moreover; situation

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
标准状况 標準狀況 biao1 zhun3 zhuang4 kuang4
standard conditions for temperature and pressure

病况 病況 bing4 kuang4
state of an illness; patient's condition

不正常状况 不正常狀況 bu4 zheng4 chang2 zhuang4 kuang4
abnormal state

惨况 慘況 can3 kuang4
tragic situation; dreadful state

概况 概況 gai4 kuang4
general situation; summary

何况 何況 he2 kuang4
let alone; to say nothing of; besides; what's more

健康状况 健康狀況 jian4 kang1 zhuang4 kuang4
health status

近况 近況 jin4 kuang4
recent developments; current situation

经济情况 經濟情況 jing1 ji4 qing2 kuang4
economic situation; one's socio-economic status

经济状况 經濟狀況 jing1 ji4 zhuang4 kuang4
economic situation

景况 景況 jing3 kuang4

境况 境況 jing4 kuang4

窘况 窘況 jiong3 kuang4

看情况 看情況 kan4 qing2 kuang4
depending on the situation

苦况 苦況 ku3 kuang4
wretched state; miserable plight

况且 況且 kuang4 qie3
moreover; besides; in addition; furthermore

况味 況味 kuang4 wei4
circumstances; atmosphere; mood

路况 路況 lu4 kuang4
road condition(s) (e.g. surface, traffic flow etc)

每况愈下 每況愈下 mei3 kuang4 yu4 xia4
to steadily deteriorate

每下愈况 每下愈況 mei3 xia4 yu4 kuang4
see 每況愈下|每况愈下

气候状况 氣候狀況 qi4 hou4 zhuang4 kuang4
climatic conditions; atmospheric conditions

情况 情況 qing2 kuang4
circumstances; state of affairs; situation

盛况 盛況 sheng4 kuang4
grand occasion

盛况空前 盛況空前 sheng4 kuang4 kong1 qian2
a magnificent and unprecedented event (idiom)

实际情况 實際情況 shi2 ji4 qing2 kuang4
actual circumstances; the real situation; reality

实况 實況 shi2 kuang4
live (e.g. broadcast or recording); what is actually happening; scene; the real situation

实况录音 實況錄音 shi2 kuang4 lu4 yin1
live recording

实况转播 實況轉播 shi2 kuang4 zhuan3 bo1
live relay; broadcast of actual scene; to broadcast live

现况 現況 xian4 kuang4
the current situation

现实情况 現實情況 xian4 shi2 qing2 kuang4
current state; current situation

运行状况 運行狀況 yun4 xing2 zhuang4 kuang4
operational state; running state

战况 戰況 zhan4 kuang4
battlefield situation; battle progress

状况 狀況 zhuang4 kuang4
condition; state; situation

自况 自況 zi4 kuang4
to compare oneself; to view oneself as