滿 man3
Manchu ethnic group

滿 man3
to fill; full; filled; packed; fully; completely; quite; to reach the limit; to satisfy; satisfied; contented

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
巴音满都呼 巴音滿都呼 ba1 yin1 man3 du1 hu1
Bayan Mandahu, village in Bayan Nur 巴彥淖爾|巴彦淖尔, Inner Mongolia, noted for Cretaceous dinosaur fossils

摆满 擺滿 bai3 man3
to spread over an area

饱满 飽滿 bao3 man3
full; plump

爆满 爆滿 bao4 man3
filled to capacity (of theater, stadium, gymnasium etc)

北镇满族自治县 北鎮滿族自治縣 bei3 zhen4 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Beizhen Manzu autonomous county in Liaoning

本溪满族自治县 本溪滿族自治縣 ben3 xi1 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Benxi Manchu autonomous county in Benxi 本溪, Liaoning

宾朋满座 賓朋滿座 bin1 peng2 man3 zuo4
guests filled all the seats (idiom); a house full of distinguished visitors

补满 補滿 bu3 man3
to make up for what is lacking; to fill (a vacancy); to replenish

不满 不滿 bu4 man3
resentful; discontented; dissatisfied

布满 布滿 bu4 man3
to be covered with; to be filled with

不满意 不滿意 bu4 man3 yi4

草满囹圄 草滿囹圄 cao3 man3 ling2 yu3
lit. jails overgrown with grass (idiom); fig. peaceful society

充满 充滿 chong1 man3
full of; brimming with; very full; permeated

充满阳光 充滿陽光 chong1 man3 yang2 guang1

踌躇满志 躊躇滿志 chou2 chu2 man3 zhi4
enormously proud of one's success (idiom); smug; complacent

疮痍满目 瘡痍滿目 chuang1 yi2 man3 mu4
lit. bumps and bruises everywhere (idiom); fig. an ugly shambles; devastation everywhere

春风满面 春風滿面 chun1 feng1 man3 mian4
pleasantly smiling; radiant with happiness

大满贯 大滿貫 da4 man3 guan4
grand slam

豆满江 豆滿江 dou4 man3 jiang1
Dumangang, Korean name of Tumen river 圖們江|图们江 in Jilin province, forming the eastern border between China and North Korea

堆满 堆滿 dui1 man3
to pile up

恶贯满盈 惡貫滿盈 e4 guan4 man3 ying2
lit. strung through and filled with evil (idiom); filled with extreme evil; replete with vice; guilty of monstrous crimes

丰满 豐滿 feng1 man3
Fengman district of Jilin city 吉林市, Jilin province

丰满 豐滿 feng1 man3
ample; well developed; fully rounded

丰满区 豐滿區 feng1 man3 qu1
Fengman district of Jilin city 吉林市, Jilin province

丰宁满族自治县 豐寧滿族自治縣 feng1 ning2 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Fengning Manchu Autonomous County in Chengde 承德, Hebei

服满 服滿 fu2 man3
to have completed the mourning period (traditional); to have served one's time

高朋满座 高朋滿座 gao1 peng2 man3 zuo4
surrounded by distinguished friends (idiom); in company

功德圆满 功德圓滿 gong1 de2 yuan2 man3
virtuous achievements come to their successful conclusion (idiom)

功完行满 功完行滿 gong1 wan2 xing2 man3
to fully achieve one's ambitions (idiom)

桓仁满族自治县 桓仁滿族自治縣 huan2 ren2 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Huanren Manchu autonomous county in Benxi 本溪, Liaoning

挤满 擠滿 ji3 man3
crowded to bursting point; filled to overflowing; jam-packed

加德满都 加德滿都 jia1 de2 man3 du1
Kathmandu, capital of Nepal

加满 加滿 jia1 man3
to top up; to fill to the brim

届满 屆滿 jie4 man3
the end of fixed period in office; expiration of a term

金玉满堂 金玉滿堂 jin1 yu4 man3 tang2
lit. gold and jade fill the hall (idiom); fig. abundant wealth; abundance of knowledge

