to develop; to evolve; to practice; to perform; to play; to act

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
扮演 扮演 ban4 yan3
to play the role of; to act

表演 表演 biao3 yan3
play; show; performance; exhibition; to perform; to act; to demonstrate

表演过火 表演過火 biao3 yan3 guo4 huo3
to overact; to overdo one's part

表演赛 表演賽 biao3 yan3 sai4
exhibition match

操演 操演 cao1 yan3
drill; exercise; demonstration; to demonstrate

重演 重演 chong2 yan3
a repeat performance; repeat occurrence (e.g. of a disaster)

出演 出演 chu1 yan3
to appear (in a show etc); an appearance (on stage etc)

辍演 輟演 chuo4 yan3
to stop performing a play; to interrupt a stage run

导演 導演 dao3 yan3
to direct; director (film etc)

登台表演 登臺表演 deng1 tai2 biao3 yan3
to go on stage

电影导演 電影導演 dian4 ying3 dao3 yan3
film director

电影演员 電影演員 dian4 ying3 yan3 yuan2
movie star

发表演讲 發表演講 fa1 biao3 yan3 jiang3
to give a speech

反演 反演 fan3 yan3
inversion (geometry)

封神演义 封神演義 feng1 shen2 yan3 yi4
Investiture of the Gods, major Ming dynasty vernacular novel of mythology and fantasy, very loosely based on King Wu of Zhou's 周武王 overthrow of the Shang, subsequent material for opera, film, TV series, computer games etc

敷演 敷演 fu1 yan3
variant of 敷衍; to elaborate (on a theme); to expound (the meaning of the classics)

钢琴演奏 鋼琴演奏 gang1 qin2 yan3 zou4
piano performance

公演 公演 gong1 yan3
to perform (e.g. on the stage); to lecture

故伎重演 故伎重演 gu4 ji4 chong2 yan3
to repeat an old stratagem; up to one's old tricks

合演 合演 he2 yan3
to act together; to put on a joint performance

汇演 匯演 hui4 yan3
joint performance

加演 加演 jia1 yan3
encore; to give an extra performance

讲演 講演 jiang3 yan3
to lecture; to speak publicly

禁演 禁演 jin4 yan3
to prohibit performance

就职演讲 就職演講 jiu4 zhi2 yan3 jiang3
inaugural lecture

就职演说 就職演說 jiu4 zhi2 yan3 shuo1
inaugural speech

角色扮演游戏 角色扮演遊戲 jue2 se4 ban4 yan3 you2 xi4
role-playing game (RPG)

军事演习 軍事演習 jun1 shi4 yan3 xi2
military exercise; war game

军演 軍演 jun1 yan3
military exercises

开演 開演 kai1 yan3
(of a play, movie etc) to begin

口技表演者 口技表演者 kou3 ji4 biao3 yan3 zhe3

历朝通俗演义 歷朝通俗演義 li4 chao2 tong1 su2 yan3 yi4
Dramatized history of successive dynasties (from Han to Republican China) by Cai Dongfan 蔡東藩|蔡东藩

联合军演 聯合軍演 lian2 he2 jun1 yan3
joint military exercise

临时演员 臨時演員 lin2 shi2 yan3 yuan2
an extra (in a movie)

领衔主演 領銜主演 ling3 xian2 zhu3 yan3
leading actors (in a show); starring

路演 路演 lu4 yan3
road show or promotional tour (for a product etc)

逻辑演算 邏輯演算 luo2 ji5 yan3 suan4
logical calculation

民国通俗演义 民國通俗演義 min2 guo2 tong1 su2 yan3 yi4
Dramatized history of Republican China until 1927 by Cai Dongfan 蔡東藩|蔡东藩, and later chapters by Xu Qinfu 許廑父|许廑父

拍演 拍演 pai1 yan3
(dialect) to perform; to act (in a play etc)

排演 排演 pai2 yan3
to rehearse (a performance)

三国演义 三國演義 san1 guo2 yan3 yi4
Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong 羅貫中|罗贯中, one of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature; a fictional account of the Three Kingdoms at the break-up of the Han around 200 AD, consistently portraying Liu Bei's Shu Han 劉備, 蜀漢|刘备, 蜀汉 as vi

沙盘推演 沙盤推演 sha1 pan2 tui1 yan3
to plan a military mission on a sand table (idiom); to rehearse a planned action or activity; to conduct a dry run

商演 商演 shang1 yan3
commercial performance

上演 上演 shang4 yan3
to screen (a movie); to stage (a play); a screening; a staging

时装表演 時裝表演 shi2 zhuang1 biao3 yan3
fashion show

试演 試演 shi4 yan3
audition; dress rehearsal; preview (of a theatrical performance); dummy run

