accord; to make contact; to agree; to consult with; extensive

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
博识洽闻 博識洽聞 bo2 shi2 qia4 wen2
knowledgeable; erudite (idiom)

博物洽闻 博物洽聞 bo2 wu4 qia4 wen2
to have a wide knowledge of many subjects (idiom)

和洽 和洽 he2 qia4

接洽 接洽 jie1 qia4
to discuss a matter with sb; to get in touch with; to arrange

洽商 洽商 qia4 shang1
to negotiate; to talk over

洽谈 洽談 qia4 tan2
to discuss

洽询 洽詢 qia4 xun2
to inquire (of); to consult

融洽 融洽 rong2 qia4
harmonious; friendly relations; on good terms with one another

商洽 商洽 shang1 qia4
to parley; to negotiate; to discuss