puffed; swollen; spongy; small lake (esp. in place names); classifier for urine or feces

bubble; foam; blister (i.e. skin bubble); to soak; to steep; to infuse; to dawdle; to shilly-shally; to hang about; to pick up (a girl); to get off with (a sexual partner); classifier for occurrences of an action; classifier for number of infusions

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
冲泡 沖泡 chong1 pao4
to add water (or other liquid) to (another ingredient such as powdered milk or tea leaves); to infuse (tea)

灯泡 燈泡 deng1 pao4
light bulb; see also 電燈泡|电灯泡; third-wheel or unwanted third party spoiling a couple's date (slang)

电灯泡 電燈泡 dian4 deng1 pao4
light bulb; (slang) unwanted third guest

发泡 發泡 fa1 pao4
fizzy; sparkling (drink)

发泡剂 發泡劑 fa1 pao4 ji4
foaming agent; blowing agent

发泡胶 發泡膠 fa1 pao4 jiao1
expanded polystyrene (EPS); styrofoam

肥皂泡 肥皂泡 fei2 zao4 pao4
soap bubble

肺泡 肺泡 fei4 pao4
pulmonary alveolus

韩国泡菜 韓國泡菜 han2 guo2 pao4 cai4
kimchi; Korean pickled cabbage

化为泡影 化為泡影 hua4 wei2 pao4 ying3
to come to nothing (idiom)

浸泡 浸泡 jin4 pao4
to steep; to soak; to immerse

燎泡 燎泡 liao2 pao4
blister (caused by burns)

卵泡 卵泡 luan3 pao4

滤泡 濾泡 lv4 pao4

梦幻泡影 夢幻泡影 meng4 huan4 pao4 ying3
illusion (Buddhism); pipe dream

磨起泡 磨起泡 mo2 qi3 pao4
friction blister

囊泡 囊泡 nang2 pao4

脑子有泡 腦子有泡 nao3 zi5 you3 pao4
soft in the head; brainless; dumb

娘泡 娘泡 niang2 pao4
variant of 娘炮

脓泡 膿泡 nong2 pao4
pustule; pussy pimple; same as 脓包

泡货 泡貨 pao1 huo4
light but bulky goods

泡桐 泡桐 pao1 tong2
Paulownia (genus)

泡子 泡子 pao1 zi5
small lake; pond

泡吧 泡吧 pao4 ba1
to spend time in a bar (alcohol, Internet etc); to go clubbing

泡病号 泡病號 pao4 bing4 hao4
to dilly-dally on the pretence of being ill; to malinger

泡菜 泡菜 pao4 cai4
pickled cabbage

泡茶 泡茶 pao4 cha2
to make tea

泡打粉 泡打粉 pao4 da3 fen3
baking powder

泡饭 泡飯 pao4 fan4
to soak cooked rice in soup or water; cooked rice reheated in boiling water

泡芙 泡芙 pao4 fu2
cream puff (loanword); profiterole

泡椒 泡椒 pao4 jiao1
pickled pepper

泡脚 泡腳 pao4 jiao3
foot bath; foot soak

泡面 泡麵 pao4 mian4
instant noodles

泡馍 泡饃 pao4 mo2
meat and bread soup (a specialty of Shaanxi cuisine)

泡蘑菇 泡蘑菇 pao4 mo2 gu5
to procrastinate; to shilly-shally and waste time

泡沫 泡沫 pao4 mo4
foam; (soap) bubble; (economic) bubble

泡沫经济 泡沫經濟 pao4 mo4 jing1 ji4
bubble economy

泡沫塑料 泡沫塑料 pao4 mo4 su4 liao4

泡妞 泡妞 pao4 niu1
to pick up girls; to play around with girls; to chase after girls

泡泡口香糖 泡泡口香糖 pao4 pao4 kou3 xiang1 tang2

泡泡纱 泡泡紗 pao4 pao4 sha1
seersucker (cotton cloth with pattern of dimples)

泡泡糖 泡泡糖 pao4 pao4 tang2
bubble gum

泡泡浴 泡泡浴 pao4 pao4 yu4
bubble bath

泡泡浴露 泡泡浴露 pao4 pao4 yu4 lu4
bubble bath lotion

泡泡 泡泡 pao4 pao5

泡水 泡水 pao4 shui3
to infuse; to soak in water

泡汤 泡湯 pao4 tang1
to dawdle; to go slow deliberately; to fizzle out; to have all one's hopes dashed

泡腾 泡騰 pao4 teng2
to bubble; to fizz; to effervesce

泡温泉 泡溫泉 pao4 wen1 quan2
to soak in a spa or hot spring

泡漩 泡漩 pao4 xuan2
eddy; whirlpool

泡影 泡影 pao4 ying3
lit. froth and shadows; fig. illusion; mirage

泡澡 泡澡 pao4 zao3
to bathe; to immerse oneself in a warm bath

泡罩塔 泡罩塔 pao4 zhao4 ta3
distillation tower; bubble tower; plate column

泡制 泡制 pao4 zhi4
to brew; to infuse; to pickle

泡子 泡子 pao4 zi5
light bulb

胚囊泡 胚囊泡 pei1 nang2 pao4
(biology) blastodermic vesicle

胚泡 胚泡 pei1 pao4
(biology) blastocyst

起泡 起泡 qi3 pao4
to bubble; to foam; to blister; to sprout boils (on one's body); sparkling (wine etc)

起泡沫 起泡沫 qi3 pao4 mo4
to emit bubbles; to bubble; to foam (with rage); to seethe

气泡 氣泡 qi4 pao4
bubble; blister (in metal); (of beverages) sparkling; carbonated

气泡布 氣泡布 qi4 pao4 bu4
bubble wrap

气泡膜 氣泡膜 qi4 pao4 mo2
bubble wrap

如法泡制 如法泡製 ru2 fa3 pao4 zhi4
lit. to follow the recipe (idiom); to follow the same plan

软磨硬泡 軟磨硬泡 ruan3 mo2 ying4 pao4
to coax and pester (idiom); to wheedle; to cajole

水泡 水泡 shui3 pao4
bubble; blister

尿泡 尿泡 sui1 pao5
(dialect) bladder; to urinate

网状泡沫 網狀泡沫 wang3 zhuang4 pao4 mo4
reticulated foam

纤维囊泡症 纖維囊泡症 xian1 wei2 nang2 pao4 zheng4
cystic fibrosis

香泡树 香泡樹 xiang1 pao1 shu4
citron (Citrus medica); grapefruit

小泡 小泡 xiao3 pao4

腌泡 醃泡 yan1 pao4
to marinade

一点水一个泡 一點水一個泡 yi1 dian3 shui3 yi1 ge4 pao4
honest and trustworthy (idiom)

终成泡影 終成泡影 zhong1 cheng2 pao4 ying3
to come to nothing (idiom)

猪水泡病 豬水泡病 zhu1 shui3 pao4 bing4
swine vesicular disease (SVD)

住宅泡沫 住宅泡沫 zhu4 zhai2 pao4 mo4
housing bubble