sound of waves

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
澎湖 澎湖 peng2 hu2
Penghu county (Pescadores Islands), Taiwan

澎湖岛 澎湖島 peng2 hu2 dao3
Pescadores Islands, Penghu county, Taiwan

澎湖列岛 澎湖列島 peng2 hu2 lie4 dao3
Pescadores Islands, Taiwan

澎湖群岛 澎湖群島 peng2 hu2 qun2 dao3
Penghu or Pescadores, archipelago of 90 islands to west of Taiwan

澎湖县 澎湖縣 peng2 hu2 xian4
Penghu county (Pescadores Islands), Taiwan

澎湃 澎湃 peng2 pai4
to surge

心潮澎湃 心潮澎湃 xin1 chao2 peng2 pai4
to be overwhelmed by emotions