to wade; to be involved; to concern; to experience; to enter (classical)

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
跋山涉水 跋山涉水 ba2 shan1 she4 shui3
to travel over land and water (idiom)

跋涉 跋涉 ba2 she4
to trudge; to trek

不干涉 不干涉 bu4 gan1 she4
noninterference; nonintervention

长途跋涉 長途跋涉 chang2 tu2 ba2 she4
long and difficult trek

干涉 干涉 gan1 she4
to interfere; to meddle; interference

干涉仪 干涉儀 gan1 she4 yi2
interferometer (physics)

关涉 關涉 guan1 she4
to relate (to); to concern; to involve; connection; relationship

交涉 交涉 jiao1 she4
to negotiate; relating to

爬山涉水 爬山涉水 pa2 shan1 she4 shui3
to climb mountains and wade rivers (idiom); fig. to make a long and difficult journey

牵涉 牽涉 qian1 she4
to involve; implicated

牵涉到 牽涉到 qian1 she4 dao4
to involve; to drag in

涉案 涉案 she4 an4
(of a perpetrator, victim, weapon, sum of money etc) to be involved in the case

涉笔 涉筆 she4 bi3
to move the pen; to start writing; putting pen to paper

涉渡 涉渡 she4 du4
to ford (a stream); to wade across

涉过 涉過 she4 guo4
to ford (a stream, river etc)

涉黑 涉黑 she4 hei1
gang-related; criminal activities

涉黑案 涉黑案 she4 hei1 an4
gang-related case; criminal case

涉贿 涉賄 she4 hui1
to be suspected of bribery

涉及 涉及 she4 ji2
to involve; to touch upon (a topic)

涉览 涉覽 she4 lan3
to browse; to glance through; to read

涉历 涉歷 she4 li4
to experience

涉猎 涉獵 she4 lie4
to skim (through a book); to read cursorily; to dip into

涉世 涉世 she4 shi4
to see the world; to go out into society; to gain experience

涉世未深 涉世未深 she4 shi4 wei4 shen1
unpracticed; inexperienced; naive; unsophisticated

涉水鸟 涉水鳥 she4 shui3 niao3
a wading bird

涉水靴 涉水靴 she4 shui3 xue1
wading boots; high-topped waterproof boots

涉讼 涉訟 she4 song4
to be involved in a lawsuit

涉外 涉外 she4 wai4
concerning foreigners or foreign affairs

涉嫌 涉嫌 she4 xian2
to be a suspect (in a crime); to be suspected of

涉嫌人 涉嫌人 she4 xian2 ren2
(criminal) suspect

涉险 涉險 she4 xian3
to take risks; involved in adventure

涉县 涉縣 she4 xian4
She county in Handan 邯鄲|邯郸, Hebei

涉想 涉想 she4 xiang3
to imagine; to consider

涉足 涉足 she4 zu2
to set foot in; to step into; to become involved for the first time

疑涉 疑涉 yi2 she4
to be suspected of

远涉 遠涉 yuan3 she4
to cross (the wide ocean)