to be dispersed; to break down; to fester; to ulcerate

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
崩溃 崩潰 beng1 kui4
to collapse; to crumble; to fall apart

溃脓 潰膿 hui4 nong2
(of a sore etc) to fester; to ulcerate

击溃 擊潰 ji1 kui4
to defeat; to smash; to rout

精神崩溃 精神崩潰 jing1 shen2 beng1 kui4
nervous breakdown

溃坝 潰壩 kui4 ba4
dam burst; collapse of dam

溃败 潰敗 kui4 bai4
utterly defeated; routed; crushed; to collapse (of army)

溃兵 潰兵 kui4 bing1
defeated troops; routed army; scattered soldiers

溃不成军 潰不成軍 kui4 bu4 cheng2 jun1
utterly defeated

溃敌 潰敵 kui4 di2
routed enemy

溃决 潰決 kui4 jue2
to collapse (of a dam); to burst

溃军 潰軍 kui4 jun1
routed troops

溃烂 潰爛 kui4 lan4
to fester; to ulcerate

溃散 潰散 kui4 san3
defeated; routed

溃逃 潰逃 kui4 tao2
to flee in disorder; defeated and in rout

溃疡 潰瘍 kui4 yang2
ulcer; to ulcerate

千里之堤,溃于蚁穴 千里之堤,潰於蟻穴 qian1 li3 zhi1 di1 - kui4 yu2 yi3 xue2
An ant hole causing the collapse of a great dike.; Huge damage from a moment's negligence. (idiom)

一触即溃 一觸即潰 yi1 chu4 ji2 kui4
to collapse on the first encounter; to give way at once