to overflow; (literary) excessive; old variant of 鎰|镒

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
才华横溢 才華橫溢 cai2 hua2 heng2 yi4
brimming over with talent (esp. literary); brilliant

充溢 充溢 chong1 yi4
to overflow (with riches); replete

横溢 橫溢 heng2 yi4
to overflow; brimming with

流光溢彩 流光溢彩 liu2 guang1 yi4 cai3
lit. flowing light and overflowing color; brilliant lights and vibrant colors (idiom)

满溢 滿溢 man3 yi4
to be full to overflowing; to be brimming over with

漫溢 漫溢 man4 yi4
to overflow; to be brimming over

脑溢血 腦溢血 nao3 yi4 xue4
cerebral hemorrhage; stroke

热情洋溢 熱情洋溢 re4 qing2 yang2 yi4
brimming with enthusiasm (idiom); full of warmth

四溢 四溢 si4 yi4
(of a perfume or a foul odor) permeating the whole place; (of grease etc) dripping everywhere; flowing all over the place

洋溢 洋溢 yang2 yi4
brimming with; steeped in

溢出 溢出 yi4 chu1
to overflow; to spill over; (computing) overflow

溢出效应 溢出效應 yi4 chu1 xiao4 ying4
spillover effect

溢流孔 溢流孔 yi4 liu2 kong3
bleed hole; overflow pipe; spill vent

溢满 溢滿 yi4 man3

溢美之词 溢美之詞 yi4 mei3 zhi1 ci2
flattering words; inflated praise

溢于言表 溢於言表 yi4 yu2 yan2 biao3
to exhibit one's feelings in one's speech

涌溢 湧溢 yong3 yi4
to well up; to spill out (of water from a spring)