to inject; to pour into; to concentrate; to pay attention; stake (gambling); classifier for sums of money; variant of 註|注

to register; to annotate; note; comment

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
备注 備註 bei4 zhu4
remark; note

标注 標注 biao1 zhu4
to mark out; to tag; to put a sign on sth explaining or calling attention to; to annotate (e.g. a character with its pinyin)

不注意 不注意 bu4 zhu4 yi4
thoughtless; not pay attention to

词性标注 詞性標註 ci2 xing4 biao1 zhu4
part-of-speech tagging

大雨如注 大雨如注 da4 yu3 ru2 zhu4
pouring with rain; rain bucketing down

滴注 滴注 di1 zhu4
to drip into; to transfuse; to percolate; to drip feed; fig. to instill

赌注 賭注 du3 zhu4
stake (in a gamble); (what is at) stake

分散注意力 分散注意力 fen1 san4 zhu4 yi4 li4
to distract; to divert the attention

附注 附註 fu4 zhu4
note; annotation

跟注 跟注 gen1 zhu4
to match a bet; to call (poker)

孤注一掷 孤注一擲 gu1 zhu4 yi1 zhi4
to stake all on one throw

关注 關注 guan1 zhu4
to pay attention to; to follow sth closely; concern; interest; attention

灌注 灌注 guan4 zhu4
to pour into; perfusion (med.); to concentrate one's attention on; to teach; to inculcate; to instill

贯注 貫注 guan4 zhu4
to concentrate

国语注音符号第一式 國語注音符號第一式 guo2 yu3 zhu4 yin1 fu2 hao4 di4 yi1 shi4
Mandarin Phonetic Symbols 1 (official name of the phonetic system of writing Chinese used in Taiwan); Bopomofo; abbr. to 注音一式

汇注 彙注 hui4 zhu4
annotated collection

汇注 匯注 hui4 zhu4
to flow into; to converge

浑仪注 渾儀註 hun2 yi2 zhu4
book by Han dynasty astronomer Zhang Heng

激发注射 激發注射 ji1 fa1 zhu4 she4
booster shot; booster injection

肌肉注射 肌肉注射 ji1 rou4 zhu4 she4
intramuscular injection

集注 集注 ji2 zhu4
to focus; to concentrate on

加注 加注 jia1 zhu4
to increase a bet; to raise (poker); to raise the stakes

笺注 箋注 jian1 zhu4
to annotate (ancient texts); commentaries

浇注 澆注 jiao1 zhu4
to cast (metal)

脚注 腳注 jiao3 zhu4

藉资挹注 藉資挹注 jie4 zi1 yi4 zhu4
variant of 借資挹注|借资挹注

借资挹注 借資挹注 jie4 zi1 yi4 zhu4
to make use of sth in order to make good the deficits in sth else (idiom)

静脉注入 靜脈注入 jing4 mai4 zhu4 ru4
intravenous (medicine)

静脉注射 靜脈注射 jing4 mai4 zhu4 she4
intravenous injection

眷注 眷註 juan4 zhu4
to think fondly of sb

密切注视 密切注視 mi4 qie4 zhu4 shi4
to watch closely

密切注意 密切注意 mi4 qie4 zhu4 yi4
to pay close attention (to sth)

命中注定 命中註定 ming4 zhong1 zhu4 ding4
decreed by fate (idiom); destined; fated

批注 批註 pi1 zhu4
to annotate; to add marginal comments on; criticism; marginalia

皮下注射 皮下注射 pi2 xia4 zhu4 she4
hypodermic injection; subcutaneous injection

偏注 偏註 pian1 zhu4
to stress in a prejudiced way; to emphasize sth unduly

评注 評註 ping2 zhu4
to annotate; annotation; commentary; remark

倾注 傾注 qing1 zhu4
to throw into

全神灌注 全神灌注 quan2 shen2 guan4 zhu4
variant of 全神貫注|全神贯注

全神贯注 全神貫注 quan2 shen2 guan4 zhu4
to concentrate one's attention completely (idiom); with rapt attention

诠注 詮註 quan2 zhu4
notes and commentary; exegesis

惹人注目 惹人注目 re3 ren2 zhu4 mu4
to attract attention; noticeable

惹人注意 惹人注意 re3 ren2 zhu4 yi4
to attract attention

三大纪律八项注意 三大紀律八項注意 san1 da4 ji4 lv4 ba1 xiang4 zhu4 yi4
the Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention, a military doctrine issued in 1928 by Mao Zedong for the Red Army, which included a number of injunctions demanding high standards of behavior and respect for civilians during wartime

首次注视时间 首次注視時間 shou3 ci4 zhu4 shi4 shi2 jian1
first fixation duration

输注 輸注 shu1 zhu4
to inject; infusion

说文解字注 說文解字註 shuo1 wen2 jie3 zi4 zhu4
Commentary on Shuowen Jiezi (1815) by Duan Yucai 段玉裁

