variant of 泄

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
发泄 發洩 fa1 xie4
to give vent to (one's feelings)

漏泄 漏洩 lou4 xie4
a leak (e.g. of chemicals)

漏泄天机 漏洩天機 lou4 xie4 tian1 ji1
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret; to let the cat out of the bag

排泄系统 排洩系統 pai2 xie4 xi4 tong3
drainage system; excretory system

水泄不通 水洩不通 shui3 xie4 bu4 tong1
lit. not one drop can trickle through (idiom); fig. impenetrable (crowd, traffic)

泄底 洩底 xie4 di3
to divulge the inside story

泄愤 洩憤 xie4 fen4
to give vent to anger

泄恨 洩恨 xie4 hen4
to give vent to anger

泄洪 洩洪 xie4 hong2
to release flood water; flood discharge

泄洪闸 洩洪閘 xie4 hong2 zha2
sluice-gate; flood discharge valve

泄劲 洩勁 xie4 jin4
to lose heart; to feel discouraged

泄痢 洩痢 xie4 li4
to have diarrhea

泄流 洩流 xie4 liu2

泄密 洩密 xie4 mi4
to leak secrets

泄怒 洩怒 xie4 nu4
to give vent to anger

泄气 洩氣 xie4 qi4
to leak (gas); to be discouraged; to despair; (disparaging) pathetic; to vent one's anger; (of a tire) to be flat

泄私愤 洩私憤 xie4 si1 fen4
to vent personal spite; to act out of malice (esp. of crime)

泄泻 洩瀉 xie4 xie4
loose bowels; diarrhea; to have the runs

泄欲 洩慾 xie4 yu4
to sate one's lust

泄欲工具 洩慾工具 xie4 yu4 gong1 ju4
sexual object

泄殖腔 洩殖腔 xie4 zhi2 qiang1
cloaca; cloacal cavity (of bird, reptile etc)

宣泄 宣洩 xuan1 xie4
to drain (by leading off water); to unburden oneself; to divulge; to leak a secret

早泄 早洩 zao3 xie4
premature ejaculation