to float; to drift

to bleach

elegant; polished

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
爱漂亮 愛漂亮 ai4 piao4 liang5
to like looking attractive (usually of girls); aestheticism

北漂 北漂 bei3 piao1
migrant worker living and working in Beijing without a residence permit

长漂 長漂 chang2 piao1
rafting on the Yangtze River; abbr. for 長江漂流|长江漂流

打水漂 打水漂 da3 shui3 piao1
to skip stones (on water); (coll.) to squander one's money on a bad investment

大陆漂移 大陸漂移 da4 lu4 piao1 yi2
continental drift

风雨漂摇 風雨漂搖 feng1 yu3 piao1 yao2
tossed about by the wind and rain (idiom); (of a situation) unstable

浮漂 浮漂 fu2 piao1
see 漂浮

黄漂 黃漂 huang2 piao1
rafting on the Yellow River; abbr. for 黃河漂流|黄河漂流

灰尾漂鹬 灰尾漂鷸 hui1 wei3 piao1 yu4
(bird species of China) grey-tailed tattler (Tringa brevipes)

漂泊 漂泊 piao1 bo2
to drift (in the tide); to rove; to lead a wandering existence; drifter; wanderer

漂荡 漂蕩 piao1 dang4
variant of 飄盪|飘荡

漂浮 漂浮 piao1 fu2
to float; to hover; to drift (also fig., to lead a wandering life); to rove; showy; superficial

漂雷 漂雷 piao1 lei2
floating mine

漂砾 漂礫 piao1 li4

漂零 漂零 piao1 ling2
variant of 飄零|飘零

漂流 漂流 piao1 liu2
to float on the current; to drift along or about; rafting

漂流瓶 漂流瓶 piao1 liu2 ping2
message in a bottle

漂流者 漂流者 piao1 liu2 zhe3
white water rafter; paddler; river runner

漂洋 漂洋 piao1 yang2
to cross the ocean

漂摇 漂搖 piao1 yao2
swaying; tottering; unstable

漂移 漂移 piao1 yi2
to drift

漂游 漂遊 piao1 you2

漂鹬 漂鷸 piao1 yu4
(bird species of China) wandering tattler (Tringa incana)

漂白 漂白 piao3 bai2
to bleach; to whiten

漂白剂 漂白劑 piao3 bai2 ji4

漂白水 漂白水 piao3 bai2 shui3

漂染 漂染 piao3 ran3
to bleach and dye

漂洗 漂洗 piao3 xi3
to rinse (clothes)

漂亮 漂亮 piao4 liang5
pretty; beautiful

血流漂杵 血流漂杵 xue4 liu2 piao1 chu3
enough blood flowing to float pestles (idiom); rivers of blood; blood bath

洋漂族 洋漂族 yang2 piao1 zu2
lit. ocean drifting people; job-hopping foreigner

鱼漂 魚漂 yu2 piao1
fishing float