silt; river sludge; to silt up; choked with silt; variant of 瘀

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
出淤泥而不染 出淤泥而不染 chu1 yu1 ni2 er2 bu4 ran3
lit. to grow out of the mud unsullied (idiom); fig. to be principled and incorruptible

祛淤 祛淤 qu1 yu1
variant of 祛瘀

淤灌 淤灌 yu1 guan4
to warp (fertilize land by flooding)

淤积 淤積 yu1 ji1
to silt up; silt; sediment; ooze; slurry

淤泥 淤泥 yu1 ni2
silt; sludge; ooze

淤青 淤青 yu1 qing1
bruise; contusion

淤塞 淤塞 yu1 se4
choked with silt; silted up

淤伤 淤傷 yu1 shang1

淤血 淤血 yu1 xue4
variant of 瘀血

淤血斑 淤血斑 yu1 xue4 ban1
bruise; patch of bruising

淤滞 淤滯 yu1 zhi4
silted up; obstructed by silt; variant of 瘀滯|瘀滞