strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
暗滞 暗滯 an4 zhi4
dull (complexion)

板滞 板滯 ban3 zhi4
stiff; dull

迟滞 遲滯 chi2 zhi4
delay; procrastination

迟滞现象 遲滯現象 chi2 zhi4 xian4 xiang4

呆滞 呆滯 dai1 zhi4
dull; lifeless; sluggish

蹇滞 蹇滯 jian3 zhi4
awkward; ominous; unfavorable

目光呆滞 目光呆滯 mu4 guang1 dai1 zhi4
to have a lifeless look in one's eyes (idiom)

粘滞 粘滯 nian2 zhi4

粘滞性 粘滯性 nian2 zhi4 xing4

凝滞 凝滯 ning2 zhi4
to stagnate; to congeal; (fig.) to stop still; to freeze

气滞 氣滯 qi4 zhi4
stagnation of 氣|气 (TCM)

停滞 停滯 ting2 zhi4
stagnation; at a standstill; bogged down

停滞不前 停滯不前 ting2 zhi4 bu4 qian2
stuck and not moving forward (idiom); stagnant; in a rut; at a standstill

瘀滞 瘀滯 yu1 zhi4
(in Chinese medicine) stasis (of blood or other fluids)

淤滞 淤滯 yu1 zhi4
silted up; obstructed by silt; variant of 瘀滯|瘀滞

迂滞 迂滯 yu1 zhi4
high-sounding and impractical

滞后 滯後 zhi4 hou4
to lag behind

滞留 滯留 zhi4 liu2
to detain; retention

滞留锋 滯留鋒 zhi4 liu2 feng1
stationary front (meteorology)

滞纳 滯納 zhi4 na4
overdue (payment); in arrears

滞纳金 滯納金 zhi4 na4 jin1
overdue fine; late fine

滞期费 滯期費 zhi4 qi1 fei4
demurrage charge (shipping) (currency)

滞塞 滯塞 zhi4 sai1
to obstruct

滞销 滯銷 zhi4 xiao1
to sell poorly; unmarketable; slow-moving (product, inventory etc)

滞胀 滯脹 zhi4 zhang4
stagflation (i.e. simultaneous inflation and stagnation)

阻滞 阻滯 zu3 zhi4
to clog up; silted up