to wash; to bathe; to develop (photo)

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
擦洗 擦洗 ca1 xi3
to clean (with water or alcohol); to wipe and wash; to swab; to scrub

拆洗 拆洗 chai1 xi3
to unpick and wash (e.g. padded garment)

赤贫如洗 赤貧如洗 chi4 pin2 ru2 xi3
without two nickels to rub together (idiom); impoverished

冲洗 沖洗 chong1 xi3
to rinse; to wash; to develop (photographic film)

搓洗 搓洗 cuo1 xi3
to rub clean (garments); to scrub

干洗 乾洗 gan1 xi3
to dry clean; dry cleaning

高压清洗机 高壓清洗機 gao1 ya1 qing1 xi3 ji1
high pressure washer

革面洗心 革面洗心 ge2 mian4 xi3 xin1
lit. to renew one's face and wash one's heart (idiom); to repent sincerely and mend one's mistaken ways; to turn over a new leaf

盥洗 盥洗 guan4 xi3
to wash up; to freshen up

盥洗室 盥洗室 guan4 xi3 shi4
toilet; washroom; bathroom; lavatory

合成洗涤剂 合成洗滌劑 he2 cheng2 xi3 di2 ji4
synthetic detergent

浣洗 浣洗 huan4 xi3
to wash (clothes)

家贫如洗 家貧如洗 jia1 pin2 ru2 xi3
extreme poverty (idiom); destitute; penniless; poor as church mice

湔洗 湔洗 jian1 xi3
to wash

浆洗 漿洗 jiang1 xi3
to wash and starch

劫洗 劫洗 jie2 xi3
to loot; plunder

金盆洗手 金盆洗手 jin1 pen2 xi3 shou3
lit. to wash one's hands in a gold basin (idiom); fig. to abandon the life of an outlaw

浸洗 浸洗 jin4 xi3
to immerse; to rinse

领洗 領洗 ling3 xi3
to receive baptism; baptism

免洗杯 免洗杯 mian3 xi3 bei1
disposable cup (Tw)

耐洗 耐洗 nai4 xi3

耐洗涤性 耐洗滌性 nai4 xi3 di2 xing4
washing or color fastness; launderability

漂洗 漂洗 piao3 xi3
to rinse (clothes)

清洗 清洗 qing1 xi3
to wash; to clean; to purge

上空洗车 上空洗車 shang4 kong1 xi3 che1
topless car wash

圣洗 聖洗 sheng4 xi3
baptism (Christian ceremony)

施洗 施洗 shi1 xi3

施洗约翰 施洗約翰 shi1 xi3 yue1 han4
John the Baptist

施洗者约翰 施洗者約翰 shi1 xi3 zhe3 yue1 han4
John the Baptist

受洗 受洗 shou4 xi3
to receive baptism; baptized

受洗命名 受洗命名 shou4 xi3 ming4 ming2
to be christened

梳洗 梳洗 shu1 xi3
to make oneself presentable; to freshen up

漱洗 漱洗 shu4 xi3
to rinse the mouth and wash the face

淘洗 淘洗 tao2 xi3
to wash

跳进黄河洗不清 跳進黃河洗不清 tiao4 jin4 huang2 he2 xi3 bu4 qing1
lit. even jumping into the Yellow River can't get you clean; fig. to become inexorably mixed up; mired in controversy; in deep trouble

吸附洗消剂 吸附洗消劑 xi1 fu4 xi3 xiao1 ji4
absorbing decontaminant

洗涤 洗滌 xi3 di2
to rinse; to wash; washing

洗涤槽 洗滌槽 xi3 di2 cao2
washing tank; sink

洗涤机 洗滌機 xi3 di2 ji1
washer; washing machine; rinsing machine

洗涤剂 洗滌劑 xi3 di2 ji4
cleaning agent; detergent

洗涤间 洗滌間 xi3 di2 jian1
washroom; washhouse

洗涤灵 洗滌靈 xi3 di2 ling2
dishwashing liquid

洗涤器 洗滌器 xi3 di2 qi4
washing appliance

洗涤桶 洗滌桶 xi3 di2 tong3

洗耳恭听 洗耳恭聽 xi3 er3 gong1 ting1
to listen with respectful attention; (a polite request to sb to speak); we are all ears

洗发粉 洗髮粉 xi3 fa4 fen3
shampoo powder

洗发剂 洗髮劑 xi3 fa4 ji4

洗发精 洗髮精 xi3 fa4 jing1

洗发露 洗髮露 xi3 fa4 lu4

洗发乳 洗髮乳 xi3 fa4 ru3

洗发水 洗髮水 xi3 fa4 shui3
shampoo (liquid)

洗发水儿 洗髮水兒 xi3 fa4 shui3 er5

洗发皂 洗髮皂 xi3 fa4 zao4

洗沟 洗溝 xi3 gou1
to roll a ball into the gutter (ten-pin bowling)

洗黑钱 洗黑錢 xi3 hei1 qian2
money laundering

洗甲水 洗甲水 xi3 jia3 shui3
nail polish remover

洗剪吹 洗剪吹 xi3 jian3 chui1
shampoo, haircut and blow-dry

洗劫 洗劫 xi3 jie2
to loot; to rob; to ransack; to pillage

洗洁剂 洗潔劑 xi3 jie2 ji4

洗洁精 洗潔精 xi3 jie2 jing1
dishwashing liquid

洗劫一空 洗劫一空 xi3 jie2 yi1 kong1
to steal everything

洗净 洗淨 xi3 jing4
to wash clean

洗礼 洗禮 xi3 li3
baptism (lit. or fig.)

