to drown; to indulge; addicted to; to spoil (a child)

variant of 尿

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
便溺 便溺 bian4 niao4
to urinate or defecate; urine and feces

沉溺 沉溺 chen2 ni4
to indulge in; to wallow; absorbed in; deeply engrossed; addicted

耽溺 耽溺 dan1 ni4
to indulge in; to wallow in

溺爱 溺愛 ni4 ai4
to spoil; to pamper; to dote on

溺水 溺水 ni4 shui3
to drown

溺死 溺死 ni4 si3
to drown

溺婴 溺嬰 ni4 ying1
to drown a newborn baby (as method of infanticide)

溺职 溺職 ni4 zhi2
to neglect one's duty; dereliction of duty

自溺 自溺 zi4 ni4
to drown oneself