to live; alive; living; work; workmanship

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
爱得死去活来 愛得死去活來 ai4 de5 si3 qu4 huo2 lai2
to be madly in love

包活 包活 bao1 huo2
job paid according to the amount of work done; contract work

变活 變活 bian4 huo2
to come to life (by magic)

表面活化剂 表面活化劑 biao3 mian4 huo2 hua4 ji4

表面活性剂 表面活性劑 biao3 mian4 huo2 xing4 ji4

不知死活 不知死活 bu4 zhi1 si3 huo2
to act recklessly (idiom)

舱外活动 艙外活動 cang1 wai4 huo2 dong4
extravehicular activity (outside space vehicle); EVA

成活 成活 cheng2 huo2
to survive

成活率 成活率 cheng2 huo2 lv4
survival rate; rate of success

出活 出活 chu1 huo2
to finish a job on time; to produce the goods

粗活 粗活 cu1 huo2
unskilled labor; heavy manual work

存活 存活 cun2 huo2
to survive (a serious accident); survival

存活率 存活率 cun2 huo2 lv4
(med.) survival rate; (med.) recovery rate

地震活动带 地震活動帶 di4 zhen4 huo2 dong4 dai4
seismic zone; earthquake belt

饭后百步走,活到九十九 飯後百步走,活到九十九 fan4 hou4 bai3 bu4 zou3 - huo2 dao4 jiu3 shi2 jiu3
walk a hundred steps after each meal and you will live a long life (proverb)

饭后一支烟,赛过活神仙 飯後一支煙,賽過活神仙 fan4 hou4 yi1 zhi1 yan1 - sai4 guo4 huo2 shen2 xian1
have a smoke after each meal and you will surpass the immortals (proverb)

放射性活度 放射性活度 fang4 she4 xing4 huo2 du4

肺活量 肺活量 fei4 huo2 liang4
(medicine) vital capacity

复活 復活 fu4 huo2

复活的军团 復活的軍團 fu4 huo2 de5 jun1 tuan2
the Resurrected Army (CCTV documentary series about the Terracotta army)

复活节 復活節 fu4 huo2 jie2

复活节岛 復活節島 fu4 huo2 jie2 dao3
Easter Island

复活赛 復活賽 fu4 huo2 sai4
repechage (supplementary qualifying round in sports)

干活 幹活 gan4 huo2
to work; to be employed; manual labor

干活儿 幹活兒 gan4 huo2 er5
to work; manual labor

搞活 搞活 gao3 huo2
to enliven; to invigorate; to revitalize

公益活动 公益活動 gong1 yi4 huo2 dong4
charity event; public service activities

过活 過活 guo4 huo2
to live one's life; to make a living

好死不如赖活着 好死不如賴活著 hao3 si3 bu4 ru2 lai4 huo2 zhe5
better a bad life than a good death (idiom)

花活 花活 hua1 huo2
trick; deception

活靶子 活靶子 huo2 ba3 zi5
live target; target (of criticism etc)

活板 活板 huo2 ban3

活版 活版 huo2 ban3
typography; movable type

活版印刷 活版印刷 huo2 ban3 yin4 shua1
printing with movable type; typesetting

活瓣 活瓣 huo2 ban4

活宝 活寶 huo2 bao3
buffoon; clown; ridiculous person

活报剧 活報劇 huo2 bao4 ju4
lit. living newspaper; comic skit; street performance (e.g. satirical demo)

活蹦乱跳 活蹦亂跳 huo2 beng4 luan4 tiao4
to leap and frisk about (idiom); lively; healthy and active

活便 活便 huo2 bian4
nimble; agile; convenient

活不下去 活不下去 huo2 bu4 xia4 qu5
impossible to make a living

活茬 活茬 huo2 cha2
farm work

活到老,学到老 活到老,學到老 huo2 dao4 lao3 - xue2 dao4 lao3
One is never too old to learn. (idiom)

活得不耐烦 活得不耐煩 huo2 de5 bu4 nai4 fan2
to be tired of living; (coll.) to be asking for trouble

活动 活動 huo2 dong4
to exercise; to move about; to operate; to use connections (personal influence); loose; shaky; active; movable; activity; campaign; maneuver; behavior

活动扳手 活動扳手 huo2 dong4 ban1 shou3
adjustable spanner

活动房 活動房 huo2 dong4 fang2
prefabricated building; prefab

活动房屋 活動房屋 huo2 dong4 fang2 wu1
prefabricated building; prefab; mobile home; caravan; trailer

活动挂图 活動掛圖 huo2 dong4 gua4 tu2

活动家 活動家 huo2 dong4 jia1
political activist

活动看板 活動看板 huo2 dong4 kan4 ban3
calendar of events

活动能力 活動能力 huo2 dong4 neng2 li4
mobility; motility

活动曲尺 活動曲尺 huo2 dong4 qu1 chi3
sliding bevel (to measure angles)

