to rise (of prices, rivers)

to swell; to distend

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
暴涨 暴漲 bao4 zhang3
to increase sharply; to rise dramatically

飙涨 飆漲 biao1 zhang3
soaring inflation; rocketing prices

冻涨 凍漲 dong4 zhang3
to freeze (prices, fees etc) (Tw)

飞涨 飛漲 fei1 zhang3
soaring inflation; rocketing prices

高涨 高漲 gao1 zhang3
to surge up; to rise; (of tensions etc) to run high

看涨 看漲 kan4 zhang3
bull market (prices appear to be rising)

脸红筋涨 臉紅筋漲 lian3 hong2 jin1 zhang3
red and tense with anger (idiom)

猛涨 猛漲 meng3 zhang3
(of water) to soar; (of prices) to skyrocket

脑涨 腦漲 nao3 zhang4
variant of 腦脹|脑胀

上涨 上漲 shang4 zhang3
to rise; to go up

水涨船高 水漲船高 shui3 zhang3 chuan2 gao1
the tide rises, the boat floats (idiom); fig. to change with the overall trend; to develop according to the situation

头昏脑涨 頭昏腦漲 tou2 hun1 nao3 zhang4
variant of 頭昏腦脹|头昏脑胀

头晕脑涨 頭暈腦漲 tou2 yun1 nao3 zhang4
variant of 頭暈腦脹|头晕脑胀

涨潮 漲潮 zhang3 chao2
high tide; rising tide

涨到 漲到 zhang3 dao4
to go up; to rise

涨跌 漲跌 zhang3 die1
rise or fall in price

涨跌幅限制 漲跌幅限制 zhang3 die1 fu2 xian4 zhi4
limit up, limit down; limit on daily price variation

涨风 漲風 zhang3 feng1
upward trend (in prices)

涨幅 漲幅 zhang3 fu2
extent of a rise (in prices etc); amount of increase; growth (typically expressed as a percentage)

涨价 漲價 zhang3 jia4
to appreciate (in value); to increase in price

涨落 漲落 zhang3 luo4
(of water, prices etc) to rise and fall

涨钱 漲錢 zhang3 qian2
inflation; salary raise

涨势 漲勢 zhang3 shi4
rising trend; upward momentum (e.g. in prices)

涨水 漲水 zhang3 shui3
rise of water level

涨停板 漲停板 zhang3 ting2 ban3
daily upper limit on the price of a stock

涨姿势 漲姿勢 zhang3 zi1 shi4
Internet slang for 長知識|长知识

涨红 漲紅 zhang4 hong2
to turn red (in the face); to flush (with embarrassment or anger)

涨满 漲滿 zhang4 man3