variant of 沾; to moisten

to moisten; to be infected by; to receive benefit or advantage through a contact; to touch

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
不沾锅 不沾鍋 bu4 zhan1 guo1
non-stick pan (Tw)

残余沾染 殘餘沾染 can2 yu2 zhan1 ran3
residual contamination

除沾染 除沾染 chu2 zhan1 ran3

滴酒不沾 滴酒不沾 di1 jiu3 bu4 zhan1
never to touch a drop of alcohol

放射性沾染 放射性沾染 fang4 she4 xing4 zhan1 ran3
radioactive contamination

放射性沾染物 放射性沾染物 fang4 she4 xing4 zhan1 ran3 wu4
radioactive contaminant

脚不沾地 腳不沾地 jiao3 bu4 zhan1 di4
feet not touching the ground (idiom); to run like the wind

均沾 均沾 jun1 zhan1
to share (profits)

两手不沾阳春水 兩手不沾陽春水 liang3 shou3 bu4 zhan1 yang2 chun1 shui3
see 十指不沾陽春水|十指不沾阳春水

惹草沾花 惹草沾花 re3 cao3 zhan1 hua1
see 沾花惹草

三不沾 三不沾 san1 bu4 zhan1
air ball (basketball)

十指不沾阳春水 十指不沾陽春水 shi2 zhi3 bu4 zhan1 yang2 chun1 shui3
to have no need to fend for oneself (idiom); to lead a pampered life

烟酒不沾 煙酒不沾 yan1 jiu3 bu4 zhan1
abstaining from liquor and tobacco

沾边 沾邊 zhan1 bian1
to have a connection with; to be close (to reality); to be relevant; to have one's hand in

沾唇 沾唇 zhan1 chun2
to moisten one's lips; to sip (wine, tea etc); esp. used with negatives: never touch a drop of the stuff

沾光 沾光 zhan1 guang1
to bask in the light; fig. to benefit from association with sb or sth; reflected glory

沾花惹草 沾花惹草 zhan1 hua1 re3 cao3
to fondle the flowers and trample the grass (idiom); to womanize; to frequent brothels; to sow one's wild oats

沾化 沾化 zhan1 hua4
Zhanhu county in Binzhou 濱州|滨州, Shandong

沾化县 沾化縣 zhan1 hua4 xian4
Zhanhu county in Binzhou 濱州|滨州, Shandong

沾酱 沾醬 zhan1 jiang4
dip (cookery)

沾满 沾滿 zhan1 man3
muddy; covered in (mud, dust, sweat, blood etc); daubed in

沾染 沾染 zhan1 ran3
to pollute (often fig.); to be infected by; to gain a small advantage

沾染程度检查仪 沾染程度檢查儀 zhan1 ran3 cheng2 du4 jian3 cha2 yi2
contamination meter

沾染控制 沾染控制 zhan1 ran3 kong4 zhi4
contamination control

沾染世俗 沾染世俗 zhan1 ran3 shi4 su2
to be corrupted by the ways of the world (idiom)

沾染习气 沾染習氣 zhan1 ran3 xi2 qi4
to be tainted with unhealthy habits (idiom)

沾濡 沾濡 zhan1 ru2
to moisten

沾湿 沾濕 zhan1 shi1
to moisten; to dampen; to be steeped in; to be imbued with

沾益 霑益 zhan1 yi4
Zhanyi county in Qujing 曲靖, Yunnan

沾益县 霑益縣 zhan1 yi4 xian4
Zhanyi county in Qujing 曲靖, Yunnan

沾沾自喜 沾沾自喜 zhan1 zhan1 zi4 xi3
immeasurably self-satisfied