投注 投注 tou2 zhu4
to throw one's energies (into an activity); to invest one's emotions (in sth); to bet; betting

威氏注音法 威氏註音法 wei1 shi4 zhu4 yin1 fa3
Wade-Giles transliteration scheme for Chinese

尾注 尾註 wei3 zhu4

无针注射器 無針注射器 wu2 zhen1 zhu4 she4 qi4
jet injector

下注 下注 xia4 zhu4
to pour; to pour down (of rain); to lay a bet

现场投注 現場投注 xian4 chang3 tou2 zhu4
live betting

心神专注 心神專註 xin1 shen2 zhuan1 zhu4
to concentrate one's attention; to be fully focused

押注 押注 ya1 zhu4
to bet; to wager

挹注 挹注 yi4 zhu4
to shift resources into areas of need; to inject funds; to balance resources

引人注目 引人注目 yin3 ren2 zhu4 mu4
to attract attention; eye-catching; conspicuous

引人注意 引人注意 yin3 ren2 zhu4 yi4
to attract attention; eye-catching; conspicuous

雨泽下注 雨澤下注 yu3 ze2 xia4 zhu4

域名抢注 域名搶注 yu4 ming2 qiang3 zhu4
cybersquatting; domain squatting

域名注册 域名註冊 yu4 ming2 zhu4 ce4
domain name registration

值得注意 值得注意 zhi2 de5 zhu4 yi4
notable; noteworthy; merit attention

注册 註冊 zhu4 ce4
to register; to enroll

注册表 注冊表 zhu4 ce4 biao3
Windows registry

注册人 注冊人 zhu4 ce4 ren2

注册商标 註冊商標 zhu4 ce4 shang1 biao1
registered trademark

注定 註定 zhu4 ding4
to foreordain; to be bound to; to be destined to; to be doomed to; inevitably

注脚 註腳 zhu4 jiao3

注解 註解 zhu4 jie3
to annotate; annotation; comment; interpretation; to explain with notes; explanatory note

注明 注明 zhu4 ming2
to clearly indicate

注目 注目 zhu4 mu4
attention; to stare at; to fix attention on sth

注念 注念 zhu4 nian4
(literary) to ponder

注入 注入 zhu4 ru4
to pour into; to empty into

注射 注射 zhu4 she4
injection; to inject

注射剂 注射劑 zhu4 she4 ji4
injection; shot

注射器 注射器 zhu4 she4 qi4

注射针 注射針 zhu4 she4 zhen1
needle; hypodermic needle

注射针头 注射針頭 zhu4 she4 zhen1 tou2
see 注射針|注射针

注视 注視 zhu4 shi4
to watch attentively; to gaze at

注释 注釋 zhu4 shi4
marginal notes; annotation; to annotate; to add comments to text

注水 注水 zhu4 shui3
to pour water into; to inject water into

注塑 注塑 zhu4 su4
injection molding

注销 註銷 zhu4 xiao1
to cancel; to write off

注意 注意 zhu4 yi4
to take note of; to pay attention to

注意力 注意力 zhu4 yi4 li4

注意力不足过动症 注意力不足過動症 zhu4 yi4 li4 bu4 zu2 guo4 dong4 zheng4
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

注意力缺失症 注意力缺失症 zhu4 yi4 li4 que1 shi1 zheng4
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

注意力缺陷过动症 注意力缺陷過動症 zhu4 yi4 li4 que1 xian4 guo4 dong4 zheng4
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

注音 注音 zhu4 yin1
Annotated Sounds, a phonetic transliteration for Chinese used esp. in Taiwan; also known as Bopomofo ㄅㄆㄇㄈ

注音法 註音法 zhu4 yin1 fa3
phonetic transcription; system of representing spoken sounds

注音符号 注音符號 zhu4 yin1 fu2 hao4
Zhuyin Fuhao, phonetic transliteration system for Chinese used esp. in Taiwan, also known as Bopomofo ㄅㄆㄇㄈ

注音一式 注音一式 zhu4 yin1 yi1 shi4
Mandarin Phonetic Symbols 1; Bopomofo; abbr. for 國語注音符號第一式|国语注音符号第一式

注音字母 注音字母 zhu4 yin1 zi4 mu3
see 注音符號|注音符号

注重 注重 zhu4 zhong4
to pay attention to; to emphasize

注资 注資 zhu4 zi1
to inject funds; to put money into (the market)

专注 專注 zhuan1 zhu4
concentrated; single-mindedly devoted to

转注 轉注 zhuan3 zhu4
transfer character (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters); character with meanings influenced by other words; sometimes called mutually explanatory character

转注字 轉注字 zhuan3 zhu4 zi4
transfer character (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters); character with meanings influenced by other words; sometimes called mutually explanatory character