 zha2 you2
frying oil

江油 江油 jiang1 you2
Jiangyou prefecture level city in Mianyang 綿陽|绵阳, north Sichuan

江油市 江油市 jiang1 you2 shi4
Jiangyou prefecture level city in Mianyang 綿陽|绵阳, north Sichuan

酱油 醬油 jiang4 you2
soy sauce

焦油 焦油 jiao1 you2

节油 節油 jie2 you2
to economize on gasoline; fuel-efficient

精油 精油 jing1 you2
essential oil

焗油 焗油 ju2 you2
to condition or dye the hair using hair treatment product in conjunction with a hair steamer

焗油机 焗油機 ju2 you2 ji1
hair steamer

开大油门 開大油門 kai1 da4 you2 men2
to open the throttle; to accelerate; to let her rip

揩油 揩油 kai1 you2
to take advantage of sb; to freeload

矿油精 礦油精 kuang4 you2 jing1
mineral spirits

辣酱油 辣醬油 la4 jiang4 you2
Worcestershire sauce

兰郑长成品油管道 蘭鄭長成品油管道 lan2 zheng4 chang2 cheng2 pin3 you2 guan3 dao4
Lanzhou-Zhengzhou-Changsha oil pipeline

捞油水 撈油水 lao1 you2 shui3
(coll.) to gain profit (usu. by underhand means)

老油条 老油條 lao3 you2 tiao2
old fox; slick customer

老油子 老油子 lao3 you2 zi5
(coll.) wily old fox; crafty fellow

炼油 煉油 lian4 you2
oil refinery

炼油厂 煉油廠 lian4 you2 chang3
oil refinery

量油尺 量油尺 liang2 you2 chi3
dipstick; oil measuring rod

漏油 漏油 lou4 you2
oil spill; oil leak; (fig.) boo! (opposite of 加油)

绿油油 綠油油 lv4 you2 you2
lush green; verdant

麻油 麻油 ma2 you2
sesame oil

煤焦油 煤焦油 mei2 jiao1 you2
coal tar

煤油 煤油 mei2 you2

抹油 抹油 mo3 you2
to anoint

沐浴油 沐浴油 mu4 yu4 you2
bath oil

奶油 奶油 nai3 you2
cream; butter

奶油菜花 奶油菜花 nai3 you2 cai4 hua1
creamed cauliflower

奶油鸡蛋 奶油雞蛋 nai3 you2 ji1 dan4
cream sponge

奶油小生 奶油小生 nai3 you2 xiao3 sheng1
handsome but effeminate man; pretty boy

凝固汽油弹 凝固汽油彈 ning2 gu4 qi4 you2 dan4

牛油 牛油 niu2 you2

牛油果 牛油果 niu2 you2 guo3
avocado (Persea americana)

牛油戟 牛油戟 niu2 you2 ji3
cup cake

皮鞋油 皮鞋油 pi2 xie2 you2
shoe polish

贫油 貧油 pin2 you2
poor in oil

贫油国 貧油國 pin2 you2 guo2
country poor in oil

汽油 汽油 qi4 you2

汽油机 汽油機 qi4 you2 ji1
gasoline engine

氢净合成油 氫淨合成油 qing1 jing4 he2 cheng2 you2
hydrogenated oil

清凉油 清涼油 qing1 liang2 you2
soothing ointment; balm

清油 清油 qing1 you2
vegetable cooking oil

轻质石油 輕質石油 qing1 zhi4 shi2 you2
light petroleum (product); gasoline and diesel oil

轻质石油产品 輕質石油產品 qing1 zhi4 shi2 you2 chan3 pin3
light petroleum product (i.e. gasoline and diesel oil)

焌油 焌油 qu1 you2
to pour heated oil and seasonings over food (e.g. a cooked fish)

缺油 缺油 que1 you2
oil shortage

燃料油 燃料油 ran2 liao4 you2
fuel oil

燃油 燃油 ran2 you2
fuel oil

燃油舱 燃油艙 ran2 you2 cang1
oil tank (of ship)

