to dissolve; soluble

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
不溶 不溶 bu4 rong2

固体溶体 固體溶體 gu4 ti3 rong2 ti3
solid solution

即溶咖啡 即溶咖啡 ji2 rong2 ka1 fei1
instant coffee

可溶 可溶 ke3 rong2

可溶性 可溶性 ke3 rong2 xing4

淋溶层 淋溶層 lin2 rong2 ceng2
alluvium (soil deposited by rivers)

淋溶土 淋溶土 lin4 rong2 tu3
Argosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)

气溶胶 氣溶膠 qi4 rong2 jiao1

气溶胶侦察仪 氣溶膠偵察儀 qi4 rong2 jiao1 zhen1 cha2 yi2
aerosol detector

溶洞 溶洞 rong2 dong4
karst cave

溶化 溶化 rong2 hua4
to melt; to dissolve (of sugar etc)

溶剂 溶劑 rong2 ji4

溶解 溶解 rong2 jie3
to dissolve

溶解度 溶解度 rong2 jie3 du4

溶解性 溶解性 rong2 jie3 xing4
soluble; solubility

溶酶储存疾病 溶酶儲存疾病 rong2 mei2 chu3 cun2 ji2 bing4
lysosomal storage disease (LSD)

溶酶体 溶酶體 rong2 mei2 ti3

溶没 溶沒 rong2 mo4
to fade away; to disappear; to hide from view

溶蚀 溶蝕 rong2 shi2
dissolving; erosion by groundwater; corrosion

溶蚀作用 溶蝕作用 rong2 shi2 zuo4 yong4
dissolving; erosion by groundwater; corrosion

溶栓 溶栓 rong2 shuan1
thrombolysis (med.)

溶体 溶體 rong2 ti3

溶血 溶血 rong2 xue4
hemolysis (breakdown of red blood cells leading to anemia)

溶血病 溶血病 rong2 xue4 bing4
hemolytic disease of newborn (breakdown of red blood cells due to alloimmune reaction between mother and fetus)

溶岩流 溶岩流 rong2 yan2 liu2
lava flow

溶液 溶液 rong2 ye4
solution (chemistry)

溶源性 溶源性 rong2 yuan2 xing4
lysogeny (reproduction cycle of bacteriophage 噬菌體|噬菌体)

溶质 溶質 rong2 zhi4
dissolved substance; material in solution

水溶 水溶 shui3 rong2
water soluble

水溶性 水溶性 shui3 rong2 xing4
soluble (in water); solubility

速溶 速溶 su4 rong2
quick-dissolving; instantly-ready; instant

速溶咖啡 速溶咖啡 su4 rong2 ka1 fei1
instant coffee

脱溶 脫溶 tuo1 rong2
to precipitate (solid from a solution)

微溶 微溶 wei1 rong2
slightly soluble

岩溶 岩溶 yan2 rong2
karst, kind of porous limestone (geology)

易溶 易溶 yi4 rong2