confused; dirty; to mix; muddy; variant of 渾|浑

to mix; to mingle; muddled; to drift along; to muddle along; to pass for; to get along with sb; thoughtless; reckless

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
阿混 阿混 a1 hun4
(dialect) idler; loafer

重混 重混 chong2 hun4
remix (music)

出来混迟早要还的 出來混遲早要還的 chu1 lai2 hun4 chi2 zao3 yao4 huan2 de5
if you live a life of crime, sooner or later you'll pay for it

打混 打混 da3 hun4
to muddle things up; to goof off; to hang around

钢筋混凝土 鋼筋混凝土 gang1 jin1 hun4 ning2 tu3
reinforced concrete

搞混 搞混 gao3 hun4
to confuse; to muddle; to mix up

鬼混 鬼混 gui3 hun4
to hang around; to fool around; to live aimlessly

含混 含混 han2 hun4
vague; unclear; ambiguous

混蛋 混蛋 hun2 dan4
scoundrel; bastard; hoodlum; wretch

混球 混球 hun2 qiu2
bastard; wretch; scoundrel

混球儿 混球兒 hun2 qiu2 er5
erhua variant of 混球

混水摸鱼 混水摸魚 hun2 shui3 mo1 yu2
to fish in troubled water (idiom); to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain; also written 渾水摸魚|浑水摸鱼

混水墙 混水牆 hun2 shui3 qiang2
plastered masonry wall

混行 混行 hun2 xing2
mixed use (e.g. pedestrians and vehicles); joint operation (e.g. trains and buses)

混编 混編 hun4 bian1

混充 混充 hun4 chong1
to pass oneself off as sb; to palm sth off as

混出名堂 混出名堂 hun4 chu1 ming2 tang5
to make it; to be somebody

混搭 混搭 hun4 da1
to mix and match (of clothing etc)

混沌 混沌 hun4 dun4
primal chaos; formless mass before creation in Chinese mythology; muddled; innocent as a baby

混沌学 混沌學 hun4 dun4 xue2
chaos theory (math.)

混饭 混飯 hun4 fan4
to work for a living

混纺 混紡 hun4 fang3
mixed fabric; blended fabric

混汞 混汞 hun4 gong3
mercury amalgam

混号 混號 hun4 hao4

混合 混合 hun4 he2
to mix; to blend

混合动力车 混合動力車 hun4 he2 dong4 li4 che1
hybrid vehicle

混合毒剂 混合毒劑 hun4 he2 du2 ji4
tactical mixture of chemical agents

混合肥料 混合肥料 hun4 he2 fei2 liao4

混合感染 混合感染 hun4 he2 gan3 ran3
mixed infection

混合模型 混合模型 hun4 he2 mo2 xing2
hybrid model

混合失语症 混合失語症 hun4 he2 shi1 yu3 zheng4
mixed aphasia

混合体 混合體 hun4 he2 ti3

混合物 混合物 hun4 he2 wu4

混合型汽车 混合型汽車 hun4 he2 xing2 qi4 che1
hybrid car

混合泳 混合泳 hun4 he2 yong3
medley (swimming)

混混儿 混混兒 hun4 hun4 er5
ruffian; hoodlum

混和 混和 hun4 huo4
mixture; amalgam

混迹 混跡 hun4 ji4
mixed in as part of a community; hiding one's identity; occupying a position while not deserving it

混交 混交 hun4 jiao1
mixed (growth of wood)

混交林 混交林 hun4 jiao1 lin2
mixed forest

混进 混進 hun4 jin4
to infiltrate; to sneak into

混乱 混亂 hun4 luan4
confusion; chaos; disorder

混茫 混茫 hun4 mang2
dim; obscure

混蒙 混矇 hun4 meng1
to deceive; to mislead

混名 混名 hun4 ming2

混名儿 混名兒 hun4 ming2 er5
erhua variant of 混名

混凝剂 混凝劑 hun4 ning2 ji4

混凝土 混凝土 hun4 ning2 tu3

混吣 混唚 hun4 qin4
vulgar; foul-mouthed

混日子 混日子 hun4 ri4 zi5
to idle; to waste time

混入 混入 hun4 ru4
to sneak into

混事 混事 hun4 shi4
to work half-heartedly; to get by in a job with the minimum effort

