to rinse; to trick; to fool sb; to cook by dipping finely sliced ingredients briefly in boiling water or soup (generally done at the dining table)

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
开涮 開涮 kai1 shuan4
(coll.) to make fun of (sb); to play tricks on

涮锅子 涮鍋子 shuan4 guo1 zi5
hot pot; a dish where thinly sliced meat and vegetables are boiled briefly in a broth and then served with dipping sauces

涮火锅 涮火鍋 shuan4 huo3 guo1
see 涮鍋子|涮锅子

涮涮锅 涮涮鍋 shuan4 shuan4 guo1
shabu-shabu (loanword); Japanese hot pot

涮羊肉 涮羊肉 shuan4 yang2 rou4
Mongolian hot pot; instant-boiled mutton (dish)