精神饱满 精神飽滿 jing1 shen2 bao3 man3
full of vigor (idiom); lively; in high spirits

精神满腹 精神滿腹 jing1 shen2 man3 fu4
full of wisdom (idiom); astute and widely experienced

荆榛满目 荊榛滿目 jing1 zhen1 man3 mu4
thorns and brambles as far as eye can see (idiom); beset by troubles

开满 開滿 kai1 man3
to bloom abundantly

客满 客滿 ke4 man3
to have a full house; to be sold out; no vacancy

宽城满族自治县 寬城滿族自治縣 kuan1 cheng2 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Kuancheng Manchu Autonomous County in Chengde 承德, Hebei

宽甸满族自治县 寬甸滿族自治縣 kuan1 dian4 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Kuandian Manchu autonomous county in Dandong 丹東|丹东, Liaoning

泪流满面 淚流滿面 lei4 liu2 man3 mian4
cheeks streaming with tears (idiom)

里士满 里士滿 li3 shi4 man3
Richmond (name)

琳琅满目 琳瑯滿目 lin2 lang2 man3 mu4
glittering jewels to delight the eye (idiom); fig. a dazzling lineup

令人满意 令人滿意 ling4 ren2 man3 yi4
satisfying; satisfactory

满不在乎 滿不在乎 man3 bu4 zai4 hu5
not in the least concerned (idiom); reckless; couldn't give a damn about it; unperturbed; couldn't care less; harum scarum

满场一致 滿場一致 man3 chang3 yi1 zhi4

满潮 滿潮 man3 chao2
high tide; high water

满城 滿城 man3 cheng2
Mancheng county in Baoding 保定, Hebei

满城风雨 滿城風雨 man3 cheng2 feng1 yu3
lit. wind and rain through the town (idiom); fig. a big scandal; an uproar; the talk of the town

满城尽带黄金甲 滿城盡帶黃金甲 man3 cheng2 jin4 dai4 huang2 jin1 jia3
Curse of the Golden Flower (2007), period drama movie by Zhang Yimou

满城县 滿城縣 man3 cheng2 xian4
Mancheng county in Baoding 保定, Hebei

满处 滿處 man3 chu4
everywhere; all over the place

满打满算 滿打滿算 man3 da3 man3 suan4
taking everything into account (idiom); when all is said and done

满当当 滿當當 man3 dang1 dang1
brim full; completely packed

满登登 滿登登 man3 deng1 deng1
brim full; filled to overflowing

满地找牙 滿地找牙 man3 di4 zhao3 ya2
to be looking for one's teeth all over the floor; (fig.) to get beaten up badly; to beat the crap out of (sb)

满点 滿點 man3 dian3
full working hours; to reach full time

满舵 滿舵 man3 duo4
on full rudder; turning as sharply as possible

满额 滿額 man3 e2
the full amount; to fulfill the quota

满帆 滿帆 man3 fan1
under full sail; going as fast as possible

满分 滿分 man3 fen1
full marks

满服 滿服 man3 fu2
at the end of the mourning period; to fulfill one's filial duties of mourning

满腹 滿腹 man3 fu4
filled with; preoccupied with

满腹经纶 滿腹經綸 man3 fu4 jing1 lun2
full of political wisdom (idiom); politically astute; with encyclopedic experience of state policy

满腹牢骚 滿腹牢騷 man3 fu4 lao2 sao1
lit. belly full of complaints (idiom); discontent; always moaning and complaining

满公 滿公 man3 gong1
altogether; in all

满贯 滿貫 man3 guan4
to win every trick in a card game; grand slam; fig. total success

满汉 滿漢 man3 han4
Manchurian-Chinese (relations)

满汉全席 滿漢全席 man3 han4 quan2 xi2
the Manchu Han imperial feast, a legendary banquet in the Qing dynasty; (fig.) a sumptuous banquet

满怀 滿懷 man3 huai2
to have one's heart filled with; (to collide) full on; (of farm animals) heavy with young