活动人士 活動人士 huo2 dong4 ren2 shi4

活动中心 活動中心 huo2 dong4 zhong1 xin1
activity center

活动桌面 活動桌面 huo2 dong4 zhuo1 mian4
active desktop

活度 活度 huo2 du4

活儿 活兒 huo2 er5
work; (lots of) things to do

活泛 活泛 huo2 fan5
flexible; adaptable

活分 活分 huo2 fen1

活佛 活佛 huo2 fo2
Living Buddha; title of Mongolian Lamas from 17th century

活该 活該 huo2 gai1
(coll.) serve sb right; deservedly; ought; should

活化 活化 huo2 hua4

活化分析 活化分析 huo2 hua4 fen1 xi1
activation analysis

活化石 活化石 huo2 hua4 shi2
living fossil

活活 活活 huo2 huo2
while still alive; simply; totally

活火 活火 huo2 huo3
flaming fire; flames

活火山 活火山 huo2 huo3 shan1
active volcano

活计 活計 huo2 ji4
handicraft; needlework; work

活检 活檢 huo2 jian3
biopsy; abbr. for 活體組織檢查|活体组织检查

活结 活結 huo2 jie2
a slip-knot; a noose

活雷锋 活雷鋒 huo2 lei2 feng1
selfless model citizen, just like Lei Feng 雷鋒|雷锋

活力 活力 huo2 li4
energy; vitality; vigor; vital force

活力四射 活力四射 huo2 li4 si4 she4
dynamic; enthusiastic; energetic

活灵活现 活靈活現 huo2 ling2 huo2 xian4
living spirit, living image (idiom); true to life; vivid and realistic

活龙活现 活龍活現 huo2 long2 huo2 xian4
living spirit, living image (idiom); true to life; vivid and realistic

活路 活路 huo2 lu4
through road; way out; way to survive; means of subsistence

活路 活路 huo2 lu5
labor; physical work

活埋 活埋 huo2 mai2
to bury alive

活门 活門 huo2 men2

活命 活命 huo2 ming4
life; to survive; to save a life; to scrape a living

活泼 活潑 huo2 po5
lively; vivacious; brisk; active

活菩萨 活菩薩 huo2 pu2 sa4
a living Buddha; fig. compassionate person; saint

活期 活期 huo2 qi1
(banking) current (account); checking (account); demand (deposit etc)

活期存款 活期存款 huo2 qi1 cun2 kuan3
demand deposit

活期贷款 活期貸款 huo2 qi1 dai4 kuan3
demand loan (i.e. loan that the borrower can demanded back at any time)

活期帐户 活期帳戶 huo2 qi1 zhang4 hu4
current account (in bank)

活期资金 活期資金 huo2 qi1 zi1 jin1
funds on call; invested sum that can be cashed

活气 活氣 huo2 qi4
spirited atmosphere

活禽 活禽 huo2 qin2
poultry; live fowl

活人 活人 huo2 ren2
living person

活塞 活塞 huo2 sai1
piston; valve

活神仙似 活神仙似 huo2 shen2 xian1 si4
to live like the immortals (advertising real estate)

活生生 活生生 huo2 sheng1 sheng1
real (people); living (artist); while still alive (e.g. skinned alive)

活受罪 活受罪 huo2 shou4 zui4
(coll.) to go through sheer hell

活似 活似 huo2 si4
see 活像

活套 活套 huo2 tao4
noose; running knot

活体 活體 huo2 ti3
living body; live specimen

活体检视 活體檢視 huo2 ti3 jian3 shi4

活体组织检查 活體組織檢查 huo2 ti3 zu3 zhi1 jian3 cha2
biopsy; abbr. to 活檢|活检

活脱 活脫 huo2 tuo1
remarkably alike

活脱脱 活脫脫 huo2 tuo1 tuo1
remarkably alike

活物 活物 huo2 wu4
living animals

活下 活下 huo2 xia4
to survive

活下去 活下去 huo2 xia4 qu4
to survive; to keep on living

活像 活像 huo2 xiang4
to look exactly like; to be the spitting image of

活性 活性 huo2 xing4
(chemistry) activity; active; activated

活性剂 活性劑 huo2 xing4 ji4
reagent (chemistry)

活性炭 活性炭 huo2 xing4 tan4
activated carbon

活性氧类 活性氧類 huo2 xing4 yang3 lei4
activated oxygen species (AOS)

活学活用 活學活用 huo2 xue2 huo2 yong4
to creatively combine learning with usage; to learn and apply pragmatically