人造黄油 人造黃油 ren2 zao4 huang2 you2

人造奶油 人造奶油 ren2 zao4 nai3 you2

人造牛油 人造牛油 ren2 zao4 niu2 you2

润滑油 潤滑油 run4 hua2 you2
lubricating oil

三酸甘油酯 三酸甘油酯 san1 suan1 gan1 you2 zhi3

色拉油 色拉油 se4 la1 you2
salad oil

上溜油 上溜油 shang4 liu1 you2
basted (of meat etc)

生奶油 生奶油 sheng1 nai3 you2
cream; whipped cream

生物柴油 生物柴油 sheng1 wu4 chai2 you2

省油的灯 省油的燈 sheng3 you2 de5 deng1
sb who is easy to deal with

石脑油 石腦油 shi2 nao3 you2

食物油 食物油 shi2 wu4 you2
cooking oil; food oil

食油 食油 shi2 you2
cooking oil

石油 石油 shi2 you2
oil; petroleum

石油化学 石油化學 shi2 you2 hua4 xue2

石油换食品项目 石油換食品項目 shi2 you2 huan4 shi2 pin3 xiang4 mu4
Iraq Oil for Food Program

石油蜡 石油蠟 shi2 you2 la4
petroleum wax

石油醚 石油醚 shi2 you2 mi2
petroleum ether

石油输出国组织 石油輸出國組織 shi2 you2 shu1 chu1 guo2 zu3 zhi1
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

输油管 輸油管 shu1 you2 guan3
petroleum pipeline

松节油 松節油 song1 jie2 you2

酥松油脂 酥鬆油脂 su1 song1 you2 zhi1
shortening (fat used in cooking cakes)

酥油 酥油 su1 you2

酥油茶 酥油茶 su1 you2 cha2
butter tea (Tibetan, Mongolian etc drink derived from milk)

酥油花 酥油花 su1 you2 hua1
butter sculpture (Tibetan art form using paint derived from milk products)

糖油粑粑 糖油粑粑 tang2 you2 ba1 ba1
sweet snack made from glutinous rice, sugar and honey, common in Changsha 長沙|长沙, Hunan

添油加醋 添油加醋 tian1 you2 jia1 cu4
lit. to add oil and vinegar; fig. adding details while telling a story (to make it more interesting)

桐油 桐油 tong2 you2
tung oil, from the Japanese wood-oil tree Aleurites cordata, used in making lacquer

涂油 塗油 tu2 you2
to grease; to oil; to baste (cookery)

涂油于 塗油於 tu2 you2 yu2

推油 推油 tui1 you2
oil massage

拖油瓶 拖油瓶 tuo1 you2 ping2
(derog.) (of a woman) to bring one's children into a second marriage; children by a previous marriage

万金油 萬金油 wan4 jin1 you2
Tiger Balm (medicine); jack of all trades (and master of none)(slang)

虾油 蝦油 xia1 you2
prawn sauce

鲜奶油 鮮奶油 xian1 nai3 you2
cream; whipped cream

香油 香油 xiang1 you2
sesame oil; perfumed oil

硝化甘油 硝化甘油 xiao1 hua4 gan1 you2

硝酸甘油 硝酸甘油 xiao1 suan1 gan1 you2

鞋油 鞋油 xie2 you2
shoe polish

雪佛龙石油公司 雪佛龍石油公司 xue3 fo2 long2 shi2 you2 gong1 si1
Chevron Corporation

羊油 羊油 yang2 you2
sheep's fat; suet; mutton tallow

洋油 洋油 yang2 you2
imported oil; kerosene

椰油 椰油 ye1 you2
palm oil

液化石油气 液化石油氣 ye4 hua4 shi2 you2 qi4
liquefied petroleum gas

英国石油 英國石油 ying1 guo2 shi2 you2
British Petroleum, BP

英国石油公司 英國石油公司 ying1 guo2 shi2 you2 gong1 si1
British Petroleum, BP

油泵 油泵 you2 beng4
oil pump

油饼 油餅 you2 bing3
deep-fried doughcake; oilcake (animal fodder)

