big wave; Taiwan pr.

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
波涛 波濤 bo1 tao1
great waves; billows

波涛磷磷 波濤磷磷 bo1 tao1 lin2 lin2
variant of 波濤粼粼|波涛粼粼

波涛粼粼 波濤粼粼 bo1 tao1 lin2 lin2
crystalline waves (idiom)

波涛汹涌 波濤洶涌 bo1 tao1 xiong1 yong3
waves surging forth; roaring sea

胡锦涛 胡錦濤 hu2 jin3 tao1
Hu Jintao (1942-), General Secretary of the CPC 2002-2012, President of the PRC 2003-2013

惊涛 驚濤 jing1 tao1
raging waves; stormy waves

惊涛骇浪 驚濤駭浪 jing1 tao1 hai4 lang4
perilous situation

浪涛 浪濤 lang4 tao1
ocean wave; billows

石涛 石濤 shi2 tao1
Shi Tao (1642-1707), Chinese landscape painter and poet