to lower; to decrease; to reduce; to subtract; to diminish

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
不减当年 不減當年 bu4 jian3 dang1 nian2
(of one's skills, appearance etc) not to have deteriorated a bit; to be as (good, vigorous etc) as ever

裁减 裁減 cai2 jian3
to reduce; to lessen; to cut down

裁减军备 裁減軍備 cai2 jian3 jun1 bei4
arms reduction

抵减 抵減 di3 jian3
to claim a credit against; tax reduction

递减 遞減 di4 jian3
progressively decreasing; gradually falling; in descending order

发热伴血小板减少综合征 發熱伴血小板減少綜合徵 fa1 re4 ban4 xue4 xiao3 ban3 jian3 shao3 zong1 he2 zheng1
severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS)

光纤衰减 光纖衰減 guang1 xian1 shuai1 jian3
optical attenuation

加减乘除 加減乘除 jia1 jian3 cheng2 chu2
four rules of arithmetic; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

加减号 加減號 jia1 jian3 hao4
plus-minus sign (±); plus and minus signs (+ and -)

减半 減半 jian3 ban4
to reduce by half

减产 減產 jian3 chan3
to lose output; a drop in crop yield; reduction in production

减除 減除 jian3 chu2
to reduce; to lessen (pain etc); to deduct (from taxes)

减低 減低 jian3 di1
to lower; to reduce

减低速度 減低速度 jian3 di1 su4 du4
to retard; to decelerate

减掉 減掉 jian3 diao4
to subtract; to lose (weight)

减毒活疫苗 減毒活疫苗 jian3 du2 huo2 yi4 miao2
attenuated live vaccine

减法 減法 jian3 fa3

减肥 減肥 jian3 fei2
to lose weight

减俸 減俸 jian3 feng4
to lower salary; to reduce pay

减幅 減幅 jian3 fu2
amount of reduction; size of discount

减负 減負 jian3 fu4
to alleviate a burden on sb

减号 減號 jian3 hao4
minus sign - (math.)

减核 減核 jian3 he2
nuclear weapons reduction (abbr. of 裁减核武器); disarmament

减缓 減緩 jian3 huan3
to slow down; to retard

减计 減計 jian3 ji4
to write down (i.e. to decrease the expected value of a loan)

减价 減價 jian3 jia4
to cut prices; to discount; to mark down; price cutting

减龄 減齡 jian3 ling2
to become more youthful

减慢 減慢 jian3 man4
to slow down

减免 減免 jian3 mian3
to reduce or waive (taxes, punishment, rent, tuition etc)

减排 減排 jian3 pai2
to reduce emissions

减轻 減輕 jian3 qing1
to lighten; to ease; to alleviate

减去 減去 jian3 qu4
minus; to subtract

减弱 減弱 jian3 ruo4
to weaken; to fall off

减色 減色 jian3 se4
to fade; (fig.) to lose luster; (of an event etc) to be spoiled; (coinage) to become debased

减少 減少 jian3 shao3
to lessen; to decrease; to reduce; to lower

减数分裂 減數分裂 jian3 shu4 fen1 lie4
meiosis (in sexual reproduction)

减税 減稅 jian3 shui4
tax cut

减速 減速 jian3 su4
to reduce speed; to slow down; to take it easy

减速器 減速器 jian3 su4 qi4
moderator; reducer (mechanical gearbox)

减损 減損 jian3 sun3
to impair; to degrade; to decrease; to reduce; to weaken; to detract from; impairment (e.g. of financial assets)

减碳 減碳 jian3 tan4
to reduce carbon emissions

减退 減退 jian3 tui4
to ebb; to go down; to decline

减息 減息 jian3 xi1
to lower the interest rate

减小 減小 jian3 xiao3
to reduce; to decrease; to diminish

减薪 減薪 jian3 xin1
to cut wages

减刑 減刑 jian3 xing2
to reduce penalty; shortened or commuted (judicial) sentence

减压 減壓 jian3 ya1
to reduce pressure; to relax

减压表 減壓表 jian3 ya1 biao3
decompression table

减压病 減壓病 jian3 ya1 bing4
decompression sickness; the bends; also 減壓症|减压症

减压程序 減壓程序 jian3 ya1 cheng2 xu4
decompression schedule

减压时间表 減壓時間表 jian3 ya1 shi2 jian1 biao3
decompression schedule (diving); also called 減壓程序|减压程序

减压症 減壓症 jian3 ya1 zheng4
decompression sickness; the bends; also 減壓病|减压病

减摇鳍 減搖鰭 jian3 yao2 qi2
fin stabilizer (in ships); anti-roll stabilizer

减益 減益 jian3 yi4
debuff (gaming)

减灾 減災 jian3 zai1
measures to reduce disasters

减噪 減噪 jian3 zao4
noise reduction

减震 減震 jian3 zhen4
shock absorption; damping

减振 減振 jian3 zhen4
shock absorption; vibration dampening

减震器 減震器 jian3 zhen4 qi4

减震鞋 減震鞋 jian3 zhen4 xie2
cushioning shoe

减妆 減妝 jian3 zhuang1
makeup box (old)

精减 精減 jing1 jian3
to reduce; to pare down; to streamline

蠲减 蠲減 juan1 jian3
to remove or lighten (a tax etc)

宽减 寬減 kuan1 jian3
tax relief

平减 平減 ping2 jian3
to deflate; to decrease (number, esp. price)

锐减 銳減 rui4 jian3
steep decline

删减 刪減 shan1 jian3
to delete; to censor out

衰减 衰減 shuai1 jian3
to weaken; to attenuate

缩减 縮減 suo1 jian3
to cut; to reduce

碳减排 碳減排 tan4 jian3 pai2
to reduce carbon emissions

偷工减料 偷工減料 tou1 gong1 jian3 liao4
to skimp on the job and stint on materials (idiom); jerry-building; sloppy work

削减 削減 xue1 jian3
to cut down; to reduce; to lower

有增无减 有增無減 you3 zeng1 wu2 jian3
to increase without letup; to get worse and worse (idiom)

增减 增減 zeng1 jian3
to add or subtract; to increase or decrease; to go up or go down

酌减 酌減 zhuo2 jian3
to make considered reductions; discretionary reduction