variant of 泛

variant of 泛

to float; to be suffused with; general; extensive; non-specific; flood; pan- (prefix)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
超泛神论 超泛神論 chao1 fan4 shen2 lun4
panentheism, theological theory of God as equal to the Universe while transcending it

泛白 泛白 fan4 bai2
to be suffused with white; to be discolored; to blanch

泛称 泛稱 fan4 cheng1
general term

泛大陆 泛大陸 fan4 da4 lu4
Pangea (geology)

泛大洋 泛大洋 fan4 da4 yang2
Panthalassis (geology)

泛代数 泛代數 fan4 dai4 shu4
universal algebra

泛读 泛讀 fan4 du2
extensive reading

泛泛而谈 泛泛而談 fan4 fan4 er2 tan2
to speak in general terms

泛泛之交 泛泛之交 fan4 fan4 zhi1 jiao1
nodding acquaintance; slight familiarity

泛光灯 泛光燈 fan4 guang1 deng1

泛函分析 泛函分析 fan4 han2 fen1 xi1
(math.) functional analysis

泛红 泛紅 fan4 hong2
to blush; to redden; flushed

泛滥 泛濫 fan4 lan4
to be in flood; to overflow (the banks); to inundate; to spread unchecked

泛滥成灾 泛濫成災 fan4 lan4 cheng2 zai1
flood causes disaster (idiom); fig. swamped with work

泛民主派 泛民主派 fan4 min2 zhu3 pai4
pan-Democratic alliance (Hong Kong)

泛起 泛起 fan4 qi3
to appear; to emerge; to surface

泛神论 泛神論 fan4 shen2 lun4
pantheism, theological theory equating God with the Universe

泛酸 泛酸 fan4 suan1
pantothenic acid; vitamin B5; to surge up (of acid in the stomach)

泛音 泛音 fan4 yin1
overtone; a harmonic

泛指 泛指 fan4 zhi3
to make a general reference; to be used in a general sense

泛舟 泛舟 fan4 zhou1
to go boating

泛珠江三角 泛珠江三角 fan4 zhu1 jiang1 san1 jiao3
the Pan-Pearl river delta (economic zone including the 5 provinces around Guangzhou and Hong Kong)

泛珠三角 泛珠三角 fan4 zhu1 san1 jiao3
Pan-Pearl River delta; The nine provinces of Southern China around Guangzhou and the Pearl River delta; South China

泛自然神论 泛自然神論 fan4 zi4 ran2 shen2 lun4
pandeism, theological theory that God created the Universe and became one with it

浮泛 浮泛 fu2 fan4
to float about; (of a feeling) to show on the face; (of speech, friendship etc) shallow; vague

浮家泛宅 浮家泛宅 fu2 jia1 fan4 zhai2
lit. to live on a boat; to drift from place to place (idiom)

广泛 廣泛 guang3 fan4
extensive; wide range

广泛性焦虑症 廣泛性焦慮症 guang3 fan4 xing4 jiao1 lv4 zheng4
generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

广泛影响 廣泛影響 guang3 fan4 ying3 xiang3
wide ranging influence

活泛 活泛 huo2 fan5
flexible; adaptable

空泛 空泛 kong1 fan4
vague and general; not specific; shallow; empty

宽泛 寬泛 kuan1 fan4

灵泛 靈泛 ling2 fan4
nimble; agile

松泛 鬆泛 song1 fan4

学海泛舟 學海泛舟 xue2 hai3 fan4 zhou1
sailing on the sea of learning (idiom)