to extinguish or put out; to go out (of a fire etc); to exterminate or wipe out; to drown

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
半明不灭 半明不滅 ban4 ming2 bu4 mie4
dull (lamplight)

濒灭 瀕滅 bin1 mie4
on the brink of extinction

不可磨灭 不可磨滅 bu4 ke3 mo2 mie4

宠妾灭妻 寵妾滅妻 chong3 qie4 mie4 qi1
favor the concubine and do away with the wife (idiom); spoil one's mistress and neglect one's wife

大绝灭 大絕滅 da4 jue2 mie4
mass extinction

大灭绝 大滅絕 da4 mie4 jue2
mass extinction

大义灭亲 大義滅親 da4 yi4 mie4 qin1
to place righteousness before family (idiom); ready to punish one's own family if justice demands it

断灭 斷滅 duan4 mie4
annihilation (of soul, Sanskrit uccheda)

断灭论 斷滅論 duan4 mie4 lun4
annihilation (of soul, Sanskrit uccheda)

扶清灭洋 扶清滅洋 fu2 qing1 mie4 yang2
Support the Qing, annihilate the West! (Boxer rebellion slogan)

覆灭 覆滅 fu4 mie4

攻灭 攻滅 gong1 mie4
to conquer; to defeat (militarily)

幻灭 幻滅 huan4 mie4
(of dreams, hopes etc) to vanish; to evaporate; (of a person) to become disillusioned; disillusionment

灰飞烟灭 灰飛煙滅 hui1 fei1 yan1 mie4
lit. scattered ashes and dispersed smoke (idiom); fig. to be annihilated; to vanish in a puff of smoke

毁灭 毀滅 hui3 mie4
to perish; to ruin; to destroy

毁灭性 毀滅性 hui3 mie4 xing4
destructive; devastating

寂灭 寂滅 ji4 mie4
to die out; to fade away; nirvana (Buddhism)

假途灭虢 假途滅虢 jia3 tu2 mie4 guo2
lit. a short-cut to crush Guo (idiom); fig. to connive with sb to damage a third party, then turn on the partner

歼灭 殲滅 jian1 mie4
to wipe out; to crush; to annihilate

剿灭 剿滅 jiao3 mie4
to eliminate (by armed force)

绝灭 絕滅 jue2 mie4
to annihilate; to exterminate; extinction

苦集灭道 苦集滅道 ku3 ji2 mie4 dao4
the Four Noble Truths (Budd.), namely: all life is suffering 苦, the cause of suffering is desire 集, emancipation comes only by eliminating passions 滅|灭, the way 道 to emancipation is the Eight-fold Noble Way 八正道; also called 四諦|四谛

沦灭 淪滅 lun2 mie4
to perish; extinction

灭茬 滅茬 mie4 cha2
to clear stubble from fields (agriculture)

灭虫宁 滅蟲寧 mie4 chong2 ning4
bephenium, anti-parasitic worm medicine

灭除 滅除 mie4 chu2
to eliminate; to kill off

灭此朝食 滅此朝食 mie4 ci3 zhao1 shi2
lit. not to have breakfast until the enemy is destroyed; anxious to do battle (idiom)

灭掉 滅掉 mie4 diao4
to eliminate

灭顶 滅頂 mie4 ding3
to be drowned (figurative and literal)

灭度 滅度 mie4 du4
to extinguish worries and the sea of grief; nirvana (Buddhism)

灭火 滅火 mie4 huo3
to extinguish a fire; firefighting

灭火器 滅火器 mie4 huo3 qi4
fire extinguisher

灭绝 滅絕 mie4 jue2
to extinguish; to become extinct; to die out

灭绝人性 滅絕人性 mie4 jue2 ren2 xing4
to be devoid of all humanity; inhuman; bestial

灭绝种族 滅絕種族 mie4 jue2 zhong3 zu2

灭菌 滅菌 mie4 jun1
to sterilize

灭口 滅口 mie4 kou3
to kill sb to prevent them from divulging a secret; to silence sb

灭门 滅門 mie4 men2
to exterminate an entire family

灭失 滅失 mie4 shi1
loss (of sth through natural disaster, theft etc) (law)

灭鼠药 滅鼠藥 mie4 shu3 yao4
rat poison

灭亡 滅亡 mie4 wang2
to be destroyed; to become extinct; to perish; to die out; to destroy; to exterminate

灭音器 滅音器 mie4 yin1 qi4
muffler (of an internal combustion engine)

灭种 滅種 mie4 zhong3
to commit genocide; to become extinct; extinction of a race

灭种罪 滅種罪 mie4 zhong3 zui4

灭族 滅族 mie4 zu2
extermination of an entire family (ancient Chinese punishment)

泯灭 泯滅 min3 mie4
to obliterate; to die out; to disappear

明灭 明滅 ming2 mie4
to flicker; to flash on and off; to brighten and fade

磨灭 磨滅 mo2 mie4
to obliterate; to erase

破灭 破滅 po4 mie4
to be shattered; to be annihilated (of hope, illusions etc)

扑灭 撲滅 pu1 mie4
to eradicate; to extinguish

人不为己,天诛地灭 人不為己,天誅地滅 ren2 bu4 wei4 ji3 - tian1 zhu1 di4 mie4
Look out for yourself, or heaven and earth will combine to destroy you.; Every man for himself, and the Devil take the hindmost.

杀灭 殺滅 sha1 mie4
to exterminate

生灭 生滅 sheng1 mie4
life and death

生物大灭绝 生物大滅絕 sheng1 wu4 da4 mie4 jue2
great extinction of species

双氯灭痛 雙氯滅痛 shuang1 lv4 mie4 tong4
diclofenac painkiller; also called 扶他林

吞灭 吞滅 tun1 mie4
to absorb

亡国灭种 亡國滅種 wang2 guo2 mie4 zhong3
country destroyed, its people annihilated (idiom); total destruction

熄灭 熄滅 xi1 mie4
to stop burning; to go out (of fire); to die out; extinguished

相互保证毁灭 相互保證毀滅 xiang1 hu4 bao3 zheng4 hui3 mie4
Mutual Assured Destruction

消灭 消滅 xiao1 mie4
to put an end to; to annihilate; to cause to perish; to perish; annihilation (in quantum field theory)

兴灭继绝 興滅繼絕 xing1 mie4 ji4 jue2
lit. to restore the state and revive old families (idiom); fig. to restore sth that has been destroyed or forgotten

淹灭 淹滅 yan1 mie4
to submerge; to flood; to bury

夷灭 夷滅 yi2 mie4
to massacre; to die out

已灭 已滅 yi3 mie4

湮灭 湮滅 yin1 mie4
to destroy; to disappear; annihilation

隐灭 隱滅 yin3 mie4
to fade away; to vanish; to disappear

种族灭绝 種族滅絕 zhong3 zu2 mie4 jue2

诛灭 誅滅 zhu1 mie4
to wipe out; to exterminate

自取灭亡 自取滅亡 zi4 qu3 mie4 wang2
to court disaster (idiom); to dig one's own grave

自生自灭 自生自滅 zi4 sheng1 zi4 mie4
to emerge and perish on its own; to run its course (idiom)

族灭 族滅 zu2 mie4
to execute all of sb's relatives (as punishment) (old)