油布 油布 you2 bu4

油菜 油菜 you2 cai4
oilseed rape (Brassica napus); flowering edible rape (Brassica chinensis var. oleifera)

油菜籽 油菜籽 you2 cai4 zi3
oilseed rape (Brassica campestris); rapeseed; coleseed

油尺 油尺 you2 chi3
dipstick; oil measuring rod

油船 油船 you2 chuan2
(oil) tanker; tank ship

油灯 油燈 you2 deng1
oil lamp

油底壳 油底殼 you2 di3 ke2
oil sump

油膏 油膏 you2 gao1

油垢 油垢 you2 gou4
covered in grease

油罐车 油罐車 you2 guan4 che1
oil tanker truck; fuel tanker

油光 油光 you2 guang1
glossy; gleaming; shiny (due to greasiness); slick; greasy; oily

油光光 油光光 you2 guang1 guang1
glossy; gleaming; shiny (due to greasiness); slick; greasy; oily

油光可鉴 油光可鑒 you2 guang1 ke3 jian4
lit. oily and shiny to the point of reflecting (idiom); lustrous

油光漆 油光漆 you2 guang1 qi1

油光水滑 油光水滑 you2 guang1 shui3 hua2
sleek; shiny and smooth

油锅 油鍋 you2 guo1
a deep fryer

油耗 油耗 you2 hao4
fuel consumption

油黑 油黑 you2 hei1
glossy black

油乎乎 油乎乎 you2 hu1 hu1
greasy; oily

油花 油花 you2 hua1
grease or fat blobs at the surface of a liquid; tricky and dissolute

油猾 油猾 you2 hua2
sly; slick

油滑 油滑 you2 hua2
oily; greasy; unctuous; slippery (character)

油画 油畫 you2 hua4
oil painting

油灰刀 油灰刀 you2 hui1 dao1
putty knife

油荤 油葷 you2 hun1
meat foods

油鸡 油雞 you2 ji1
a variety of chicken

油加利 油加利 you2 jia1 li4
variant of 尤加利

油价 油價 you2 jia4
oil (petroleum) price

油尖旺 油尖旺 you2 jian1 wang4
Yau Tsim Mong district of Kowloon, Hong Kong

油井 油井 you2 jing3
oil well

油库 油庫 you2 ku4
fuel depot; fuel farm

油亮 油亮 you2 liang4
glossy; shiny

油料 油料 you2 liao4
oilseed; oil; fuel

油料作物 油料作物 you2 liao4 zuo4 wu4
oil crop (rape, peanut, soy, sesame etc); oil-bearing crop

油轮 油輪 you2 lun2
tanker (ship)

油麦 油麥 you2 mai4
naked oat (old)

油麦菜 油麥菜 you2 mai4 cai4
Indian lettuce

油门 油門 you2 men2
accelerator (pedal); gas pedal; throttle

油墨 油墨 you2 mo4
printing ink

油腻 油膩 you2 ni4
grease; greasy food; oily; rich (of food); fatty; greasy and dirty; a slippery character

油泼扯面 油潑扯麵 you2 po1 che3 mian4
broad, belt-shaped noodles, popular in Shaanxi, also known as biángbiáng miàn

油漆 油漆 you2 qi1
oil paints; lacquer; to paint

油气 油氣 you2 qi4
oil and gas

油气田 油氣田 you2 qi4 tian2
oilfields and gasfields

油腔滑调 油腔滑調 you2 qiang1 hua2 diao4
flippant and insincere (piece of writing or speech); glib-tongued; oily

油然而生 油然而生 you2 ran2 er2 sheng1
arising involuntarily (idiom); spontaneous; to spring up unbidden (of emotion)

油砂 油砂 you2 sha1
oil sand (mining)

