(used in place names)

variant of 湧|涌

to bubble up; to rush forth

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
波涛汹涌 波濤洶涌 bo1 tao1 xiong1 yong3
waves surging forth; roaring sea

潮涌 潮湧 chao2 yong3
to surge like the tide

翻涌 翻湧 fan1 yong3
to roll over and over (of billows or clouds)

风起潮涌 風起潮湧 feng1 qi3 chao2 yong3
lit. wind rises, tide bubbles up; turbulent times; violent development (idiom)

风起云涌 風起雲湧 feng1 qi3 yun2 yong3
lit. rising winds, scudding clouds (idiom); turbulent times; violent development

蜂涌 蜂湧 feng1 yong3
to swarm; to flock

葵涌 葵涌 kui2 chong1
Kwai Chung (area in Hong Kong); Kwai Cheong

浪涌 浪湧 lang4 yong3
(electrical) surge

喷涌 噴湧 pen1 yong3
to bubble out; to squirt

泉涌 泉湧 quan2 yong3
to gush

掀涌 掀涌 xian1 yong3
to seethe; to bubble up

汹涌 洶湧 xiong1 yong3
to surge up violently (of ocean, river, lake etc); turbulent

涌进 湧進 yong3 jin4
to spill; to overflow (of water, crowds); to crowd (into a space)

涌浪 湧浪 yong3 lang4
swell; billows; surging waves

涌流 湧流 yong3 liu2
to gush; to spurt

涌起 湧起 yong3 qi3
to well up; to boil out; to bubble forth; to spurt

涌泉 湧泉 yong3 quan2
gushing spring

涌入 湧入 yong3 ru4
to come pouring in; influx

涌现 湧現 yong3 xian4
to emerge in large numbers; to spring up; to emerge prominently

涌溢 湧溢 yong3 yi4
to well up; to spill out (of water from a spring)

云涌 雲湧 yun2 yong3
in large numbers; in force; lit. clouds bubbling up

鲗鱼涌 鰂魚涌 zei2 yu2 chong1
Quarry Bay (area in Hong Kong)