满江红 滿江紅 man3 jiang1 hong2
Man Jiang Hong (Chinese poems)

满坑满谷 滿坑滿谷 man3 keng1 man3 gu3
filling every nook and cranny

满口 滿口 man3 kou3
a full mouth of (sth physical); to have the mouth exclusively filled with (a certain language, lies, promises, etc); (to agree etc) unreservedly

满口称赞 滿口稱讚 man3 kou3 cheng1 zan4
to praise profusely

满口胡柴 滿口胡柴 man3 kou3 hu2 chai2
to spout nonsense; to bullshit endlessly

满口胡言 滿口胡言 man3 kou3 hu2 yan2
to spout nonsense; to bullshit endlessly

满口谎言 滿口謊言 man3 kou3 huang3 yan2
to pour out lies

满口应承 滿口應承 man3 kou3 ying4 cheng2
to promise readily

满口脏话 滿口髒話 man3 kou3 zang1 hua4
to pour out obscenities; filthy mouthed

满口之乎者也 滿口之乎者也 man3 kou3 zhi1 hu1 zhe3 ye3
mouth full of literary phrases; to spout the classics

满剌加 滿剌加 man3 la4 jia1
Ming Dynasty name for modern day Malacca; see also 馬六甲|马六甲

满垒 滿壘 man3 lei3
bases loaded (in baseball)

满脸 滿臉 man3 lian3
across one's whole face

满脸风尘 滿臉風塵 man3 lian3 feng1 chen2
lit. with a face full of dust; showing the hardships of travel (idiom)

满脸生花 滿臉生花 man3 lian3 sheng1 hua1
all smiles; beaming from ear to ear

满满 滿滿 man3 man3
full; closely packed

满满当当 滿滿當當 man3 man3 dang1 dang1
brim full; completely packed

满满登登 滿滿登登 man3 man3 deng1 deng1
ample; extremely abundant

满门 滿門 man3 men2
the whole family

满门抄斩 滿門抄斬 man3 men2 chao1 zhan3
to execute the whole family unto the third generation

满面 滿面 man3 mian4
across one's whole face; (smiling) from ear to ear

满面春风 滿面春風 man3 mian4 chun1 feng1
beaming; radiant with happiness

满目 滿目 man3 mu4
fills the eyes (of a beautiful view, scene of desolation etc)

满目琳琅 滿目琳琅 man3 mu4 lin2 lang2
lit. to fill one's eyes with glittering jewels; a literary masterpiece or sb of extraordinary talent (idiom)

满拧 滿擰 man3 ning3
totally inconsistent; completely at odds

满盘 滿盤 man3 pan2
a plateful; comprehensive; the full works (e.g. a banquet); the full price

满盘皆输 滿盤皆輸 man3 pan2 jie1 shu1
see 一著不慎,滿盤皆輸|一着不慎,满盘皆输

满期 滿期 man3 qi1
to fall due; to come to the end of a term; to expire

满腔 滿腔 man3 qiang1
one's heart filled with; full of (joy)

满腔热忱 滿腔熱忱 man3 qiang1 re4 chen2
full of enthusiasm

满清 滿清 man3 qing1
Manchurian Qing (refers to the Qing dynasty, esp. at its decline, or as an anti-Qing slogan)

满清政府 滿清政府 man3 qing1 zheng4 fu3
Manchurian Qing government

满人 滿人 man3 ren2
a Manchu

满山遍野 滿山遍野 man3 shan1 bian4 ye3
covering the whole land; over hills and dales

满射 滿射 man3 she4
surjective map (math.)