饰演 飾演 shi4 yan3
to act; to play a part

首演 首演 shou3 yan3
maiden stage role; first performance; first public showing

隋唐演义 隋唐演義 sui2 tang2 yan3 yi4
Dramatized History of Sui and Tang, novel by Qing dynasty author Chu Renhuo 褚人獲|褚人获

特技演员 特技演員 te4 ji4 yan3 yuan2

替身演员 替身演員 ti4 shen1 yan3 yuan2
substitute actor (esp. in fights of theatrical stunts); stuntman

天体演化学 天體演化學 tian1 ti3 yan3 hua4 xue2

天演 天演 tian1 yan3
natural change; evolution (early translation, since replaced by 進化|进化)

天演论 天演論 tian1 yan3 lun4
the theory of evolution (early translation, since replaced by 進化論|进化论)

推演 推演 tui1 yan3
to deduce; to infer; to derive; an implication

文艺演出 文藝演出 wen2 yi4 yan3 chu1
theatrical performance

巡回演出 巡迴演出 xun2 hui2 yan3 chu1
(theater etc) to tour; to be on tour; to give itinerant performances

巡演 巡演 xun2 yan3
(theater etc) to tour; to be on tour; to give itinerant performances; abbr. for 巡迴演出|巡回演出

演变 演變 yan3 bian4
to develop; to evolve; development; evolution

演播 演播 yan3 bo1
broadcast performance; televised or podcast lecture

演播室 演播室 yan3 bo1 shi4
broadcasting studio

演唱 演唱 yan3 chang4
sung performance; to sing for an audience

演唱会 演唱會 yan3 chang4 hui4
vocal recital or concert

演出 演出 yan3 chu1
to act (in a play); to perform; to put on (a performance); performance; concert; show

演出地点 演出地點 yan3 chu1 di4 dian3
performance place

演出者 演出者 yan3 chu1 zhe3

演化 演化 yan3 hua4
to evolve; evolution

演化支 演化支 yan3 hua4 zhi1
clade (biology)

演活 演活 yan3 huo2
(of an actor) to bring (one's character) to life; to act brilliantly

演技 演技 yan3 ji4
acting; performing skills

演讲 演講 yan3 jiang3
lecture; to make a speech

演讲家 演講家 yan3 jiang3 jia1

演进 演進 yan3 jin4
evolution; gradual forward progress

演剧 演劇 yan3 ju4
to perform a play

演练 演練 yan3 lian4
drill; practice

演示 演示 yan3 shi4
to demonstrate; to show; presentation; demonstration

演说 演說 yan3 shuo1
speech; to deliver a speech

演说者 演說者 yan3 shuo1 zhe3
orator; speaker

演算 演算 yan3 suan4
to calculate; to perform calculations

演替 演替 yan3 ti4
succession (of changes in an ecological community); naturally evolving sequence

演武 演武 yan3 wu3
arms drill; to practice martial arts

演习 演習 yan3 xi2
maneuver; exercise; practice; to maneuver

演戏 演戲 yan3 xi4
to put on a play; to perform; fig. to pretend; to feign

演绎 演繹 yan3 yi4
(of a story etc) to unfold; to play out; to develop (a technique etc); to enact; (logic) to deduce; to infer

演义 演義 yan3 yi4
to dramatize historical events; novel or play on historical theme

演艺 演藝 yan3 yi4
performing arts

演绎法 演繹法 yan3 yi4 fa3
(Logic) deduction

演艺界 演藝界 yan3 yi4 jie4
performing arts circles; show business

演艺圈 演藝圈 yan3 yi4 quan1
show business

演艺人员 演藝人員 yan3 yi4 ren2 yuan2
entertainer; performer

演员 演員 yan3 yuan2
actor or actress; performer

演员阵容 演員陣容 yan3 yuan2 zhen4 rong2
cast (of a movie etc); lineup of performers; troupe

演奏 演奏 yan3 zou4
to perform on a musical instrument

演奏者 演奏者 yan3 zou4 zhe3
performer; musician

义演 義演 yi4 yan3
benefit performance; charity show

预演 預演 yu4 yan3
dummy run; to run through sth; to rehearse

愈演愈烈 愈演愈烈 yu4 yan3 yu4 lie4
ever more critical; problems get more and more intense

越演越烈 越演越烈 yue4 yan3 yue4 lie4
to be intensifying; to be getting worse and worse; to start to run rampant

杂技演员 雜技演員 za2 ji4 yan3 yuan2

主题演讲 主題演講 zhu3 ti3 yan3 jiang3
keynote speech

主演 主演 zhu3 yan3
to act the leading role (in a movie or a play); to star; lead actor

主旨演讲 主旨演講 zhu3 zhi3 yan3 jiang3
keynote speech