excess; excessive; wanton; lewd; lascivious; obscene; depraved

erroneous variant of 淫

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
饱暖思淫欲,饥寒起盗心 飽暖思淫欲,飢寒起盜心 bao3 nuan3 si1 yin2 yu4 - ji1 han2 qi3 dao4 xin1
lechery springs from warmth and nourishment, kleptomania springs from hunger and cold (idiom)

富贵不能淫 富貴不能淫 fu4 gui4 bu4 neng2 yin2
not corrupted by wealth and honors

荒淫 荒淫 huang1 yin2

荒淫无耻 荒淫無恥 huang1 yin2 wu2 chi3

诲淫 誨淫 hui4 yin2
to stir up lust; to promote sex; to encourage licentiousness

诲淫诲盗 誨淫誨盜 hui4 yin2 hui4 dao4
to promote sex and violence; to stir up lust and covetousness

诲淫性 誨淫性 hui4 yin2 xing4

奸夫淫妇 姦夫淫婦 jian1 fu1 yin2 fu4
adulterous couple

奸淫 姦淫 jian1 yin2
fornication; adultery; rape; seduction

骄奢淫佚 驕奢淫佚 jiao1 she1 yin2 yi4
variant of 驕奢淫逸|骄奢淫逸

骄奢淫逸 驕奢淫逸 jiao1 she1 yin2 yi4
extravagant and dissipated; decadent

聚众淫乱罪 聚眾淫亂罪 ju4 zhong4 yin2 luan4 zui4
group licentiousness (offense punishable by up to five years in prison in the PRC)

口淫 口淫 kou3 yin2
oral sex; fellatio

六淫 六淫 liu4 yin2
(TCM) six excesses causing illness, namely: excessive wind 風|风, cold 寒, heat 暑, damp 濕|湿, dryness 燥, fire 火

卖淫 賣淫 mai4 yin2
prostitution; to prostitute oneself

手淫 手淫 shou3 yin2
to masturbate; masturbation

行淫 行淫 xing2 yin2
to commit adultery

意淫 意淫 yi4 yin2
to fantasize; sexual fantasy

淫虫 淫蟲 yin2 chong2
sex maniac

淫词秽语 淫詞穢語 yin2 ci2 hui4 yu3
obscene words; dirty talk

淫词亵语 淫詞褻語 yin2 ci2 xie4 yu3
dirty words; dirty talk

淫荡 淫蕩 yin2 dang4
loose in morals; lascivious; licentious; lewd

淫风 淫風 yin2 feng1
lascivious; wanton

淫妇 淫婦 yin2 fu4
loose woman; prostitute; Jezebel

淫鬼 淫鬼 yin2 gui3
lecherous devil

淫棍 淫棍 yin2 gun4
dirty old man; lecher

淫画 淫畫 yin2 hua4
obscene picture

淫秽 淫穢 yin2 hui4
obscene; coarse

淫贱 淫賤 yin2 jian4
morally loose, lewd and low, lascivious and mean; wanton

淫径 淫徑 yin2 jing4
evil ways; fornication

淫乐 淫樂 yin2 le4
vice; degenerate pleasures

淫乱 淫亂 yin2 luan4

淫靡 淫靡 yin2 mi3
profligate; extravagantly showy; (of music) lascivious; decadent

淫魔 淫魔 yin2 mo2
lewd demon; lecher; pervert

淫念 淫念 yin2 nian4

淫辱 淫辱 yin2 ru3
fornication and insults; to rape and insult

淫书 淫書 yin2 shu1
obscene book; pornography

淫水 淫水 yin2 shui3
sexual secretions

淫娃 淫娃 yin2 wa2
dissolute girl; slut

淫威 淫威 yin2 wei1
abuse of authority; tyrannical abuse

淫猥 淫猥 yin2 wei3
obscene; indecent

淫亵 淫褻 yin2 xie4

淫行 淫行 yin2 xing2
wanton or lascivious behavior; adulterous behavior

淫穴 淫穴 yin2 xue2
pussy; cunt; twat

淫羊藿 淫羊藿 yin2 yang2 huo4
Epimedium, genus of herbaceous flowering plant, cultivated in the Far East as aphrodisiac; also called barrenwort or horny goatweed (said to resemble crushed goat's testicles)

淫逸 淫逸 yin2 yi4
to indulge in; dissipation; debauchery

淫雨 淫雨 yin2 yu3
excessive rain

淫欲 淫慾 yin2 yu4

自淫 自淫 zi4 yin2