洗脸 洗臉 xi3 lian3
to wash your face

洗脸盘 洗臉盤 xi3 lian3 pan2
a hand basin

洗脸盆 洗臉盆 xi3 lian3 pen2
washbowl; basin for washing hands and face

洗脸台 洗臉臺 xi3 lian3 tai2
commode; dressing table; sink

洗练 洗練 xi3 lian4
agile; nimble; deft

洗炼 洗煉 xi3 lian4
variant of 洗練|洗练

洗面 洗面 xi3 mian4
facial cleansing

洗面奶 洗面奶 xi3 mian4 nai3
cleansing lotion

洗面乳 洗面乳 xi3 mian4 ru3
cleansing lotion

洗脑 洗腦 xi3 nao3
to brainwash

洗牌 洗牌 xi3 pai2
to shuffle cards

洗盆 洗盆 xi3 pen2
basin (water container)

洗钱 洗錢 xi3 qian2
money laundering

洗染店 洗染店 xi3 ran3 dian4
commercial laundry; cleaners

洗手 洗手 xi3 shou3
to wash one's hands; to go to the toilet

洗手不干 洗手不幹 xi3 shou3 bu4 gan4
to totally stop doing something; to reform one's ways

洗手池 洗手池 xi3 shou3 chi2
bathroom sink; wash basin

洗手间 洗手間 xi3 shou3 jian1
toilet; lavatory; washroom

洗手盆 洗手盆 xi3 shou3 pen2
bathroom sink; wash basin

洗手乳 洗手乳 xi3 shou3 ru3
liquid hand soap

洗手台 洗手台 xi3 shou3 tai2
vanity unit

洗手液 洗手液 xi3 shou3 ye4
liquid hand soap

洗漱 洗漱 xi3 shu4
to wash the face and rinse the mouth

洗刷 洗刷 xi3 shua1
wash; brush; scrub

洗头 洗頭 xi3 tou2
to wash one's hair; to have a shampoo

洗脱 洗脫 xi3 tuo1
to cleanse; to purge; to wash away

洗碗 洗碗 xi3 wan3
to wash the dishes

洗碗池 洗碗池 xi3 wan3 chi2
kitchen sink

洗碗机 洗碗機 xi3 wan3 ji1

洗碗精 洗碗精 xi3 wan3 jing1
dishwashing liquid

洗胃 洗胃 xi3 wei4
to have one stomach's pumped; gastric lavage (medicine)

洗消 洗消 xi3 xiao1

洗消场 洗消場 xi3 xiao1 chang3
decontaminating field

洗消剂 洗消劑 xi3 xiao1 ji4
decontaminant; decontaminating agent

洗心革面 洗心革面 xi3 xin1 ge2 mian4
lit. to wash one's heart and renew one's face (idiom); to repent sincerely and mend one's mistaken ways; to turn over a new leaf

洗雪 洗雪 xi3 xue3
to erase; to wipe out (a previous humiliation etc)

洗牙 洗牙 xi3 ya2
scaling and polishing (dentistry)

洗衣 洗衣 xi3 yi1

洗衣板 洗衣板 xi3 yi1 ban3
washboard; (jocularly) flat chest

洗衣店 洗衣店 xi3 yi1 dian4
laundry (commercial establishment)

洗衣房 洗衣房 xi3 yi1 fang2
laundry room

洗衣粉 洗衣粉 xi3 yi1 fen3
laundry detergent; washing powder

洗衣机 洗衣機 xi3 yi1 ji1
washer; washing machine

洗衣网 洗衣網 xi3 yi1 wang3
mesh laundry bag (for keeping garments separate from others in the washing machine)

洗浴 洗浴 xi3 yu4
to bathe

洗浴中心 洗浴中心 xi3 yu4 zhong1 xin1
bathing and recreation center

洗冤 洗冤 xi3 yuan1
lit. to wash out a grievance; fig. to right a wrong; to redress an injustice

洗冤集录 洗冤集錄 xi3 yuan1 ji2 lu4
Record of Washed Grievances (1247) by Song Ci 宋慈, said to be the world's first legal forensic text

洗澡 洗澡 xi3 zao3
to bathe; to take a shower

洗澡间 洗澡間 xi3 zao3 jian1
bathroom; restroom; shower room

洗者若翰 洗者若翰 xi3 zhe3 ruo4 han4
St John the Baptist

洗濯 洗濯 xi3 zhuo2
to wash; to cleanse; to launder

洗马 洗馬 xian3 ma3
(official title) herald to the crown prince (in imperial China)

血洗 血洗 xue4 xi3
blood purge; massacre

耶洗别 耶洗別 ye1 xi3 bie2
Jezebel, wife of Ahab and mother of Ahaziah, major character in 1 Kings 16:31, 19:1, 21 and 2 Kings 9, killed by Jehu 耶戶|耶户

一贫如洗 一貧如洗 yi1 pin2 ru2 xi3

以泪洗面 以淚洗面 yi3 lei4 xi3 mian4
to bathe one's face in tears (idiom)

种族清洗 種族清洗 zhong3 zu2 qing1 xi3
"ethnic cleansing"; genocide

自助洗衣店 自助洗衣店 zi4 zhu4 xi3 yi1 dian4
laundromat; launderette