满身 滿身 man3 shen1
covered all over

满身尘埃 滿身塵埃 man3 shen1 chen2 ai1

满师 滿師 man3 shi1
to finish apprenticeship; to graduate

满世界 滿世界 man3 shi4 jie4
everywhere; across the world

满手 滿手 man3 shou3

满堂 滿堂 man3 tang2
whole audience; a sellout (capacity audience); jam-packed

满堂彩 滿堂彩 man3 tang2 cai3
everyone present applauds; universal acclaim; a standing ovation; to bring the house down

满堂灌 滿堂灌 man3 tang2 guan4
cramming (as a teaching method); rote learning

满堂红 滿堂紅 man3 tang2 hong2
success across the board; victory in everything one touches

满天 滿天 man3 tian1
whole sky

满天繁星 滿天繁星 man3 tian1 fan2 xing1
lit. whole sky, a multitude of stars

满天飞 滿天飛 man3 tian1 fei1
to rush around everywhere; always active

满天星 滿天星 man3 tian1 xing1
Baby's Breath; Gypsophila paniculata

满头大汗 滿頭大汗 man3 tou2 da4 han4
brow beaded with sweat; perspiring freely

满文 滿文 man3 wen2
Manchurian written language

满孝 滿孝 man3 xiao4
at the end of the mourning period; to fulfill one's filial duties of mourning

满心 滿心 man3 xin1
one's whole heart; from the bottom of one's heart

满眼 滿眼 man3 yan3
filling the eyes; to get an eyeful

满意 滿意 man3 yi4
satisfied; pleased; to one's satisfaction

满溢 滿溢 man3 yi4
to be full to overflowing; to be brimming over with

满盈 滿盈 man3 ying2
full up

满有谱 滿有譜 man3 you3 pu3
to have a clearcut idea; to have firm guidelines; to have confidence; to be sure; to be certain

满语 滿語 man3 yu3
Manchurian language

满员 滿員 man3 yuan2
full complement; at full strength; no vacancies

满园春色 滿園春色 man3 yuan2 chun1 se4
everything in the garden is lovely

满月 滿月 man3 yue4
full moon; whole month; baby's one-month old birthday

满载 滿載 man3 zai4
full to capacity; fully loaded

满载而归 滿載而歸 man3 zai4 er2 gui1
to return from a rewarding journey

满招损,谦受益 滿招損,謙受益 man3 zhao1 sun3 - qian1 shou4 yi4
(idiom) complacency leads to loss, modesty brings profit; pride comes before a fall

满洲 滿洲 man3 zhou1

满州 滿州 man3 zhou1
Manchou township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan

满洲国 滿洲國 man3 zhou1 guo2

满洲里 滿洲里 man3 zhou1 li3
Manzhouli county level city, Mongolian Manzhuur xot, in Hulunbuir 呼倫貝爾|呼伦贝尔, Inner Mongolia

满洲里市 滿洲里市 man3 zhou1 li3 shi4
Manzhouli county level city, Mongolian Manzhuur xot, in Hulunbuir 呼倫貝爾|呼伦贝尔, Inner Mongolia

满州乡 滿州鄉 man3 zhou1 xiang1
Manchou township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan

满族 滿族 man3 zu2
Manchu ethnic group of Liaoning province

满足 滿足 man3 zu2
to satisfy; to meet (the needs of); satisfied; content

满足感 滿足感 man3 zu2 gan3
sense of satisfaction

满嘴 滿嘴 man3 zui3
a full mouth of (sth physical); to have the mouth exclusively filled with (a certain language, lies, promises, etc)

满嘴跑火车 滿嘴跑火車 man3 zui3 pao3 huo3 che1
(idiom) to have a glib tongue; to talk big

满嘴跑舌头 滿嘴跑舌頭 man3 zui3 pao3 she2 tou5
to talk without thinking; to drivel

满嘴喷粪 滿嘴噴糞 man3 zui3 pen1 fen4
to talk bullshit

满嘴起疱 滿嘴起皰 man3 zui3 qi3 pao4
to have lips covered in blisters

满座 滿座 man3 zuo4
fully booked; every seat taken

满坐寂然 滿坐寂然 man3 zuo4 ji4 ran2
the whole audience silent with expectation

美满 美滿 mei3 man3
happy; blissful

弥满 彌滿 mi2 man3
to be full

名满天下 名滿天下 ming2 man3 tian1 xia4
world famous

怒容满面 怒容滿面 nu4 rong2 man3 mian4
scowling in anger; rage written across one's face

扑满 撲滿 pu1 man3
piggy bank

期满 期滿 qi1 man3
to expire; to run out; to come to an end

青龙满族自治县 青龍滿族自治縣 qing1 long2 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Qinglong Manchu autonomous county in Qinhuangdao 秦皇島|秦皇岛, Hebei

