to disappear; to vanish; to eliminate; to spend (time); have to; need

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
冰消瓦解 冰消瓦解 bing1 xiao1 wa3 jie3
to melt like ice and break like tiles; to disintegrate; to dissolve

不消 不消 bu4 xiao1
to not need; needless (to say)

参考消息 參考消息 can1 kao3 xiao1 xi1
Reference News (PRC limited-distribution daily newspaper)

超前消费 超前消費 chao1 qian2 xiao1 fei4
excessive consumption; overspending on luxuries

撤消 撤消 che4 xiao1
variant of 撤銷|撤销

吃不消 吃不消 chi1 bu5 xiao1
to be unable to tolerate or endure; to find sth difficult to manage

吃得消 吃得消 chi1 de5 xiao1
to be able to endure (exertion, fatigue etc); to be able to afford

打消 打消 da3 xiao1
to dispel (doubts, misgivings etc); to give up on

抵消 抵消 di3 xiao1
to counteract; to cancel out; to offset

对消 對消 dui4 xiao1
in equilibrium; to cancel out (of opposite forces) (physics)

居民消费价格指数 居民消費價格指數 ju1 min2 xiao1 fei4 jia4 ge2 zhi3 shu4
consumer price index CPI

开消 開消 kai1 xiao1
variant of 開銷|开销

抹消 抹消 mo3 xiao1
to erase; to wipe

内线消息 內線消息 nei4 xian4 xiao1 xi5
insider information

取消 取消 qu3 xiao1
to cancel; cancellation

取消禁令 取消禁令 qu3 xiao1 jin4 ling4
to lift a prohibition; to lift a ban

三公消费 三公消費 san1 gong1 xiao1 fei4
see 三公經費|三公经费

无福消受 無福消受 wu2 fu2 xiao1 shou4
unfortunately cannot enjoy (idiom)

吸附洗消剂 吸附洗消劑 xi1 fu4 xi3 xiao1 ji4
absorbing decontaminant

洗消 洗消 xi3 xiao1

洗消场 洗消場 xi3 xiao1 chang3
decontaminating field

洗消剂 洗消劑 xi3 xiao1 ji4
decontaminant; decontaminating agent

消沉 消沉 xiao1 chen2
depressed; bad mood; low spirit

消愁解闷 消愁解悶 xiao1 chou2 jie3 men4
lit. to eliminate worry and dispel melancholy (idiom); diversion from boredom; to dispel depression or melancholy; to relieve stress; a relaxing pass-time

消除 消除 xiao1 chu2
to eliminate; to remove

消除毒剂 消除毒劑 xiao1 chu2 du2 ji4

消除对妇女一切形式歧视公约 消除對婦女一切形式歧視公約 xiao1 chu2 dui4 fu4 nv3 yi1 qie4 xing2 shi4 qi2 shi4 gong1 yue1
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

消除锯齿 消除鋸齒 xiao1 chu2 ju4 chi3
anti-alias (computer graphics)

消除歧义 消除歧義 xiao1 chu2 qi2 yi4
to disambiguate

消毒 消毒 xiao1 du2
to disinfect; to sterilize

消毒法 消毒法 xiao1 du2 fa3

消毒剂 消毒劑 xiao1 du2 ji4

消防 消防 xiao1 fang2
firefighting; fire control

消防车 消防車 xiao1 fang2 che1
fire engine; fire truck

消防队 消防隊 xiao1 fang2 dui4
fire brigade; fire department

消防队员 消防隊員 xiao1 fang2 dui4 yuan2

消防局 消防局 xiao1 fang2 ju2
fire department

消防署 消防署 xiao1 fang2 shu3
fire station

消防栓 消防栓 xiao1 fang2 shuan1
fire hydrant

消防员 消防員 xiao1 fang2 yuan2
firefighter; fireman

消费 消費 xiao1 fei4
to consume

消费价格指数 消費價格指數 xiao1 fei4 jia4 ge2 zhi3 shu4
consumer price index CPI

消费金融 消費金融 xiao1 fei4 jin1 rong2
consumer finance

消费品 消費品 xiao1 fei4 pin3
consumer goods

消费器件 消費器件 xiao1 fei4 qi4 jian4

消费群 消費群 xiao1 fei4 qun2
consumer group

消费税 消費稅 xiao1 fei4 shui4
consumption tax; sales tax

消费者 消費者 xiao1 fei4 zhe3

消费者保护 消費者保護 xiao1 fei4 zhe3 bao3 hu4
consumer protection (law)

消费资料 消費資料 xiao1 fei4 zi1 liao4
consumption data; consumer goods

消耗 消耗 xiao1 hao4
to use up; to consume

消耗掉 消耗掉 xiao1 hao4 diao4

消耗量 消耗量 xiao1 hao4 liang4
rate of consumption

消耗战 消耗戰 xiao1 hao4 zhan4
war of attrition

消化 消化 xiao1 hua4
to digest; digestion; digestive

消化不良 消化不良 xiao1 hua4 bu4 liang2

消化道 消化道 xiao1 hua4 dao4
digestive tract

消化管 消化管 xiao1 hua4 guan3
digestive tube; gut

消化酒 消化酒 xiao1 hua4 jiu3

消化酶 消化酶 xiao1 hua4 mei2
digestive enzyme

消化系统 消化系統 xiao1 hua4 xi4 tong3
digestive system; gastrointestinal tract

消化腺 消化腺 xiao1 hua4 xian4
digestive glands

消化液 消化液 xiao1 hua4 ye4
digestive fluid

消魂 消魂 xiao1 hun2
overwhelmed (with joy, sorrow etc); to feel transported

消火栓 消火栓 xiao1 huo3 shuan1
fire hydrant

消基会 消基會 xiao1 ji1 hui4
Consumers' Foundation, Chinese Taipei (CFCT), abbr. for 中華民國消費者文教基金會|中华民国消费者文教基金会