混世魔王 混世魔王 hun4 shi4 mo2 wang2
devil incarnate (idiom); fiend in human form

混熟 混熟 hun4 shou2
to get familiar with

混同 混同 hun4 tong2
to mix up; to confuse one thing with another

混为一谈 混為一談 hun4 wei2 yi1 tan2
to confuse one thing with another (idiom); to muddle

混淆 混淆 hun4 xiao2
to obscure; to confuse; to mix up; to blur; to mislead

混淆黑白 混淆黑白 hun4 xiao2 hei1 bai2
to confuse black and white; to say that black is white; fig. not to distinguish right from wrong

混淆是非 混淆是非 hun4 xiao2 shi4 fei1
to confuse right and wrong (idiom)

混淆视听 混淆視聽 hun4 xiao2 shi4 ting1
to obscure the facts (idiom); to mislead the public with prevarication and deliberate falsehoods

混血 混血 hun4 xue4

混血儿 混血兒 hun4 xue4 er2
person of mixed blood; half-breed; mulatto

混氧燃料 混氧燃料 hun4 yang3 ran2 liao4
mixed-oxide fuel (MOX)

混一 混一 hun4 yi1
to amalgamate; to mix together as one

混音 混音 hun4 yin1
(audio) mixing

混元 混元 hun4 yuan2
time immemorial; origin of the universe; the world

混杂 混雜 hun4 za2
to mix; to mingle

混杂物 混雜物 hun4 za2 wu4
adulteration; impurities

混战 混戰 hun4 zhan4
chaotic warfare; confused fighting; melee; to join in such fighting

混账 混賬 hun4 zhang4
shameful; absolutely disgraceful!

混种 混種 hun4 zhong3
hybrid; mixed-breed

混浊 混濁 hun4 zhuo2
turbid; muddy; dirty

混子 混子 hun4 zi5
hoodlum; person unfit for society

混作 混作 hun4 zuo4
mixed cropping (i.e. growing two crops together)

搅混 攪混 jiao3 hun5
to mix; to blend

军阀混战 軍閥混戰 jun1 fa2 hun4 zhan4
incessant fighting between warlords

龙蛇混杂 龍蛇混雜 long2 she2 hun4 za2
lit. dragons and snakes mingle (idiom); fig. a mix of good people and scumbags

蒙混 矇混 meng2 hun4
to deceive; to hoodwink; Taiwan pr.

蒙混过关 矇混過關 meng2 hun4 guo4 guan1
to get away with it; to slip through; to bluff one's way out; Taiwan pr.

难混 難混 nan2 hun4
difficult to arrange

弄混 弄混 nong4 hun2
to confuse (fail to differentiate)

人车混行 人車混行 ren2 che1 hun2 xing2
pedestrian-vehicle mixed use

蛇绿混杂 蛇綠混雜 she2 lv4 hun4 za2
ophiolite melange (geology)

蛇绿混杂岩 蛇綠混雜岩 she2 lv4 hun4 za2 yan2
ophiolite (geology)

蛇绿混杂岩带 蛇綠混雜岩帶 she2 lv4 hun4 za2 yan2 dai4
ophiolite belt (geology)

厮混 廝混 si1 hun4
to hang out together with (derog.); to mix with

瞎混 瞎混 xia1 hun4
to muddle along; to live aimlessly

闲混 閒混 xian2 hun4
to loiter

小混混 小混混 xiao3 hun4 hun4
hooligan; rogue; a good-for-nothing

鱼龙混杂 魚龍混雜 yu2 long2 hun4 za2
lit. fish and dragons mixed in together (idiom); fig. crooks mixed in with the honest folk

鱼目混珠 魚目混珠 yu2 mu4 hun4 zhu1
to pass off fish eyes for pearls; to pass off fake products as genuine (idiom)