free; unrestrained; to inundate

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
爱丽丝漫游奇境记 愛麗絲漫遊奇境記 ai4 li4 si1 man4 you2 qi2 jing4 ji4
Alice in Wonderland

暴漫 暴漫 bao4 man4
rage comic

暴走漫画 暴走漫畫 bao4 zou3 man4 hua4
rage comic

长夜漫漫 長夜漫漫 chang2 ye4 man4 man4
endless night (idiom); fig. long suffering

动漫 動漫 dong4 man4
cartoons and comics; animes and mangas; cartoon (animated movie); anime

汗漫 汗漫 han4 man4
vast; without boundaries; power (of a river or ocean)

河漫滩 河漫灘 he2 man4 tan1

滥漫 濫漫 lan4 man4
arbitrary; indiscriminate

烂漫 爛漫 lan4 man4
brightly colored; unaffected (i.e. behaving naturally)

浪漫 浪漫 lang4 man4

浪漫主义 浪漫主義 lang4 man4 zhu3 yi4

漫步 漫步 man4 bu4
to wander; to ramble; recreational hiking; to perambulate

漫不经心 漫不經心 man4 bu4 jing1 xin1
careless; heedless; absent-minded; indifferent

漫不经意 漫不經意 man4 bu4 jing1 yi4
careless; unconcerned

漫步者 漫步者 man4 bu4 zhe3
rambler; a person strolling about

漫长 漫長 man4 chang2
very long; endless

漫画 漫畫 man4 hua4
caricature; cartoon; Japanese manga

漫画家 漫畫家 man4 hua4 jia1
cartoon writer (from Japanese mangaka)

漫骂 漫罵 man4 ma4
see 謾罵|谩骂

漫漫 漫漫 man4 man4
long; endless; boundless

漫漫长夜 漫漫長夜 man4 man4 chang2 ye4
endless night (idiom); fig. long suffering

漫山遍野 漫山遍野 man4 shan1 bian4 ye3
lit. covering the mountains and the plains (idiom); fig. as far as the eye can see; covering everything; omnipresent

漫说 漫說 man4 shuo1
not to mention ... (i.e. in addition to sth)

漫天 漫天 man4 tian1
lit. to fill the whole sky; everywhere; as far as the eye can see

漫天遍地 漫天遍地 man4 tian1 bian4 di4
lit. to fill the whole sky and cover the land; everywhere; as far as the eye can see

漫天遍野 漫天遍野 man4 tian1 bian4 ye3
lit. to fill the whole sky and cover the land; everywhere; as far as the eye can see

漫天飞舞 漫天飛舞 man4 tian1 fei1 wu3
(of snow etc) to fill the sky

漫天要价 漫天要價 man4 tian1 yao4 jia4
to ask for sky-high prices

漫无边际 漫無邊際 man4 wu2 bian1 ji4
extremely vast; boundless; limitless; digressing; discursive; going off on tangents; straying far off topic

漫无目的 漫無目的 man4 wu2 mu4 di4
aimless; at random

漫溢 漫溢 man4 yi4
to overflow; to be brimming over

漫应 漫應 man4 ying4
to reply casually

漫游 漫遊 man4 you2
to travel around; to roam; (mobile telephony) roaming

漫展 漫展 man4 zhan3
comic convention; anime expo

迷漫 迷漫 mi2 man4
vast haze; lost in boundless mists

弥漫 彌漫 mi2 man4
to pervade; to fill the air; diffuse; everywhere present; about to inundate (water); permeated by (smoke); filled with (dust); to saturate (the air with fog, smoke etc)

弥漫 瀰漫 mi2 man4
variant of 彌漫|弥漫

弥漫星云 瀰漫星雲 mi2 man4 xing1 yun2
diffuse nebula

散漫 散漫 san3 man4
undisciplined; unorganized

太空漫步 太空漫步 tai4 kong1 man4 bu4
space walk

天真烂漫 天真爛漫 tian1 zhen1 lan4 man4
innocent and unaffected

自由散漫 自由散漫 zi4 you2 san3 man4
easy-going; lax; unconstrained; unruly