dilatory; to moisten

strokes 17
strokes after radical 14
耳濡目染 耳濡目染 er3 ru2 mu4 ran3
to be influenced

濡毫 濡毫 ru2 hao2
to dip the pen into ink; to write

濡沫涸辙 濡沫涸轍 ru2 mo4 he2 zhe2
to help each other out in hard times (idiom)

濡染 濡染 ru2 ran3
to infect; to influence; to dip (in ink)

濡忍 濡忍 ru2 ren3
compliant; submissive

濡湿 濡濕 ru2 shi1
to moisten

相濡以沫 相濡以沫 xiang1 ru2 yi3 mo4
to moisten with spittle (idiom); sharing meager resources; mutual help in humble circumstances

沾濡 沾濡 zhan1 ru2
to moisten