to sprinkle; to spray; to spill; to shed

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
布洒器 布灑器 bu4 sa3 qi4

花洒 花灑 hua1 sa3
sprinkler; shower

挥毫洒墨 揮毫灑墨 hui1 hao2 sa3 mo4
to wield a writing brush (idiom)

挥洒 揮灑 hui1 sa3
to sprinkle; to shed (tears, blood etc); fig. free, unconstrained; to write in a free style

溅洒 濺灑 jian4 sa3
to spill; to splatter; to splash

抛洒 拋灑 pao1 sa3
to drip; to flow out; to sprinkle

喷洒 噴灑 pen1 sa3
to spray; to sprinkle

喷洒器 噴灑器 pen1 sa3 qi4
a spray

飘洒 飄灑 piao1 sa3
suave; graceful; fluent and elegant (calligraphy)

洒布 灑布 sa3 bu4
to spread

洒狗血 灑狗血 sa3 gou3 xie3
to overreact; melodramatic

洒满 灑滿 sa3 man3
to sprinkle over sth

洒水 灑水 sa3 shui3
to sprinkle

洒水车 灑水車 sa3 shui3 che1
sprinkler truck

洒水机 灑水機 sa3 shui3 ji1

洒脱 灑脫 sa3 tuo1
free and at ease; unaffected

脱洒 脫灑 tuo1 sa3
elegant; free and easy

萧洒 蕭灑 xiao1 sa3
variant of 瀟灑|潇洒

潇洒 瀟灑 xiao1 sa3
confident and at ease; free and easy

洋洋洒洒 洋洋灑灑 yang2 yang2 sa3 sa3
voluminous; flowing (of speeches, articles etc) (idiom)