to gather together, pool or collect; to happen by chance; to move close to; to exploit an opportunity

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
不凑巧 不湊巧 bu4 cou4 qiao3

凑成 湊成 cou4 cheng2
to put together; to make up (a set); to round up (a number to a convenient multiple); resulting in...

凑份子 湊份子 cou4 fen4 zi5
to pool resources (for a gift, project etc)

凑付 湊付 cou4 fu5
to put together hastily; to make do with

凑合 湊合 cou4 he5
to bring together; to make do in a bad situation; to just get by; to improvise; passable; not too bad

凑近 湊近 cou4 jin4
to approach; to lean close to

凑齐 湊齊 cou4 qi2
to collect all the bits to make a whole

凑钱 湊錢 cou4 qian2
to raise enough money to do sth; to pool money; to club together (to do sth)

凑巧 湊巧 cou4 qiao3
fortuitously; luckily; as chance has it

凑趣 湊趣 cou4 qu4
to comply in order to please others; to accommodate sb else's taste; to make fun of

凑热闹 湊熱鬧 cou4 re4 nao5
to join in the fun; to get in on the action; (fig.) to butt in; to create more trouble

凑手 湊手 cou4 shou3
at hand; within easy reach; convenient; handy

凑数 湊數 cou4 shu4
to serve as a stopgap; to make up a shortfall in the number of people

凑足 湊足 cou4 zu2
to scrape together enough (people, money etc)

高不凑低不就 高不湊低不就 gao1 bu4 cou4 di1 bu4 jiu4
can't reach the high or accept the low (idiom); not good enough for a high post, but too proud to take a low one

紧凑 緊湊 jin3 cou4
compact; terse; tight (schedule)

紧凑渺子线圈 緊湊渺子線圈 jin3 cou4 miao3 zi3 xian4 quan1
Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS)

紧凑型车 緊湊型車 jin3 cou4 xing2 che1
compact car model

拼凑 拼湊 pin1 cou4
to assemble; to put together

七拼八凑 七拼八湊 qi1 pin1 ba1 cou4
assembled at random; a motley collection

杂凑 雜湊 za2 cou4
to put together various bits; to knock sth together; hash (computing); see also 散列