活血 活血 huo2 xue4
to improve blood circulation (Chinese medicine)

活血止痛 活血止痛 huo2 xue4 zhi3 tong4
to invigorate blood circulation and alleviate pain (idiom)

活用 活用 huo2 yong4
to apply (knowledge etc) creatively and flexibly; to use a word flexibly (e.g. a noun as an adjective)

活鱼 活魚 huo2 yu2
fresh fish; living fish

活跃 活躍 huo2 yue4
active; lively; excited; to enliven; to brighten up

活跃分子 活躍份子 huo2 yue4 fen4 zi3

活摘 活摘 huo2 zhai1
to harvest (an organ) from a living person

活着 活著 huo2 zhe5

活字 活字 huo2 zi4
movable type

活字典 活字典 huo2 zi4 dian3
walking dictionary; well-informed person

活字印刷 活字印刷 huo2 zi4 yin4 shua1
printing with movable type

活组织检查 活組織檢查 huo2 zu3 zhi1 jian3 cha2

活罪 活罪 huo2 zui4
suffering; hardship; living hell

火山活动 火山活動 huo3 shan1 huo2 dong4
volcanic activity; volcanism

激活 激活 ji1 huo2
to activate

寄生生活 寄生生活 ji4 sheng1 sheng1 huo2
parasitism; parasitic life-style

减毒活疫苗 減毒活疫苗 jian3 du2 huo2 yi4 miao2
attenuated live vaccine

间谍活动 間諜活動 jian4 die2 huo2 dong4
espionage; spying

接活 接活 jie1 huo2
to take on a piece of work; to pick up some freelance work; (of a taxi driver) to pick up a fare

经济活动 經濟活動 jing1 ji4 huo2 dong4
economic activity

精神生活 精神生活 jing1 shen2 sheng1 huo2
spiritual or moral life

竞选活动 競選活動 jing4 xuan3 huo2 dong4
(election) campaign

救活 救活 jiu4 huo2
to bring back to life

绝活 絕活 jue2 huo2
specialty; unique skill

口活 口活 kou3 huo2
oral sex

哭得死去活来 哭得死去活來 ku1 de5 si3 qu4 huo2 lai2
to cry one's heart out

苦活 苦活 ku3 huo2
bitter work; sweated labor

苦活儿 苦活兒 ku3 huo2 er5
erhua variant of 苦活

快活 快活 kuai4 huo5
happy; cheerful

拉活 拉活 la1 huo2
(northern dialect) to pick up a fare (as a taxi driver); to pick up a piece of work (as a courier)

累死累活 累死累活 lei4 si3 lei4 huo2
to tire oneself out through overwork; to work oneself to death

料件子活 料件子活 liao4 jian4 zi5 huo2

灵活 靈活 ling2 huo2
flexible; nimble; agile

灵活性 靈活性 ling2 huo2 xing4

忙活 忙活 mang2 huo5
to be really busy; pressing business

秘密活动 秘密活動 mi4 mi4 huo2 dong4
clandestine activities; covert operation

你死我活 你死我活 ni3 si3 wo3 huo2
lit. you die, I live (idiom); irreconcilable adversaries; two parties cannot coexist

农活 農活 nong2 huo2
farm work

农事活动 農事活動 nong2 shi4 huo2 dong4
agricultural activities

票活 票活 piao4 huo2
to work as amateur for no pay

拼死拼活 拼死拼活 pin1 si3 pin1 huo2
one's utmost; (to fight or work) desperately hard; to put up a life or death struggle; at all costs

品味生活 品味生活 pin3 wei4 sheng1 huo2
to appreciate life

破坏活动 破壞活動 po4 huai4 huo2 dong4
sabotage; subversive activities

铅活字印刷机 鉛活字印刷機 qian1 huo2 zi4 yin4 shua1 ji1
lead typesetting machine

羌活 羌活 qiang1 huo2
Notopterygium root (root of Notopterygium incisum)

全活 全活 quan2 huo2
to save life; to rescue; the whole business with all its processes

审美活动 審美活動 shen3 mei3 huo2 dong4
appreciating the arts; esthetic activity

生活 生活 sheng1 huo2
life; activity; to live; livelihood

生活必需品 生活必需品 sheng1 huo2 bi4 xu1 pin3
life's necessities

生活方式 生活方式 sheng1 huo2 fang1 shi4
way of life; lifestyle

生活费 生活費 sheng1 huo2 fei4
cost of living; living expenses; alimony

生活馆 生活館 sheng1 huo2 guan3
living museum

生活阔绰 生活闊綽 sheng1 huo2 kuo4 chuo4
a flashy lifestyle; to live it up

生活垃圾 生活垃圾 sheng1 huo2 la1 ji1
domestic garbage

生活美学 生活美學 sheng1 huo2 mei3 xue2
appreciation of the finer things in life

生活设施 生活設施 sheng1 huo2 she4 shi1
living facilities

生活水平 生活水平 sheng1 huo2 shui3 ping2
living standards

生活污水 生活污水 sheng1 huo2 wu1 shui3
domestic sewage

生活质料 生活質料 sheng1 huo2 zhi4 liao4
consumer goods

生活资料 生活資料 sheng1 huo2 zi1 liao4
consumer goods; means of livelihood; means of subsistence; documents relating to sb's life

