(of an expanse of water) vast; distant and indistinct; tiny or insignificant

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
浩渺 浩渺 hao4 miao3
vast; extending into the distance

紧凑渺子线圈 緊湊渺子線圈 jin3 cou4 miao3 zi3 xian4 quan1
Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS)

旷渺 曠渺 kuang4 miao3
remote and vast

渺乎其微 渺乎其微 miao3 hu1 qi2 wei1
remote and insignificant (idiom)

渺茫 渺茫 miao3 mang2
uncertain; remote; distant and indistinct; vague

渺渺茫茫 渺渺茫茫 miao3 miao3 mang2 mang2
uncertain; unknown; fuzzy

渺无人烟 渺無人煙 miao3 wu2 ren2 yan1
remote and uninhabited (idiom); deserted; God-forsaken

渺无音信 渺無音信 miao3 wu2 yin1 xin4
to receive no news whatsoever about sb

渺小 渺小 miao3 xiao3
minute; tiny; negligible; insignificant

渺远 渺遠 miao3 yuan3
distantly remote; also written 邈遠|邈远

渺运 渺運 miao3 yun4
faraway; distant; remote

渺子 渺子 miao3 zi3
muon (particle physics)

飘渺 飄渺 piao1 miao3
faintly discernable; as in a mist

缥渺 縹渺 piao3 miao3
see 飄渺|飘渺

前途渺茫 前途渺茫 qian2 tu2 miao3 mang2
not knowing what to do next; at a loose end

杳渺 杳渺 yao3 miao3
dimly discernible