strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
充饥止渴 充飢止渴 chong1 ji1 zhi3 ke3
to allay one's hunger and slake one's thirst (idiom)

干渴 乾渴 gan1 ke3
parched; dry mouth

饥渴 飢渴 ji1 ke3
hungry and thirsty; (fig.) to crave (knowledge, love etc)

解渴 解渴 jie3 ke3
to quench

渴不可耐 渴不可耐 ke3 bu4 ke3 nai4
to be so thirsty as to no longer be able to tolerate it

渴慕 渴慕 ke3 mu4
to thirst for

渴求 渴求 ke3 qiu2
to long for; to crave for; to greatly desire

渴望 渴望 ke3 wang4
to thirst for; to long for

口渴 口渴 kou3 ke3

临渴穿井 臨渴穿井 lin2 ke3 chuan1 jing3
lit. face thirst and dig a well (idiom); fig. not to make adequate provision; to act when it is too late

临渴掘井 臨渴掘井 lin2 ke3 jue2 jing3
lit. not to dig a well until one is thirsty; to be unprepared and seek help at the last minute (idiom)

如饥似渴 如飢似渴 ru2 ji1 si4 ke3
to hunger for sth (idiom); eagerly; to long for sth

望梅止渴 望梅止渴 wang4 mei2 zhi3 ke3
lit. to quench one's thirst by thinking of plums (idiom); fig. to console oneself with illusions

消渴 消渴 xiao1 ke3
condition characterized by thirst, hunger, frequent urination and weight loss, identified in TCM with type 2 diabetes

饮鸩止渴 飲鴆止渴 yin3 zhen4 zhi3 ke3
lit. drinking poison in the hope of quenching one's thirst (idiom); fig. a supposed remedy that only makes matters worse

远水不解近渴 遠水不解近渴 yuan3 shui3 bu4 jie3 jin4 ke3
lit. distant water does not cure present thirst; fig. urgent need; a slow remedy does not address immediate needs