to apply (paint etc); to smear; to daub; to blot out; to scribble; to scrawl; (literary) mud; street

surname Tu

variant of 途

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
苍生涂炭 蒼生塗炭 cang1 sheng1 tu2 tan4
the common people in a miserable state

豺狼当涂 豺狼當塗 chai2 lang2 dang1 tu2
ravenous wolves hold the road (idiom); wicked people in power; a vicious tyranny rules the land

聪明一世,糊涂一时 聰明一世,糊塗一時 cong1 ming5 yi1 shi4 - hu2 tu5 yi1 shi2
even the wisest can have a momentary lapse in judgment (idiom); every man has a fool in his sleeve

当涂 當涂 dang1 tu2
Dangtu county in Ma'anshan 馬鞍山|马鞍山, Anhui

当涂县 當涂縣 dang1 tu2 xian4
Dangtu county in Ma'anshan 馬鞍山|马鞍山, Anhui

放着明白装糊涂 放著明白裝糊塗 fang4 zhe5 ming2 bai5 zhuang1 hu2 tu5
to pretend not to know (idiom)

肝脑涂地 肝腦塗地 gan1 nao3 tu2 di4
to offer one's life in sacrifice

海涂 海塗 hai3 tu2
tidal marsh; shoal; shallows

海涂围垦 海塗圍墾 hai3 tu2 wei2 ken3
tideland reclamation

糊糊涂涂 糊糊塗塗 hu2 hu5 tu2 tu5
confused; muddled; stupid; dumb

糊里糊涂 糊裡糊塗 hu2 li5 hu2 tu2
confused; vague; indistinct; muddle-headed; mixed up; in a daze

糊里糊涂 糊里糊塗 hu2 li5 hu2 tu2
variant of 糊裡糊塗|糊里糊涂

胡涂 胡塗 hu2 tu5
variant of 糊塗|糊涂

糊涂 糊塗 hu2 tu5
muddled; silly; confused

胡涂虫 胡塗蟲 hu2 tu5 chong2
blunderer; bungler; also written 糊塗蟲|糊涂虫

糊涂虫 糊塗蟲 hu2 tu5 chong2
blunderer; bungler

糊涂账 糊塗賬 hu2 tu5 zhang4
muddled accounts; a mess of bookkeeping

老糊涂 老糊塗 lao3 hu2 tu5

泥涂轩冕 泥塗軒冕 ni2 tu2 xuan1 mian3
to despise titles and high offices

生灵涂炭 生靈塗炭 sheng1 ling2 tu2 tan4
people are in a terrible situation (idiom)

滩涂 灘塗 tan1 tu2

弹涂鱼 彈塗魚 tan2 tu2 yu2
mudskipper (amphibious fish)

涂层 塗層 tu2 ceng2
protective layer; coating

涂尔干 涂爾干 tu2 er3 gan1

涂敷 塗敷 tu2 fu1
to smear; to daub; to plaster; to apply (ointment)

涂改 塗改 tu2 gai3
to alter (text); to change by painting over; to correct (with correction fluid)

涂改液 塗改液 tu2 gai3 ye4
correction fluid

涂盖 塗蓋 tu2 gai4
to coat; to mask; to plaster over

涂家 塗家 tu2 jia1
painter; artist

涂浆台 塗漿檯 tu2 jiang4 tai2
pasting table (for wallpapering)

涂径 塗徑 tu2 jing4
path; road

涂料 塗料 tu2 liao4

涂抹 塗抹 tu2 mo3
to paint; to smear; to apply (makeup etc); to doodle; to erase; to obliterate

涂抹酱 塗抹醬 tu2 mo3 jiang4
spread (for putting on bread etc)

涂片 塗片 tu2 pian4
smear (medical sample); microscope slide

涂山 涂山 tu2 shan1
Mt Tu in Zhejiang

涂饰 塗飾 tu2 shi4
to apply paint, veneer etc; to plaster over; decorative coating; finish; veneer

涂饰剂 塗飾劑 tu2 shi4 ji4
coating agent; finishing agent

涂潭 塗潭 tu2 tan2
muddy water in a pool or pond

涂炭 塗炭 tu2 tan4
extreme distress; in utter misery

涂污 塗污 tu2 wu1
smudge; stain; to smear (dirt, paint); to deface

涂写 塗寫 tu2 xie3
to daub; to scribble (graffiti)

涂鸭 塗鴨 tu2 ya1
variant of 塗鴉|涂鸦; graffiti; scrawl; poor calligraphy; to write badly; to scribble

涂鸦 塗鴉 tu2 ya1
graffiti; scrawl; poor calligraphy; to write badly; to scribble

涂乙 塗乙 tu2 yi3
to trim or add (to a text); to edit

涂油 塗油 tu2 you2
to grease; to oil; to baste (cookery)

涂油于 塗油於 tu2 you2 yu2

涂脂抹粉 塗脂抹粉 tu2 zhi1 mo3 fen3
to put on makeup; to prettify

涂装 塗裝 tu2 zhuang1
painted ornament; livery (on airline or company vehicle)

稀里糊涂 稀裏糊塗 xi1 li5 hu2 tu5
muddleheaded; careless

壹败涂地 壹敗塗地 yi1 bai4 tu2 di4
beaten and wiped over the floor (idiom); to fail utterly; a crushing defeat; failed and in a hopeless position

一败涂地 一敗塗地 yi1 bai4 tu2 di4
failed and wiped over the floor (idiom); to fail utterly; a crushing defeat; beaten and in a hopeless position

一塌糊涂 一塌糊塗 yi1 ta1 hu2 tu5
muddled and completely collapsing (idiom); in an awful condition; complete shambles; a total mess