clique; school; group; faction; to dispatch; to send; to assign; to appoint; pi (Greek letter Ππ); the circular ratio pi = 3.1415926; (loanword) pie

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
白山派 白山派 bai2 shan1 pai4
Sufi sect of Islam in central Asia

帮派 幫派 bang1 pai4
gang; faction

保守派 保守派 bao3 shou3 pai4
conservative faction

北派螳螂拳 北派螳螂拳 bei3 pai4 tang2 lang2 quan2
Beipai Tanglang Quan - "Northern Praying Mantis" (Chinese Martial Art)

本土派 本土派 ben3 tu3 pai4
local faction; pro-localization faction (in Taiwanese politics)

差派 差派 chai1 pai4
to dispatch

当权派 當權派 dang1 quan2 pai4
persons or faction in authority

党派 黨派 dang3 pai4
political party; faction

党派集会 黨派集會 dang3 pai4 ji2 hui4
party meeting

调派 調派 diao4 pai4
to send on assignment; to deploy (troops)

法兰克福学派 法蘭克福學派 fa3 lan2 ke4 fu2 xue2 pai4
Frankfurt School

反动派 反動派 fan3 dong4 pai4

反对派 反對派 fan3 dui4 pai4
opposition faction

反派 反派 fan3 pai4
villain (of a drama etc)

反右派斗争 反右派鬥爭 fan3 you4 pai4 dou4 zheng1
Anti-Rightist Movement, Mao's purge of "rightists" after the Hundred Flowers Campaign ended in 1957

泛民主派 泛民主派 fan4 min2 zhu3 pai4
pan-Democratic alliance (Hong Kong)

分派 分派 fen1 pai4
to assign (a task to different people); to allocate

噶当派 噶當派 ga2 dang1 pai4
Bkar-dgam-pa sect of Tibetan Buddhism

噶举派 噶舉派 ga2 ju3 pai4
Geju (Tibetan: transmit word of Buddha) sect of Tibetan Buddhist

改革派 改革派 gai3 ge2 pai4
the reformist party

鸽派 鴿派 ge1 pai4
dove faction (opposite: 鹰派, hawks); peace party; the faction seeking peace

格鲁派 格魯派 ge2 lu3 pai4
Gelugpa school of Tibetan buddhism

共和派 共和派 gong4 he2 pai4
Republican faction

古典派 古典派 gu3 dian3 pai4

虎爪派 虎爪派 hu3 zhua3 pai4
Hu Zhua Pai - "Tiger Claw Sytem" - Martial Art

怀疑派 懷疑派 huai2 yi2 pai4

基督教科学派 基督教科學派 ji1 du1 jiao4 ke1 xue2 pai4
Christian Science

基督教派 基督教派 ji1 du1 jiao4 pai4
Christian denomination

急派 急派 ji2 pai4
to rush

加派 加派 jia1 pai4
to reinforce; to dispatch troops

教派 教派 jiao4 pai4

教友派 教友派 jiao4 you3 pai4
the Society of Friends; the Quakers

杰士派 傑士派 jie2 shi4 pai4
Gatsby, Japanese cosmetics brand

旧派 舊派 jiu4 pai4
old school; conservative faction

酷派 酷派 ku4 pai4
Coolpad Group Ltd, Chinese company

乐天派 樂天派 le4 tian1 pai4
happy-go-lucky people; optimists

立体派 立體派 li4 ti3 pai4

两面派 兩面派 liang3 mian4 pai4
two-faced person; double-dealing

灵恩派 靈恩派 ling2 en1 pai4
Charismatic Movement

流派 流派 liu2 pai4
tributary (stream); (fig.) school (of thought); genre; style

毛派 毛派 mao2 pai4

梅派 梅派 mei2 pai4
the Mei Lanfang School; see 梅蘭芳|梅兰芳

门派 門派 men2 pai4
sect; school (group of followers of a particular doctrine)

民粹派 民粹派 min2 cui4 pai4
the Narodniks, Russian populist group in the 19th century

民主派 民主派 min2 zhu3 pai4
Democratic faction

南派螳螂 南派螳螂 nan2 pai4 tang2 lang2
Chow Gar - "Southern Praying Mantis" - Martial Art

派别 派別 pai4 bie2
denomination; group; school; faction; school of thought

派兵 派兵 pai4 bing1
to dispatch troops

派出 派出 pai4 chu1
to send; to dispatch

派出所 派出所 pai4 chu1 suo3
local police station

派翠西亚 派翠西亞 pai4 cui4 xi1 ya4

派定 派定 pai4 ding4
to believe; to be convinced

派对 派對 pai4 dui4
party (loanword)

派给工作 派給工作 pai4 gei3 gong1 zuo4
to task

派购 派購 pai4 gou4
fixed government purchase (esp of farm products)

派克 派克 pai4 ke4
Pike or Peck (name); Parker Pen Company

派克大衣 派克大衣 pai4 ke4 da4 yi1
parka jacket (loanword)

派拉蒙影业 派拉蒙影業 pai4 la1 meng2 ying3 ye4
Paramount Pictures (US movie company)

派力奥 派力奧 pai4 li4 ao4
Fiat Palio

派遣 派遣 pai4 qian3
to send (on a mission); to dispatch

派任 派任 pai4 ren4
to set apart; to assign sb to a job

派上用场 派上用場 pai4 shang4 yong4 chang3
to put to good use; to come in handy

派生 派生 pai4 sheng1
to produce (from sth else); to derive (from raw material); derivative