生活作风 生活作風 sheng1 huo2 zuo4 feng1
behavior; conduct

生拉活扯 生拉活扯 sheng1 la1 huo2 che3
to wildly exaggerate the meaning of sth (idiom)

生龙活虎 生龍活虎 sheng1 long2 huo2 hu3
lit. lively dragon and animated tiger (idiom); fig. vigorous and lively

生吞活剥 生吞活剝 sheng1 tun1 huo2 bo1
to swallow whole (idiom); fig. to apply uncritically

生物活化性 生物活化性 sheng1 wu4 huo2 hua4 xing4

守活寡 守活寡 shou3 huo2 gua3
to stay at home while one's husband is away; grass widow

死活 死活 si3 huo2
life or death; fate; no matter what; anyway; for the life of me

死活不顾 死活不顧 si3 huo2 bu4 gu4
regardless of life or death (idiom)

死马当活马医 死馬當活馬醫 si3 ma3 dang4 huo2 ma3 yi1
lit. to give medicine to a dead horse (idiom); fig. to keep trying everything in a desperate situation

死去活来 死去活來 si3 qu4 huo2 lai2
to hover between life and death (idiom); to suffer terribly; within an inch of one's life

死要面子活受罪 死要面子活受罪 si3 yao4 mian4 zi5 huo2 shou4 zui4
to go through hell for the sake of keeping up appearances (idiom)

太阳活动 太陽活動 tai4 yang2 huo2 dong4
sunspot activity; solar variation

讨生活 討生活 tao3 sheng1 huo2
to eke out a living; to live from hand to mouth; to drift aimlessly

体育活动 體育活動 ti3 yu4 huo2 dong4
sports; sporting activity

铁窗生活 鐵窗生活 tie3 chuang1 sheng1 huo2
time served in prison; prison life

维持生活 維持生活 wei2 chi2 sheng1 huo2
to subsist; to eke out a living; to keep body and soul together

文康活动 文康活動 wen2 kang1 huo2 dong4
cultural and recreational activities (Tw)

鲜活 鮮活 xian1 huo2
vivid; lively; (of food ingredients) live or fresh

鲜活货物 鮮活貨物 xian1 huo2 huo4 wu4
live cargo

性生活 性生活 xing4 sheng1 huo2
sex life

演活 演活 yan3 huo2
(of an actor) to bring (one's character) to life; to act brilliantly

养活 養活 yang3 huo5
to provide for; to keep (animals, a family etc); to raise animals; to feed and clothe; support; the necessities of life; to give birth

养家活口 養家活口 yang3 jia1 huo2 kou3
to support one's family (idiom)

要死不活 要死不活 yao4 si3 bu4 huo2
half dead; more dead than alive

要死要活 要死要活 yao4 si3 yao4 huo2
terribly; awfully; desperately

夜生活 夜生活 ye4 sheng1 huo2
night life

有活力 有活力 you3 huo2 li4
energetic; vital

杂活 雜活 za2 huo2
odd jobs

再活化假说 再活化假說 zai4 huo2 hua4 jia3 shuo1
reactivation hypothesis

针线活 針線活 zhen1 xian4 huo2
needlework; sewing

针线活儿 針線活兒 zhen1 xian4 huo2 er5
needlework; working for a living as a needleworker

针线活计 針線活計 zhen1 xian4 huo2 ji4
needlework; sewing

政治生活 政治生活 zheng4 zhi4 sheng1 huo2
political life

重活 重活 zhong4 huo2
heavy job

重活儿 重活兒 zhong4 huo2 er5
erhua variant of 重活

重活化剂 重活化劑 zhong4 huo2 hua4 ji4

庄稼活儿 莊稼活兒 zhuang1 jia5 huo2 er5
farm work

自由活动 自由活動 zi4 you2 huo2 dong4
free time (between organized activities)

做活 做活 zuo4 huo2
to work for a living (esp. of woman needleworker); life of a group of stones in Go 圍棋|围棋

做活儿 做活兒 zuo4 huo2 er5
erhua variant of 做活

做生活 做生活 zuo4 sheng1 huo2
to work; to do manual labor