清原满族自治县 清原滿族自治縣 qing1 yuan2 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Qingyuan Manchu autonomous county in Fushun 撫順|抚顺, Liaoning

人满为患 人滿為患 ren2 man3 wei2 huan4
packed with people; overcrowded; overpopulation

撒罗满 撒羅滿 sa1 luo2 man3
Solomon (name)

洒满 灑滿 sa3 man3
to sprinkle over sth

萨满教 薩滿教 sa4 man3 jiao4

塞满 塞滿 sai1 man3
to stuff full; to cram in; packed tight; chock full

使满意 使滿意 shi3 man3 yi4
to make content

填满 填滿 tian2 man3
to cram

完满 完滿 wan2 man3
successful; satisfactory

围场满族蒙古族自治县 圍場滿族蒙古族自治縣 wei2 chang3 man3 zu2 meng3 gu3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Weichang Manchu and Mongol autonomous county in Chengde 承德, Hebei

卫满朝鲜 衛滿朝鮮 wei4 man3 chao2 xian3
Wiman Korea (195-108 BC), historical kingdom in Manchuria, Liaoning and North Korea

蟏蛸满室 蠨蛸滿室 xiao1 shao1 man3 shi4
The room is filled with cobwebs. (idiom)

小满 小滿 xiao3 man3
Xiaoman or Lesser Full Grain, 8th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 21st May-5th June

新宾满族自治县 新賓滿族自治縣 xin1 bin1 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Xinbin Manchu autonomous county in Fushun 撫順|抚顺, Liaoning

心存不满 心存不滿 xin1 cun2 bu4 man3
to be discontented; to be dissatisfied

心满意足 心滿意足 xin1 man3 yi4 zu2
perfectly contented (idiom); perfectly satisfied

刑满 刑滿 xing2 man3
to complete a prison sentence

性满足 性滿足 xing4 man3 zu2
sexual gratification

岫岩满族自治县 岫岩滿族自治縣 xiu4 yan2 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Xiuyan Manzu autonomous county in Anshan 鞍山, Liaoning

业满 業滿 ye4 man3
to have paid one's karmic debts (Buddhism)

伊通满族自治县 伊通滿族自治縣 yi1 tong1 man3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Yitong Manchurian autonomous county in Siping 四平, Jilin

一着不慎,满盘皆输 一著不慎,滿盤皆輸 yi1 zhao1 bu4 shen4 - man3 pan2 jie1 shu1
One careless move and the whole game is lost. (idiom)

溢满 溢滿 yi4 man3

羽翼丰满 羽翼豐滿 yu3 yi4 feng1 man3
fully fledged

圆满 圓滿 yuan2 man3
satisfactory; consummate; perfect

沾满 沾滿 zhan1 man3
muddy; covered in (mud, dust, sweat, blood etc); daubed in

占满 占滿 zhan4 man3
to fill; to occupy completely

长满 長滿 zhang3 man3
to grow all over

涨满 漲滿 zhang4 man3

志得意满 志得意滿 zhi4 de2 yi4 man3
fully content with one's achievements (idiom); complacent

装满 裝滿 zhuang1 man3
to fill up

酌满 酌滿 zhuo2 man3
to fill up (a wine glass) to the brim

自满 自滿 zi4 man3
complacent; self-satisfied

足利·义满 足利·義滿 zu2 li4 - yi4 man3
ASHIKAGA Yoshimitsu (1358-1408), third Ashikaga shōgun, reigned 1368-1394

做满月 做滿月 zuo4 man3 yue4
to celebrate a child reaching the age of one month