paint; lacquer; to paint (furniture, walls etc)

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
底漆 底漆 di3 qi1

雕漆 雕漆 diao1 qi1
carved lacquerware

掉漆 掉漆 diao4 qi1
to peel off (paint); (fig.) to be exposed; to lose face (Tw)

光漆 光漆 guang1 qi1

黑漆麻花 黑漆麻花 hei1 qi1 ma2 hua1
pitch-dark; coal black

金漆 金漆 jin1 qi1
copper paint; fake gold leaf

绝热漆 絕熱漆 jue2 re4 qi1
heat-resistant paint

落漆 落漆 luo4 qi1
see 掉漆

喷漆 噴漆 pen1 qi1
to spray paint or lacquer; lacquer

喷漆推进 噴漆推進 pen1 qi1 tui1 jin4
jet propulsion

漆布 漆布 qi1 bu4
varnished cloth; linoleum

漆弹 漆彈 qi1 dan4
paintball (sports)

漆雕 漆雕 qi1 diao1
carved or engraved lacquerware

漆黑 漆黑 qi1 hei1

漆黑一团 漆黑一團 qi1 hei1 yi1 tuan2
pitch-black; (fig.) to be completely in the dark

漆皮鞋 漆皮鞋 qi1 pi2 xie2
patent leather shoes

漆器 漆器 qi1 qi4

漆树 漆樹 qi1 shu4
lac tree (Rhus vernicifera)

漆树科 漆樹科 qi1 shu4 ke1
Anacardiaceae, plant family including lac tree (Rhus vernicifera) 漆樹|漆树

如胶似漆 如膠似漆 ru2 jiao1 si4 qi1
stuck together as by glue (of lovers); joined at the hip

乳胶漆 乳膠漆 ru3 jiao1 qi1
latex paint; emulsion paint

生漆 生漆 sheng1 qi1
raw lacquer

脱胎漆器 脫胎漆器 tuo1 tai1 qi1 qi4
bodiless lacquerware

乌漆抹黑 烏漆抹黑 wu1 qi1 ma1 hei1
see 烏漆墨黑|乌漆墨黑

乌漆墨黑 烏漆墨黑 wu1 qi1 mo4 hei1
jet-black; pitch-dark

一团漆黑 一團漆黑 yi1 tuan2 qi1 hei1
pitch-black; (fig.) to be completely in the dark

油光漆 油光漆 you2 guang1 qi1

油漆 油漆 you2 qi1
oil paints; lacquer; to paint