油水 油水 you2 shui3
grease; profit; ill-gotten gains

油松 油松 you2 song1
Chinese red pine

油塔 油塔 you2 ta3
oil tank

油桃 油桃 you2 tao2

油田 油田 you2 tian2
oil field

油条 油條 you2 tiao2
youtiao (deep-fried breadstick); slick and sly person

油桐 油桐 you2 tong2
Chinese wood-oil tree (Vernicia fordii)

油汪汪 油汪汪 you2 wang1 wang1
dripping with oil

油污 油污 you2 wu1
greasy and dirty; oil pollution

油箱 油箱 you2 xiang1
oil tank

油鞋 油鞋 you2 xie2
waterproof shoes; oiled shoes (for wet weather)

油旋 油旋 you2 xuan2
Youxuan, a kind of a pastry

油烟 油煙 you2 yan1
soot; lampblack

油盐酱醋 油鹽醬醋 you2 yan2 jiang4 cu4
(lit.) oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar; (fig.) the trivia of everyday life

油页岩 油頁岩 you2 ye4 yan2
oil shale

油印 油印 you2 yin4
to mimeograph

油油 油油 you2 you2

油炸 油炸 you2 zha2
to deep fry

油炸圈饼 油炸圈餅 you2 zha2 quan1 bing3

油症 油症 you2 zheng4
Yusho disease or Yu-cheng disease, mass poisoning caused by rice bran oil in northern Kyushu, Japan (1968), and in Taiwan (1979)

油脂 油脂 you2 zhi1
grease; oil; fat

油子 油子 you2 zi5
dense and sticky substance; (dialect) wily old fox

油棕 油棕 you2 zong1
oil palm

油嘴 油嘴 you2 zui3
eloquent and cunning; silver tongued

油嘴滑舌 油嘴滑舌 you2 zui3 hua2 she2
glib; oily-mouthed and smooth talking

鱼肝油 魚肝油 yu2 gan1 you2
cod liver oil

原生橄榄油 原生橄欖油 yuan2 sheng1 gan3 lan3 you2
virgin olive oil

原油 原油 yuan2 you2
crude oil

炸油饼 炸油餅 zha2 you2 bing3
deep-fried cake

榨油 榨油 zha4 you2
to extract oil from vegetables; to press

芝麻油 芝麻油 zhi1 ma5 you2
sesame oil

植物牛油 植物牛油 zhi2 wu4 niu2 you2

植物油 植物油 zhi2 wu4 you2
vegetable oil

指甲油 指甲油 zhi3 jia5 you2
nail polish

中国海洋石油总公司 中國海洋石油總公司 zhong1 guo2 hai3 yang2 shi2 you2 zong3 gong1 si1
CNOOC; China National Offshore Oil Corporation

中国石油和化学工业协会 中國石油和化學工業協會 zhong1 guo2 shi2 you2 he2 hua4 xue2 gong1 ye4 xie2 hui4
China Petrol and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA)

中国石油化工股份有限公司 中國石油化工股份有限公司 zhong1 guo2 shi2 you2 hua4 gong1 gu3 fen4 you3 xian4 gong1 si1
China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Sinopec; abbr. to 中石化

中国石油天然气集团公司 中國石油天然氣集團公司 zhong1 guo2 shi2 you2 tian1 ran2 qi4 ji2 tuan2 gong1 si1
China National Petroleum Corporation

中海油 中海油 zhong1 hai3 you2
China National Offshore Oil Corporation

中石油川东钻探公司 中石油川東鑽探公司 zhong1 shi2 you2 chuan1 dong1 zuan4 tan4 gong1 si1
Chuandong Oil Drilling & Exploration Company (CODEC)

中油 中油 zhong4 you2
CNPC, China National Petroleum Corporation (abbr.)

重油 重油 zhong4 you2
heavy oil

猪油 豬油 zhu1 you2

棕榈油 棕櫚油 zong1 lv2 you2
palm oil