astringent; tart; acerbity; unsmooth; rough (surface); hard to understand; obscure

old variant of 澀|涩

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
干涩 乾澀 gan1 se4
dry and rough (skin); hoarse (voice); dry and heavy (style)

晦涩 晦澀 hui4 se4
difficult to understand; cryptic

艰深晦涩 艱深晦澀 jian1 shen1 hui4 se4
abstruse and unfathomable (idiom)

蹇涩 蹇澀 jian3 se4
awkward; lame; difficulty (esp. in moving); not smooth

苦涩 苦澀 ku3 se4
bitter and astringent; pained; agonized

冷涩 冷澀 leng3 se4
cold and sluggish; chilly

囊中羞涩 囊中羞澀 nang2 zhong1 xiu1 se4
to be embarrassingly short of money

讷涩 訥澀 ne4 se4
clumsy in speech; tongue tied

青涩 青澀 qing1 se4
underripe; (fig.) young and inexperienced

涩脉 澀脈 se4 mai4
sluggish pulse

涩味 澀味 se4 wei4
acerbic (taste); astringent

生涩 生澀 sheng1 se4
unripe; tart; not fully proficient; somewhat shaky

酸涩 酸澀 suan1 se4
sour; acrid; (fig.) bitter; painful

脱涩 脫澀 tuo1 se4
to remove astringent taste

咸涩 鹹澀 xian2 se4
salty and bitter; acerbic

羞涩 羞澀 xiu1 se4
shy; bashful

拙涩 拙澀 zhuo1 se4
clumsy and incomprehensible; botched writing