消极 消極 xiao1 ji2
negative; passive; inactive

消解 消解 xiao1 jie3
to eliminate; to dispel; resolution

消金 消金 xiao1 jin1
consumer finance; abbr. of 消費金融|消费金融

消渴 消渴 xiao1 ke3
condition characterized by thirst, hunger, frequent urination and weight loss, identified in TCM with type 2 diabetes

消弭 消弭 xiao1 mi3
(literary) to eliminate; to put an end to

消灭 消滅 xiao1 mie4
to put an end to; to annihilate; to cause to perish; to perish; annihilation (in quantum field theory)

消泯 消泯 xiao1 min3
to eliminate; to obliterate

消磨 消磨 xiao1 mo2
to wear down; to sap; to whittle away; to while away; to idle away

消磨时间 消磨時間 xiao1 mo2 shi2 jian1
to kill time

消歧义 消歧義 xiao1 qi2 yi4
to remove ambiguity; disambiguation (in Wikipedia)

消气 消氣 xiao1 qi4
to cool one's temper

消遣 消遣 xiao1 qian3
to while the time away; amusement; pastime; recreation; to make sport of

消去 消去 xiao1 qu4
to eliminate

消融 消融 xiao1 rong2
to melt (e.g. an icecap)

消散 消散 xiao1 san4
to dissipate

消声 消聲 xiao1 sheng1
sound dissipation; noise reduction

消声器 消聲器 xiao1 sheng1 qi4
noise reduction equipment

消失 消失 xiao1 shi1
to disappear; to fade away

消蚀 消蝕 xiao1 shi2
erosion; wearing away; ablation

消食 消食 xiao1 shi2
to aid digestion

消食儿 消食兒 xiao1 shi2 er5
erhua variant of 消食

消石灰 消石灰 xiao1 shi2 hui1
calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2; slaked lime

消逝 消逝 xiao1 shi4
to fade away

消释 消釋 xiao1 shi4
to dispel (doubts); to clear up (misunderstanding)

消受 消受 xiao1 shou4
to bear; to enjoy (usually in negative combination, meaning unable to enjoy)

消瘦 消瘦 xiao1 shou4
to waste away; to become thin

消暑 消暑 xiao1 shu3
to spend a summer holiday; (esp of Chinese medicine) to relieve summer heat

消损 消損 xiao1 sun3
wear and tear; to wear away over time

消停 消停 xiao1 ting2
to calm down; to stop; to pause; calmly; peaceful; restful

消退 消退 xiao1 tui4
to wane; to vanish gradually

消亡 消亡 xiao1 wang2
to die out; to wither away

消息 消息 xiao1 xi5
news; information

消息队列 消息隊列 xiao1 xi5 dui4 lie4
message queue (computing)

消息来源 消息來源 xiao1 xi5 lai2 yuan2
web feed; news feed; syndicated feed

消息灵通 消息靈通 xiao1 xi5 ling2 tong1
to be well-informed

消息灵通人士 消息靈通人士 xiao1 xi5 ling2 tong1 ren2 shi4
well-informed source; person with inside information

消夏 消夏 xiao1 xia4
to spend the summer; to take a summer vacation

消闲 消閒 xiao1 xian2
to spend one's leisure time; to idle away the time

消闲儿 消閒兒 xiao1 xian2 er5
erhua variant of 消閒|消闲

消消停停 消消停停 xiao1 xiao1 ting2 ting2

消炎 消炎 xiao1 yan2
to reduce fever; antipyretic; to decrease inflammation

消炎片 消炎片 xiao1 yan2 pian4
antipyretic tablet (to reduce fever), such as sulfanilamide

消炎药 消炎藥 xiao1 yan2 yao4
anti-inflammatory medicine

消夜 消夜 xiao1 ye4
nighttime snack; late-night supper

消音 消音 xiao1 yin1
to silence

消音器 消音器 xiao1 yin1 qi4

消隐 消隱 xiao1 yin3
to hide; to retreat into privacy

消元 消元 xiao1 yuan2
elimination (math); to eliminate one variable from equations

消灾 消災 xiao1 zai1
to avoid calamities

消灾避邪 消災避邪 xiao1 zai1 bi4 xie2
to avoid calamities and evil spirits

消长 消長 xiao1 zhang3
to ebb and rise; to decrease and then grow

消肿 消腫 xiao1 zhong3
to reduce swelling; detumescence; (fig.) to streamline (a bloated bureaucracy etc)

烟消云散 煙消雲散 yan1 xiao1 yun2 san4
to vanish like smoke in thin air; to disappear

杳无消息 杳無消息 yao3 wu2 xiao1 xi1
see 杳無音信|杳无音信

夜消 夜消 ye4 xiao1
variant of 夜宵

与时消息 與時消息 yu3 shi2 xiao1 xi5
variable with the times; transient; impermanent

云消雾散 雲消霧散 yun2 xiao1 wu4 san4
the clouds melt and the mists disperse (idiom); to clear up; to vanish into thin air

中国消费者协会 中國消費者協會 zhong1 guo2 xiao1 fei4 zhe3 xie2 hui4
China Consumers' Association (CCA)

走漏消息 走漏消息 zou3 lou4 xiao1 xi5
to divulge secrets