派生词 派生詞 pai4 sheng1 ci2
derivative word

派势 派勢 pai4 shi4
style; manner

派斯托 派斯托 pai4 si1 tuo1
pesto (Italian sauce) (loanword)

派送 派送 pai4 song4
to send; to deliver; to distribute

派头 派頭 pai4 tou2
manner; style; panache

派系 派系 pai4 xi4
sect; faction

派性 派性 pai4 xing4
factionalism; tribalism

派遗 派遺 pai4 yi2
to send (sb) on a mission; to dispatch

派驻 派駐 pai4 zhu4
to dispatch (sb) in an official capacity; to be posted (as an ambassador, foreign correspondent etc)

苹果派 蘋果派 ping2 guo3 pai4
apple pie

气派 氣派 qi4 pai4
imposing manner or style

签派室 簽派室 qian1 pai4 shi4
dispatch office

虔信派 虔信派 qian2 xin4 pai4
pious sect; fundamentalist faction

强硬派 強硬派 qiang2 ying4 pai4
hardline faction; hawks

少壮派 少壯派 shao4 zhuang4 pai4
young guard; young and vigorous group with new ideas; new wave

什叶派 什葉派 shi2 ye4 pai4
Shia sect (of Islam)

守旧派 守舊派 shou3 jiu4 pai4
the conservative faction; reactionaries

树莓派 樹莓派 shu4 mei2 pai4
Raspberry Pi (computing)

摊派 攤派 tan1 pai4
to distribute proportionately; to share out

特派 特派 te4 pai4
special appointment; special correspondent; task force; sb dispatched on a mission

特派员 特派員 te4 pai4 yuan2
special correspondent; sb dispatched on a mission; special commissioner

统购派购 統購派購 tong3 gou4 pai4 gou4
unified government purchase at fixed price (esp of farm products)

颓废派 頹廢派 tui2 fei4 pai4
decadents (of the Decadent movement of late 19th century Europe)

瓦哈比教派 瓦哈比教派 wa3 ha1 bi3 jiao4 pai4
Wahhabism (a conservative sect of Islam)

维新派 維新派 wei2 xin1 pai4
the reformist faction

委派 委派 wei3 pai4
to appoint

未来派 未來派 wei4 lai2 pai4
Futurism (artistic and social movement of the 20th century)

温和派 溫和派 wen1 he2 pai4
moderate faction

无党派 無黨派 wu2 dang3 pai4
politically unaffiliated; independent (candidate)

现代派 現代派 xian4 dai4 pai4
modernist faction; modernists

宪章派 憲章派 xian4 zhang1 pai4
the Chartist movement (in the 1840s in England)

新派 新派 xin1 pai4
new faction

选派 選派 xuan3 pai4
to select; to detail; to set apart; to appoint

学派 學派 xue2 pai4
school of thought

学院派 學院派 xue2 yuan4 pai4
academism (art)

逊尼派 遜尼派 xun4 ni2 pai4
Sunni sect (of Islam)

雅各宾派 雅各賓派 ya3 ge4 bin1 pai4
Jacobin club, French revolutionary party that played a leading role in the reign of terror 1791-1794

洋务派 洋務派 yang2 wu4 pai4
the foreign learning or Westernizing faction in the late Qing

一派胡言 一派胡言 yi1 pai4 hu2 yan2
a bunch of nonsense

一派谎言 一派謊言 yi1 pai4 huang3 yan2
a pack of lies

印象派 印象派 yin4 xiang4 pai4

鹰派 鷹派 ying1 pai4
hawk faction (opposite: 鸽派, doves); fierce and combative party; war party; warmongers

有气派 有氣派 you3 qi4 pai4

右派 右派 you4 pai4
(political) right; right wing; rightist

右派分子 右派份子 you4 pai4 fen4 zi3
rightist elements

瑜伽行派 瑜伽行派 yu2 jia1 xing2 pai4
see 唯識宗|唯识宗

鸳鸯蝴蝶派 鴛鴦蝴蝶派 yuan1 yang5 hu2 die2 pai4
Mandarin ducks and butterfly (i.e. love birds) literary school around 1900, criticized as populist and romantic by socialist realists

杂交派对 雜交派對 za2 jiao1 pai4 dui4
sex party; orgy

造反派 造反派 zao4 fan3 pai4
rebel faction

正派 正派 zheng4 pai4

政派 政派 zheng4 pai4
political group; faction

指派 指派 zhi3 pai4
to assign; to appoint; assignment

中间派 中間派 zhong1 jian1 pai4
moderate faction; party of compromise; middle ground

中立派 中立派 zhong1 li4 pai4
centrist; the centrist faction

主和派 主和派 zhu3 he2 pai4
the peace faction; doves

主战派 主戰派 zhu3 zhan4 pai4
the pro-war faction; hawks

资产阶级右派 資產階級右派 zi1 chan3 jie1 ji2 you4 pai4
bourgeois rightist faction (esp. during anti-rightist movement of 1957-58)

自由派 自由派 zi4 you2 pai4

宗派 宗派 zong1 pai4

宗派主义 宗派主義 zong1 pai4 zhu3 yi4

走资派 走資派 zou3 zi1 pai4
capitalist-roader; person in power taking the capitalist road, a political label often pinned on cadres by the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution

左派 左派 zuo3 pai4
(political) left; left wing; leftist

作风正派 作風正派 zuo4 feng1 zheng4 pai4
to be honest and upright; to have moral integrity

作派 作派 zuo4 pai4
see 做派

做派 做派 zuo4 pai4
way of doing sth; behavior; to act in an affected manner; mannerism; gestures in opera